Motherwort soft capsule

Many people know that motherwort has the effect of promoting blood circulation and clearing heat and clearing heat and detoxifying. The motherwort soft capsules developed by Motherwort as the main ingredients are more effective in promoting blood circulation and menstruation.So, do you know the specific effects and functions of motherwort soft capsules, when do the motherwort soft capsules be eaten?Let’s take a look together.

Yifu Maternal Capsule is a soft capsule agent made of high concentrated effective ingredients hydrochloride hydrochloride hydrochloric acid, which is extracted from the whole grass of the lip -shaped plant. The content is high and the curative effect is stable.This product is a soft capsule, with brown -yellow or tan sticky liquid.Qi is slightly fragrant and bitter.

"Compendium of Materia Medica" cloud: "Blood of motherwort to nourish blood, take blood without hurting new blood, nourish blood without stagnation, and sincerity is the holy medicine of the blood family."Therefore, Motherwort soft capsules developed by Motherwort as the main raw materials are also regarded as one of the main drugs of treating irregular menstruation, postpartum exposure, and congestion, abdominal pain, promotion.

The role of Motherwort soft capsule is mainly reflected in the excitement of motherwort capsules on the body of multiple animals or in the body uterus.Regardless of whether it is pregnant or without a pregnancy, its contraction frequency, amplitude and tension have increased, and the duration is longer, and its effect is slightly weaker than the posterior pita.In addition, the type of motherwort’s total alkali on the dumped uterine shrinkage of guinea pigs is similar to that of wheat -horn.

The governance effect of Motherwort soft capsules:

1. It can clear heat and cool down blood stasis. The irregular menstruation caused by blood stasis, the endpatic exposure, the symptoms of the menstrual water, the dripping, and the postpartum bleeding time is too long.

2. It is used to treat uterine hematopoietic recovery after birth.

When will Mother Cao soft capsules be eaten?It is understood that the usage and dosage of motherwort soft capsules is generally orally, 1-2 grains at a time, and three times a day. It is best to take it in 20-30 minutes before breakfast and 30-60 minutes after dinner.The absorption of effective ingredients in the soft capsule can not have a adverse effect with the rice conflict you eat.

Motherwort is one of the important medicinal materials used to treat gynecological diseases.In many rural areas, a large number of wild motherwort grows. Therefore, many rural women will use motherwort stewed egg flower soup to raise their bodies.The Motherwort soft capsule is refined by Motherwort and is more essential.According to clinical studies, Yifuwao soft capsules have a good effect on the amount of menstrual flow and postpartum abdominal pain and other symptoms. For different treatment needs, the time to take motherwort soft capsules also pays attention to:

1. Take menstruation: Start eating a few days before menstruation, warm water.

2. Taking postpartum: Generally take 10 days after cesarean section.

The main ingredients of Motherwort capsules are motherwort, and the auxiliary materials are starch. The treatment efficacy is the treatment effect, which has a small menstrual flow and postpartum abdominal pain symptoms, and the curative effect is significant.Although the efficacy and role of motherwort soft capsules are obvious, "the medicine is three -point poison", and the motherwort soft capsule as a drug will inevitably have some side effects.

One drug often has many aspects. It has both the purpose of the treatment and the role of non -therapeutic purpose, not the role of the treatment purpose can cause certain discomfort or pain, so it is called side effects.Side effects are also called side reactions, which refers to the pharmacological effects other than the treatment purpose of the treatment after application treatment.

The side effects of Motherwort soft capsules are currently learned in the following aspects:

1. After taking it, the dysmenorrhea will be aggravated.

2. Causes the postpartum palace pain.

3. It has renal toxicity and clinically reports that motherwort causes acute renal failure.

4. Excessive taking motherwort soft capsules may cause diarrhea and abdominal pain.

6. It will stimulate the growth of breast cancer -related breast cancer leading to an allergic reaction. Patients with red skin, chest tightness and panic, and accelerate breathing.

7. There are reports of taking motherwort poisoning and death in the society, but it has not been clear whether the motherwort soft capsule has not been used to be poisoned and killed.

The main ingredients of Mother Cao soft capsules are Motherwort. It is well known that Motherwort has a certain effect on the treatment of women’s problems. Therefore, at present, Motherwort soft capsules are widely known. Its qi and blood and the effect of menstrual menstruation are deeply affirmed by female patients.At the same time, clinical experiments have shown that patients also have certain precautions in taking Motherwort soft capsules.

Precautions for Mother Cao soft capsules

1. Avoid raw cold food.

2. The amount of menstruation caused by both qi and blood deficiency, light quality, dizziness and palpitations, fatigue and weakness, etc. This medicine should not be selected.

3. Patients with hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes or other treatment should be taken under the guidance of the doctor.

4. The menstrual flow is normal, and the menstrual flow suddenly occurs, and you must go to the hospital for treatment.

5. Adolescent girls and menopause women should take medicine under the guidance of the doctor.

6. Various abdominal pain after abortion is accompanied by vaginal bleeding. Those who are invalid for one week should go to the hospital for treatment.

7. Take measurement according to the usage. During the medication process, the drug should be discontinued and consulting the doctor.

8. For those who are allergic to the drug, use it with caution with allergies.

9. It is forbidden to use when the pharmaceutical character is changed.

10. Pregnant women are disabled.

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