Mother -in -law’s calculation

A circle of women around a stove, crackling peanuts, frozen and sweet sweet potatoes, and murmured kettles with white smoke, could not attract their attention.

Their attention was on Renna’s body, and then she was radiated to her family with her as the center, her in -laws, her husband.

For the first time, how could they be bullied too ruthlessly. When the family was maintained, there was a trick at home. I was afraid that the world would not be chaotic.

At this moment, Ren Nana was relaxed. She took over the oranges handed over by Chen Qinglei’s aunt, and slowly chosen the oranges on the orange petal, and then slowly ate.

Chen Qinglei said, "Nana, will you drive?"

Ren Nana said, "No, I don’t have time to learn!"

The fourth child said, "Ah! You can’t? Who can’t drive now!"

Ren Nana laughed and said, "Will you open the fourth aunt?"

The fourth child said, "I’m all young, different from your young people!"

Ren Nana said, "Also, my mother will not open, then my uncle will open it?"

The fourth child said, "No, we all have to be old, no chance!"

Ren Nana said, "Where is it? You are still young! Live to learn the old, I am because of Chen Qinglei.

She turned her face and looked at Bai Qiulian and said, "Is it mom?"

At this time, if the mother -in -law does not hold the group, when will the wait?

Bai Qiulian smiled and said, "That is, the son is called! The fourth child, Xiaofeng should graduate, do you have the work?"

The fourth child said: "I don’t know, let’s not ask, let’s say what you don’t work, you have to take the postgraduate entrance examination!"

The boss said, "These children are Xiaofeng’s interest! Doing knowledge and doing big officials in the future!"

The fourth child said, "Where, I am worried, you see that he is still more than Lei Lei, and Lei Lei is married. He is still going to school.I look nice. "

Oh, there is a college student at home. No wonder the eyes are higher than the sky. Everyone looks like a joke!

She just fell, and turned the topic to Ren Nana’s body. "Nana, have you married Lei Lei for two months?

Ren Nana said: "Four Aunt, my mother said she was not retired, and no one brought the child. If you have time, can you help? Chen Qinglei and I invite you to pay you a salary!"

The person who says gossip is nothing more than listening to your bitterness. You can laugh at you what you say whatever he said.

You have to say that you are better than her, and she will be jealous of you. I think you can be stronger than her. It is nothing more than stepping on shit.

You block her, she feels that you are not sensible, but Ren Nana is not the special person. How could she not feel the subtle relationship between this middle.

Everyone sat together, the surface was harmonious, and I didn’t know how much pickled!

But what Ren Nana said was a bit too much. Seeing that the fourth child was going to change his face, Ren Nana put the remaining half of the orange in her hand and said, "Four aunt, eat orange, but sweet, Run Run’s mouth, weird, 姥, where is our toilet? "

At this moment, she felt that the atmosphere was actually right, but when she first sat down, she drank a large glass of warm orange peel tea and couldn’t sit still by a pouring urine.

She squatted in the toilet, the dry toilet, which was clean, but the taste was really not good.

She quickly solved the problem, put on her pants, and came out. Standing in the yard, watching the chickens in the yard walk back and forth, listening to the men in the kitchen, talking and laughing.

Ren Nana thought it was good. When men were together, they should not be the east parents, and the West family said shortly.

More than her mother -in -law, her father -in -law is even more spoiled. Ren Nana did not return to the house. She stood at the door of the kitchen and asked, "Do you need help?"

Even cooking is easier than being with those long tongue women.

Her father -in -law said, "No, no need, you go to play."

The elderly was an uncle, and asked with a smile: "Are you hungry? Early."

Ren Nana said, "Don’t be hungry, I just take a look at do you want to help? I don’t need me to leave?"

Her father -in -law smiled and handed her a large piece of fried fish, "Taste, your uncle’s craftsmanship, a must, the fourth uncle fishing, the wild big flower chain."

Ren Nana laughed and said, "Then I have to try it."

