Moxibustion tunes three dirty, overcome functional uterine bleeding, ovarian dysfunction causes

Moxibustion tune three dirty, overcome functional uterine bleeding

Disination: Functional uterine bleeding

Methods: Choose acupoints such as Hidden Bai, Sanyinjiao, Middle Polar, Two, and Guan Yuan.Take the size of the rice grains, use ginger moxibustion, each acupoint moxibustion 7 to 10 strong, once a day.

Functional uterine bleeding, referred to as blood for short, is a common gynecological disease. It is mostly caused by internal secretion disorders, especially ovarian dysfunction. It refers to abnormal uterine hemorrhage that has not been found in the body and reproductive system organic lesions after diagnosis.

In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, a large amount of vaginal bleeding in women, continuous blood or continuous phenomenon of "collapse".Surprising and bleeding are "collapse", slowing up and less bleeding as "leak".In the course of the onset, these two disease reactions are transformed into each other.

Moxibustion therapy for functional uterine bleeding is very good, and it has been found to be investigated since ancient times.

Moxibustion takes hidden white, Sanyinjiao, Middle Polar, Time, Guanyuan Point.Take the size of the rice grains, moxibustion with ginger, each acupuncture moxibustion 7 to 10 strong, once a day.Hidden white is the acupuncture point of the foot Taiyin spleen meridian, which can be opened and closed, convergence and stop bleeding.

I remember that before I retired, one employee in our unit was blood, very serious, and had reached the point of anemia. Her aunt was two times, and her aunt was a gynecological expert of the hospital and failed to control her blood.Later, she asked me and asked, "Can you help me control blood?"

I said, "You can try it." About 10 acupuncture and moxibustion, her blood was completely cured.

At that stage, I remembered that her husband was often sent back and forth to get off work.I liked walking after get off work, and occasionally ride a bicycle.I remember it was more than 10 days after the treatment. She walked home with me once. She said: "It’s good to be healthy. I have cured now.

Another patient began to contact moxibustion in June 2011. At that time, her blood was already the third attack. The main symptom was that the endometrium was thickened.Big, already anemia.I had done a curettage once in an unprecedented state. After I moved to many hospitals inside and outside the province, after changing many famous doctors, I chose moxibustion when I drank hundreds of Chinese medicine.

From the initial moxibustion hemostasis to the later menstrual cycle began to be normal, and then pregnant at the end of 2012 (for nearly 5 years of marriage, infertility).During this period, she also experienced a lot of illness response, such as colds, rash, and moxibustion sores.I also experienced several times of illness. It seemed good to watch, and suddenly menstruation was abnormal, but she persisted because she believed the curative effect of moxibustion.

Finally, remind patients to pay attention to two points.

First, before the treatment of moxibustion for treatment, it is recommended that patients go to the relevant departments of the professional hospital for examination. The diagnosis determines that they can use moxibustion therapy after the functional uterine bleeding that is not an uterine substantive lesion;

Second, if the condition is serious, the amount of bleeding is large and anxious, it is also recommended to go to the hospital for relevant professional diagnosis and treatment. After the condition is stable, the moxibustion method is used for auxiliary treatment.

Remind that normal people’s meridians are unobstructed, and there are no cables and nodules on the surface of the skin.When you are sick, especially when the cold evil and wet evil are relatively large, many cables and nodules are formed on the body surface or on the viscera.

If you touch the strip and nodule during the process of moxibustion, this is the focus of moxibustion.If the strip and nodule moxibustion are removed by moxibustion, it means that your qi and blood are smooth, the meridians are smooth, and the stasis is excluded.

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