My 45 -year -old mother was pregnant, and my father promised to remarry with my mother. I suggest that my mother does not have children

At some moment in life, we will be confused and contradictory.Just recently, I faced a choice that made me very tangled, that is, my 45 -year -old mother was pregnant.What surprised me even more was that my father promised to remarry with my mother and support her to give birth to the child.However, I suggested that my mother not to have children, and this decision made me hesitate.

I am an adult daughter, and my mother has always been a symbol of strong and independent in my heart.In the process of my growth, she played the dual role of my mother and father. Whether it was material or mental, she gave me the greatest care and support.Now, her age has passed the golden period of childbirth, and suddenly pregnancy is undoubtedly a huge impact and challenge for her.

However, the mother’s heart is full of expectations and joy.She believes that the child is a gift from heaven, and she hopes to re -experience her mother’s role and give the child all her love.She firmly believes that she has enough power and wisdom to raise this child, and she believes that she can be a good mother.

However, I am worried about the health and energy of my mother.The mother is over half a year old, and the arrival of the child will undoubtedly have a great burden on her body.Breeding and raising a child requires a lot of energy and endurance, which is a huge challenge for a woman who has passed the age.I am worried that such stress will adversely affect my mother’s body and mental health.

In addition, I also consider the financial situation of the family.Although my father promised to remarry with her mother and give her economic support, this does not mean that we can raise a child without pressure.Children’s education and living expenses will be a big burden, especially at the age of the mother

It is not suitable for work and earning additional income.I am worried that such a burden will cause trouble for the family’s economic stability and the life of my mother.

Although I put forward suggestions for no children, I also understand that this is an extremely sensitive and complicated issue.I respect my mother’s decision, and I understand that she hopes to have a child’s wish.As her daughter, I will try my best to support her decision and provide help and support I can give.

Now, I am trying to accept and adapt to this fact, trying to look at the child’s arrival from a positive perspective.I believe that no matter what the decision is, my mother will try my best to make the best choice.No matter what happens, I will face this new challenge with her, and work hard for the happiness and harmony of the family.

The choices in life are often confusing and contradictory.In the face of my mother’s pregnancy accident, I felt extremely entangled.However, I understand that I can’t make a decision for my mother, and I can only try my best to support her and help her.No matter what you choose, I believe that our family can face it together and work hard for each other’s happiness.

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