Must -see during pregnancy: Hepatitis B is a healthy baby, these 4 principles are indispensable

For each family, the health of the baby is the first.Therefore, some women infected by hepatitis B virus will worry about transmitting the virus to the baby, so that they dare not get pregnant.In fact, as long as the following four principles are followed, hepatitis B expectant mothers can also give birth to a healthy baby ~

1. Regular injection of immunoglobulin

Mother -in mothers with hepatitis B virus should take 1 hepatitis B high -efficiency immunoglobulin every month from 7 months of pregnancy to prevent the internal infection of hepatitis B virus, so that newborns can be born healthy.If hepatitis B is found near delivery, you should immediately hit a hepatitis B high -efficiency immunoglobulin when you find it.

Second, regular checkup

After pregnancy, expectant mothers should regularly perform liver merit (liver merit is to detect various indicators related to liver function metabolism through various biochemical test methods to reflect the basic status of liver function) and virus activity testing.Frequently, to prevent the disease of the disease from active.

Once the liver function is found abnormal, expectant mothers should do a good job of conservative treatment of the liver. In addition, they should further take appropriate measures according to the level of hepatitis B virus replication to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

Third, don’t use medicine casually

During pregnancy, expectant mothers must not take medicine casually.On the one hand, drugs will cause certain damage to the liver; on the other hand, some drugs may contain estrogen, which will affect the development of the fetus.Especially in the early pregnancy, just taking drugs will affect the development of fetal nerves and vascular systems, and it is easy to induce fetal malformations.

Fourth, disable liver toxic drugs

Dunma mothers should disable various liver toxic drugs, such as antibiotics, anti -tuberculosis drugs, and drugs for treating diabetes to prevent or aggravate the damage of liver cells.For those drugs that are mainly metabolized through the liver, they should also be used with caution to avoid increasing the burden on liver cells and causing the accumulation of drugs in the body.

If there is no other obvious discomfort in the early pregnancy and early pregnancy, in order to avoid embryo deformity, try not to use the medicine. After June of pregnancy, use some highly safe enzyme -lowering drugs.

Mo Meng warmly reminds: Of course, if any problems occur during pregnancy, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time to obey the advice of a professional doctor.

(Refer to the book "Xiehe Pregnancy Encyclopedia" He Cuihua)

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