Her father -in -law said, "Let’s play, it’s all gray, the clothes are dirty for a while!"

Ren Nana squeezed the fish and had nowhere to go. Chen Qinglei came back and said hello. She didn’t know where to go. Leave her here to fight alone!

The outside was too cold, and she could only return to the hall again. The old fourth eyes had a sharp eyes and saw her holding the fish and said, "Well, the daughter -in -law of the second sister’s family, very much, can I eat it?"

Ren Nana said, "Dad, do you want to eat four aunt? Give you it!"

The old fourth fourthly waved his hand, "Don’t, don’t, you eat, I don’t like fish, very fishy!"

She concentrated on eating fish. The fourth child had just ate here. She went out for a while, and the topic moved to Chen Qinglei.

Bai Qiulian said, "Mom, my brother hasn’t come back this year?"

Her mother said, "Who knows! Said to return again in fifteen, Yan’er was born this year. Brother and sister -in -law went to bring her a child, saying that my hometown was too cold, and I won’t come back this year!"

Bai Qiulian could see it.

The crackling of the melon seeds in the fourth child’s hand, "I don’t like to listen to the second sister, you don’t like it. We are the older brother, and the mother is also very old.If the mother won’t move, she needs to take care of it, and he doesn’t come back? "

Bai Qiulian said, "Do you see what you said, isn’t the mother still tough, what do sisters do so to do so? If you have money to pay for money, you can make a strong force.

The fourth child said: "Look at you just know that you just say me, I should be unlucky when I leave, you will come back several times a year, just in the city, you can also take your mother to enjoy the blessing for a few days!"

Bai Qiulian said: "I don’t live with my son -in -law now, isn’t it convenient? Then when my mother lived in my permanent live, I didn’t see you to see it!"

The old lady said, "Oh, how many meters you eat? I do n’t rely on, I do n’t rely on myself, I will still move, if I won’t move, do you want to push me to that wall, and come on, and come, come, come, and come, come, and come, come, and come, come, and come.Let’s go out of the wall? "

The fourth child said, "Mom, I don’t mean that, I mean, my brother and sister -in -law are too, and I don’t come back to see you in the New Year!"

The old lady said, "No matter what you think, he can’t see it. He is all right.This mother is dead! "

The boss quickly said, "Oh, the New Year, what is said to be dead, taboo! The two of the two said less, in front of the daughter -in -law, what is it?At that time, who could run, this big year, say these desperate words! "

Ren Nana eats fish, her fingers, watching the show, listening to joy, no wonder they like gossip. It turned out to be so fun.

It turned out that those who pretended to be well had nothing to do with themselves. Anyone who triggered their own interests was not calm, and the anxiety was often the most afraid of trouble!

Lunch is really rich, eating a big seat, four cold dishes, four hot stir -fried, four steamed bowls, sweet potato sweet soup, large plate dumplings, with garlic, sugar and garlic, chili oil, colorful, colorful flavor, all color and fragrance are all full of color and fragrance.Essence

These three son -in -law are really the treasure chefs of the Bai family!

Ren Nana is very happy, there is no reserved and shyness of the new daughter -in -law.

Before that, she was a little embarrassed before, and now she has no intention to be shy by several women.

Who doesn’t know who? For two hours of seminar, she basically had the little ninety ninety between them.

The aunt is honest, the children and grandchildren are full of the internal fighting.

At this point, the old lady of the eccentric son is also very slightly words.

Bai Qiulian is the best of the sisters. It is a combination of beauty and wisdom. She has been highly hoped, but in the end, she was in the middle and married a man who was only a few years younger than her father.

The fourth child has been looking down on this. For so many years, she has always been able to pass the death of her dad. She never called Brother Chen Chen.

She also looked down on Bai Qiulian’s person, and always wanted to wait for a joke!Wait, wait until Ren Nana, a few rounds, she knows that this is not a fuel -saving lamp!

