Moving during pregnancy?The following is what you need to know and pay attention

A study by the University of Public Health at the University of Washington shows that moving in the first few months of pregnancy may adversely affect the health of infants.

To prepare for your baby, you can consider moving to a larger house or a better community to live with your family.However, a study published by Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health showed that moving during pregnancy may affect the health of newborns.This study involves about 30,000 women who moved in the first three months of pregnancy.

The study implied the negative effects of stress on the health of baby in the early stages of pregnancy.This study examines the birth risk of premature birth, small babies, and birth weight.

Many moving mothers are only 20 years old, their income is low, and the education level is low.Many people have other children, and some have not got married.Some of them may smoke.First put these factors aside. The data shows that moving three months before pregnancy will affect delivery.Data analysis shows that the risk of too light weight at birth has increased by about 37%, the risk of premature birth has increased by 42%, and the risk of small babies with small size increases by 9%.

However, because this is a observation study, the reason why this study has not yet determined the results.

The pressure of a few months before pregnancy will change the biomechanics of the baby’s growth.Because the research results were not explained clearly, the study suggested that women should not panic.The report also emphasized that there is no need to avoid moving during pregnancy.You only need to eliminate stress.

The following are various problems that mobilize during pregnancy according to the opinions of medical experts, mothers and moving workers.We also have some suggestions to reduce risks.

Body strain

The addition of hormonal relaxation helps to relax the ligament during pregnancy.During pregnancy, the body has endured additional weight and posture changes.If you are not careful, this situation will bring risk of ligament tear.Back pain, joint problems, and denomination syndrome are other risks when packing and luggage.

How to do: When lifting Dongxi, use the knee and hip joint to soothe the back.Raise up and move light and small weight, not to do more at a time.Avoid raising heavy objects.

medical insurance

The physical pressure caused by moving during pregnancy will make you need to see a doctor earlier than expected, or it may mean that you have no time to see a doctor again.

How to do: Before you move, make sure you know the first aid and other medical services provided by your new community.In addition, learn about your best route to ensure a more effective way to go there.

Pregnant brain

At a certain time during pregnancy, you may feel blur and forget -most people call it "pregnancy brain".When dealing with countless things, you may face mental fatigue and slow cognition, especially when you move during pregnancy.

How to do: Eating foods rich in omega-3 is good for you and your baby.Sleep a good sleep, so that the overly crowded brain can be rest.

mental stress

To prepare for moving, you will have to do a lot of packaging and classification at the same time.The huge clutter will put pressure on the spirit and body.Trying to do a lot of things in a short time is another source of pressure.

How to do: Take time to rest often, stop your feet when you rest.Plan and allocation work.Organize first.Once you get rid of the extra things, it is easier to pack the necessities.

Chemical material

The final cleaning work may make you come into contact with a powerful cleaner.You may feel disgusting or uncomfortable.The smell or sawdust in the new residence is also harmful.

How to do: Put the products suitable for pregnancy.Let others clean up the things in the cupboard.Before you move into a new house, plan the decoration work.

Walk around and climb

Poch is one of the most common accidents during pregnancy.If your center of gravity is shifted, you will lose balance.If you carry heavy objects or climb up and down the stairs during the movement, this situation is more likely to happen.

How to do: wear shoes that can provide grip and support.Go slowly.If you take things and go to where you can see, be careful.

Physical fatigue

Moving is a high -demanding activity.When you move, you may pack and prepare until late at night.This will make you feel tired, you may experience signs of fatigue, such as cramps.

On the day of moving, you may find that you have to stand for a long time. The supervision work makes you feel tired and your feet are swollen.Dehydration is also a common problem. Severe dehydration can hurt mothers and babies.

How to do: Seek more help than usual.This is suitable for pre -packaging plans.Look at all the choices -family, friends, neighbors, cleaners, organizers and moving workers.Prepare a set of moving days in advance.Make sure you have your drugs, toiletries, electrolytes and hydrating drinks.Also bring some snacks and clothes.Don’t forget your mobile phone charger.

If you have a child and are going to move out, it is best to do so early.Activity before babies is more meaningful than activity after birth.If you do it carefully, it should be okay to move during pregnancy.

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