Moving new homes after decoration, there will be pregnant women in the future. Pay attention to these details when decorating

Received a lot of netizens’ private messages, saying that preparing to get married and give birth baby, for the decoration suggestions for the future decoration of pregnant women. Today we will take a look that there will be pregnant women in the future. What should be paid attention to during the decoration stage.

All prerequisites must be environmentally friendly first. The environmental protection here is not simply in compliance with national regulations. It is so simple to buy furniture, because the body of pregnant women and children is more sensitive, and some are sensitive to taste.Formaldehyde, VOC, benzene and other defense are weak, so when choosing more environmentally friendly decoration materials, it is necessary to extend the ventilation time and do formaldehyde detection. It is not a trivial matter.

Whether it is the sound insulation of the sanitary pipe or the sound insulation of the bedroom, it must be handled during the decoration phase. If the bedroom is just next to the neighbor’s house, you can choose the method of filling the rock wool and the gypsum board.Indoor space, but for some people with poor sleep quality or neighbors who are more noisy, they are still worried.

The dynamic lines at home should be as simple as possible. Furniture should be reduced, especially on the path from the bedroom to the bathroom at night, minimize some dwarf stools, bar counters, unstable furniture settings to prevent pregnant women from being frightened and harmed.

In terms of lighting, the interior appropriately increases the setting of the night light. Many Baoma is still strong even if she is pregnant.The settings are necessary.

Whether it is a bathroom, kitchen, or living room and bedroom, non -slip treatment must be done. Anti -slip in the living room and bedroom is to pay more attention to life. You can choose some designers’ matte bricks. There are some water stains on the ground. Oil stains should be timely.Treatment, etc.

In the bathroom, if you choose anti -tiles, if you use anti -slip pads, try to choose good quality as much as possible.

Sometimes people have to make people feel that the invention of the smart toilet is very powerful. For those who are inconvenient for the elderly, pregnant women, etc., they are extremely friendly, the circles are heated, the functions of various cleaning, and drying can make your life comfortable to the extreme.New decoration at home, or pregnant women, I recommend smart toilets very much.Although pregnant women use it for a while, how good the family can enjoy it.

A small love speaker, or Tmall Elf, can control it to pull the curtains, turn on the TV, switch the lights, and even adjust the air conditioner. I really thought this thing was a bit cool, which was not very meaningful. I have hands and feet.It was also good, and I didn’t find that my wife was pregnant later that this move was too difficult to her.Most of them must be done by the other half. It can be two days a day. After conceiving in October, there is a more tiring stage of bringing the baby. She said that you can hold on how long you can do, and you might as well get these in the decoration stage.

Why do you take the curtains separately and say, because I think she is also very important, not only the problem of electricity, but also the most important ones.

The darker the curtains, the more dyes are used, and the harmful substances will increase accordingly. Do not underestimate its formaldehyde content. This is the hardest hit area for formaldehyde release. It is best to wash it after installation.Use the characteristics of formaldehyde in water to eliminate it to avoid hidden dangers.

Then there is the shielding rate. The sensitivity of pregnant women, coupled with physical reasons, sometimes difficult to fall asleep, it is even more difficult to get a curtain with a better shielding rate to solve the sleep problem, so you must choose the shielding rate of more than 85 % when buying.

In fact, I couldn’t understand some of the designs that were intelligent and lazy, but it was not until the family did not discover that the laziness of young people was really lazy, and the laziness of pregnant women had no way.Since we ca n’t feel the same, give them more care and tolerance within the scope of power.

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