A meal was pretty happy. On the dining table, big barrels of cola and liquor collided. Ren Nana felt that this family, except for the fourth child hate a little, is okay!

After eating, unload the gifts of the trunk, and a few points. Bai Qiulian said: "Today is nervous, I have to go to our uncle’s house later.Take it back and go back to the house. "

Speaking of the polite words, "That’s okay, it’s hard to come back, and you have to take Nana to recognize the door! Go to sit."

"Don’t go, don’t go!"

"Go, not far!"

"Don’t go anymore, go back!"

"Come, Nana, this is the red envelope given to you by my aunt, you hold it!"

"Don’t, Auntie, Four Aunt, really don’t, just see one side, really don’t!"

Push push, come and go, change the gift, the red envelope is used!

Ren Nana thought, so good, so why not solve the worries, only the red envelope, a few more!

One day, my tiring backache pain, the car moved together, she closed her eyes directly, and fell asleep soon!

When she woke up confused, she heard her mother -in -law whispered, "It’s really a little family, you can pick up a few red envelopes, and the laughing mouth has grinned to the ears! If it wasn’t for the first year, I was too lazy to bring it.She is back, shame! "

Your mother, Ren Nana secretly thought that it wasn’t that you had to come back together, and the aunt was too lazy to run back!Smile when he was cold.

Her father -in -law said, "You nap, but this time, everyone came back with you, she rest for a few days and follows us to run away. You can sleep for a while!"

Bai Qiulian talked: "What to sleep? I’m not sleepy!"

Her father -in -law’s voice was obviously angry. "You can quiet for a while without sleeping, and others have to sleep."

Bai Qiulian stopped talking. Ren Nana closed her eyes and didn’t move. She simply let her go to sleep. She was good at making daydimments on weekdays.

After about ten minutes, her father -in -law suddenly spoke. He said, "After half a year, your four sister’s son will graduate. Today, my brother -in -law asked me if there was a way to arrange for arrangements."

Bai Qiulian said: "His son hasn’t settled yet, it still makes people laugh. People are college students. In big cities, they will stay there in the future. This is the original words of the fourth child.What can I help? I didn’t refuse him at that time. The fourth child returned to me today that Xiaofeng was going to take the postgraduate entrance examination. It seemed that it was high -level, and my eyes grew above my head. I couldn’t get used to her! "

Lao Chen hadn’t spoken yet, Chen Qinglei said, "Mom, aren’t you the best relationship with his four aunt? I can’t get used to her, she is also true! She also asked me when I would separate from youAfter that, it is easy to have contradictions together, you buy a house for me! "

Bai Qiulian took three feet, "Buy a fart, buy a house to buy it by yourself, buy everything in the future, I will go to school for you, marry you a daughter -in -law, buy a car for you, and help you run for work., I ’m very uncomfortable. I am a small worker, a thousand dollars a month, where can I buy a house? Also, go to your uncle Wang again tomorrow. After the years, you hurry up to work.I don’t care about you. "

Chen Qinglei said, "Okay, don’t be so angry, I just say that, I have provoked you again. If you do n’t buy it, you do n’t buy it. It’ s good to live together. I am willing to live with you, do n’t get angry!"

Ren Nana was so hard in her heart. She didn’t want to go out tomorrow. She wanted to sleep at home for a day. Recently, she felt tired and wanted to sleep.

The car was quiet, and the soothing music flowed away. Without noise, she fell asleep again.

Chen Qinglei woke her, "Wife, pick strawberries, do you come? Wake up, don’t sleep!"

Ren Nana raised her heavy eyelids, and the sky was almost dark, and her eyes were full of green sheds. This is estimated to be Bai Qiulian’s interest again. "Don’t go, go, I’m sleepy!"

The car was on the road again, and the stranger began to discuss the strawberries again. How much money the greenhouse can make, how sweet the strawberries they bought, and the variety or something.

