MR during pregnancy will not cause baby deformity

Guangzhou Daily News (All Media Reporter He Xuehua Correspondent Gao Long) The prospective mother Xiaoqi from Zhanjiang, after her second child, had symptoms of numbness and fatigue of limbs. She was paralyzed or even paralyzed by her abdomen when she was approaching, but she insisted on continuing pregnancy.But after a lifetime, the baby was completely unable to move from the neck, and the limb muscle strength was zero.

It turned out that Xiaoqi suffered from cervical vertebral tumors during pregnancy. Fortunately, Dr. Dr. Team used South China’s first O -armed arm microscope to accurately "remove" tumors under the monitoring of 3D visual navigation technology.Restore, you can be discharged recently.

Neurosurgery experts said that spinal nerve sheath tumors are very dangerous. There are related symptoms to go to the hospital for cervical MR examination as soon as possible to find out the condition and diagnose and treat them in time.

Paralysis of limbs still insist on having a second child

In 2017, Xiao Qi was pregnant with a second child.From 22 weeks of pregnancy, Xiao Qi had symptoms of numb fingers and weakness in both lower limbs. "At that time, she thought that pregnancy caused the body burden to increase the body and lack of qi and blood."Sudu’s legs were weak and fell on the spot. After a week, she found that she couldn’t hold anything with her hands, and her legs couldn’t move anymore.

In this case, anyone will be afraid, but Xiao Qi heard the doctor said during the regular physical examination that the doctor said to be targeted to do X -rays, CT films, MR and other examinations to confirm the diagnosis.Ah, I don’t want the baby to be unhealthy, "Xiaoqi said.

With the nearby days, Xiaoqi’s limbs were completely paralyzed and abdominal paralysis. She could only lie on the bed.

Facing high paraplegia after giving birth to a baby

Xiaoqi’s due date was March 17, but on February 17, Xiaoqi had symptoms of giving birth. Xiaoqi’s husband drove all the way to bring her to the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province.After admission, after evaluation of obstetric experts, Xiao Qi’s limbs were paralyzed, and the chest cavity and abdominal muscles were severely paralyzed. They were not suitable for delivery. They could only receive cesarean section surgery.After overnight surgery, in the early morning of February 18, a healthy baby girl in more than 4 pounds was born.

However, after Xiaoqi produced, she could not move below the neck, and her limb muscle strength was 0.The preliminary judgment after consultation of obstetrics and neurosurgery was a cervical spine problem. Then the 3.0T cervical spine MR examination was found that the 5th to 6th section of the cervical spinal cord, and the inside and outside the spinal canal had a 3.6cmx1.9cmx3.3cm.The huge cervical nerve tumor, the normal spinal cord is compressed into a gap -shaped by the tumor, and the tumor breaks through the 5 ~ 6 intervertebral pores of the right cervical spine, and a huge mass is formed around the large blood vessels of the neck.

3D navigation accurate tumor rescue her

"The diagnosis is a cervical nerve sheath tumor." Zhang Yong, director and chief physician of the second medical neurosurgeon, said that this tumor belongs to neurological tumors, and most benign, but the surgical risk is extremely large.Essence

Can’t let Ren Xiaoqi have a high paraplegia result!Zhang Yong and the team carefully analyzed the surgical method of entering the road from the back of the neck. "This can effectively avoid important nerves and blood vessels and make a one -time full -cut tumor."The plan is set, how to accurately locate the problem of tumor in front of them.Zhang Yong finally decided to use the O -shaped arm binding microscope to the naphtan tumor.

First use the O -shaped arm to scan the Xiaoqi neck lesion and match the CT and MR image data that have been collected before surgery.At this time, the matching simulation data is directly transmitted to the surgical microscope, so as to achieve 3D video operation throughout the surgery.Secondly, in order to ensure that surgery is unparalleled, Xiaoqi has performed spinal electrical functional monitoring to escort the surgery during the operation, which is the third eye in the operation.On February 26, after 5 hours of intense surgery, the tumor was successfully removed.At present, Xiaoqi is recovering well. It is expected that after 3 months, he can take care of 2 children and restore his work.

Expert: Actually MR will not cause teratogenic

Zhang Yong introduced that Xiao Qi occasionally had the right upper limb paralysis as early as a year ago, but did not attract enough attention. In addition, Xiao Qi was very wrong for Xiao Qi because he was worried that medical examination would affect the baby’s development and delayed the diagnosis and treatment of illness.

"Pregnant women should not use drugs, receive X -ray radiation, CT scanning, etc. within 3 months of pregnancy, but due to the needs of the condition, MR will not affect the development of the fetus and cause fetal malformations." Zhang Yong reminded special remindersThe neurological tumors of spinal spine are mostly benign tumors, and most of them are pain in neck, shoulders, chest and back pain, especially at night pain, accompanied by limb numbness, weakness, and labor.In particular, the palm muscles atrophy and turn into a commonly known "ape man". This is a manifestation of spinal cord and nerve root. It is also necessary to seek medical treatment as soon as possible to do cervical spine MR examination to check whether there are neurological tumors.

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