Bai Qiulian said, "This is too expensive, and the supermarket is also expensive. I love this. To be honest, it is still a lot of delicious listing in March and April.Yes, this sweetness! "

As soon as she said, Ren Nana had a sour water in her mouth. She actually wanted to eat one shame. Now, at this moment, she wants to eat one, and she can’t wait for a moment!

She pretended to just wake up, sat slowly, and then touched her mobile phone to see a few points.

Chen Qinglei watched her and said, "You wake up, are you a pig? After sleeping all the way, I am a real service. When you go back, you will go to the middle class and go to a driver’s license. This can not be returned to my hometown.","

Ren Nana yawned. Where can she have the theory with him? She wants to eat a strawberry now, "What about the strawberries you pick? I eat one!"

Chen Qinglei said, "Where is behind, mom, Nana wants to eat strawberries!"

Bai Qiulian said, "Just don’t go down to eat? This is not washed!"

Ren Nana turned back and smiled and said, "It’s okay, there is no sight in the greenhouse, it’s okay not to wash and eat, don’t get sick and eat it!"

His father -in -law said, "You give her, the car is too dry."

Ren Nana didn’t care about it.

Put in the mouth, cold and sweet, so delicious!She still wants to eat two, she knows that she can’t eat too much, but she just wants to eat.

"How much is this strawberry that is picked now?"

Chen Qinglei said: "Thirty, you see that there are no soldiers on the side of the road. Those who are all fifteen. The thirty picked by ourselves is really expensive.

Ren Nana said, "Can you plant strawberries after renting a greenhouse? You will be like a mountain, will you?"

Chen Qinglei said, "Please!"

Ren Nana said, "Are you serious? Also invite people, you watch this stuff expensive, I don’t think you make money as you want. When I was still there, she planted vegetables and selling vegetables, but it wasThe kind of own vegetable garden, she often said that hard work for a season, not enough fertilizer money, not as easy as you think, farmers are the most difficult to make money, otherwise everyone will grow strawberries, who will leave the hometown and go out.Work. "

Her father -in -law attached to the back, "This is the reason, it is really difficult for migrant workers to be! When the grandfather was planted in the past, it was round enough for a year, and it was rare!"

It was originally a fresh thing, and it was expensive. Bai Qiulian loved to buy it. I picked it myself, picked up a lot, did not buy much, and there were not many small baskets.

Ren Nana talked to Chen Qinglei and started to struggle. When she realized, she had the last last one. She was very panicked and asked Bai Qiulian calmly. "Parents, you eat strawberry?"

Bai Qiulian said, "Don’t eat!"

Her father -in -law said, "I won’t eat that stuff, but it’s not delicious yet."

When she got out of the car, Ren Nana was holding an empty basket in her hand, walked to the trash can at the door of the unit, and threw the basket in.

Bai Qiulian’s face was all white, "Have you finished eating a basket? Didn’t you stay?"

Ren Nana said, "I asked you, you said no, strawberries can’t hold it, it will be rotten in the heating room!"

Bai Qiulian said, "Then you can’t finish eating alone! I said that they didn’t eat or not washed. You did not stay.

His father -in -law said later: "Two less words, want to eat tomorrow, not far, Lei Lei, you will go to the shed tomorrow and buy some strawberries back!"

Chen Qinglei hadn’t spoken yet, Bai Qiulian said angrily, "Don’t buy it, I don’t care!"

I was going upstairs, and Ren Nana walked in the middle. She said, "I won’t go to work tomorrow, I’ll buy it!"

After returning home to change the shoes, Bai Qiulian led the toilet, and Ren Nana wanted to go and waited outside.

Bai Qiulian came out and didn’t even give her a look, and went back to the room and fell into the door.

Ren Nana was very annoyed. It was really what her mother -in -law was right. Why did she be so rustling, how could she finish eating a basket and eat one.

Ren Nana looked at Chen Qinglei, who was crooked on the bed, and said, "I am not intentional, that is, I do n’t know what’s going on, I will finish eating unconsciously!"

Chen Qinglei said inadvertently: "After eating it, I finished eating it. Isn’t it a few strawberries? My wife is willing to eat. I will buy a large basket for you tomorrow and buy a small basket for mom. We don’t eat her!"

He laughed at Ren Nana. Chen Qinglei was really okay. Most of the time, it was not reliable, and the small place was very intimate.

Ren Nana changed her home service and said, "I feel very tired, sleep for a while, if I don’t wake up, I don’t have to ask me to eat, I wake up and eat!"

Chen Qinglei said, "You are really a pig. I am not tired when I go back. You are tired of sleeping all the way, let’s sleep, I go out!"

When did Chen Qinglei come to sleep and called her, even she was taken off by him, she didn’t know.

In the early morning, Chen Qinglei held Ren Nana and touched it again. She was sleepy and irritable.

She didn’t give it, Chen Qinglei had to have it. Although Ren Nana felt tired, she also knew that if she really did not give her teeth at this time, it would be a great blow to him.

The two of them are noisy. After all, there is a foundation for emotional foundation. She cannot brush Chen Qinglei’s intention at this time. Besides, she is just tired, not annoying, she also thinks.

Dry firewood was burning at all, and the two hugged together in the quiet early morning.

Ren Nana felt wrong in the morning. It was a physical change. Chen Qinglei had already got up. She didn’t call her, and the family was very quiet.

She was all painful and got up and worn clothes to the bathroom.

There is no one at home, I don’t know where to go!

Sitting on the toilet, she stared again. When she got up, she looked at the pink blood on the paper towels in her hand, thinking that it was the aunt who was coming.

Go back to the room and take aunt’s towel, come back and change it, and go back to the room and lie down again!

At noon, they came back. Chen Qinglei entered the house with a cold breath. He walked to the bed and said, "You haven’t got up yet!"

His hands and face were cold. Chen Qinglei lowered her head and kissed her, and stretched the cold hand into the quilt and said, "Warm me!"

Ren Nana wrapped the quilt and said, "Chen Qinglei, I don’t think I am right. I got up in the morning and bleed below. I thought it was a big aunt, which was different from before, and my stomach hurts!"

Chen Qinglei said, "Platinism hurts? Auntie hurts? Let me cook some brown sugar ginger tea for you? Warm your belly!"

Ren Nana said, "No, I have calculated the time, my aunt has passed three days.

Chen Qinglei joked: "Didn’t you come? Turn? Go the door? Occasionally, no problem is it! Maybe it’s too cold?"

Ren Nana said: "Since we get married, there are no measures. Do you think about it?" Is it possible to be pregnant? "

Chen Qinglei sat on the bed with one ass, "Oh, I go! Want you to say that, that time, are you still bleeding? You hurry up! I take you to the hospital, do you wear your pants?You just wear a long down jacket like this. "

He stood up again, "You said you don’t remember some time, this, what if you get something wrong?"

He went to lift her quilt, "Let me see, can’t the bleeding? Is this neat?"

Ren Nana also felt outrageous, "Don’t let your parents know this, otherwise it will be too shameful!"

Chen Qinglei said, "When are this all? You are still shameful, keep your life tight!"

Chen Qinglei was going to hug her. She didn’t let her, and slowly changed her clothes. The two came out of the room. Chen Qinglei said, "My parents, I take Nana to go to the hospital, she hurts her stomach, we eat again in the evening!"

Bai Qiulian sat at the table and asked indifferently: "Well? Eat the stomach?"

Chen Qinglei’s father asked from the kitchen, "Do you want your mother to accompany! Can you do it? Is it so painful?"

Ren Nana gave him a smiley face and waved his hand. Chen Qinglei said, "No, let’s go to an emergency department and come back in a while!"

His dad said, "I have something to call!"

Hanging the emergency department, seeing a doctor, doing a examination, it is really pregnant!

to be continued!

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