My educational story (1) In the second day, she was pregnant

It was a winter in 1986. After self -study after self -study, I read a book in a dormitory of less than five square meters in my own. One of my female students, her name is Li Hua, about 15 years old, about 15 years old, a tall and highly picky man., Xiu Yan’s figure, walking up to love to bow his head, always likes to drag the corner of his clothes. When he speaks, he loves to bite his lower lip with upper tooth beds.Sometimes, hold a chin with one hand.

She just entered the door, and when I saw my tears, she stream first, and then rubbed the corner of the clothes with both hands and lowered her head and said to me, "Teacher Wang, there is something, I dare not tell my family, dare not tell my friends to tell my friendsI don’t want to tell you, but I am anxious to use money, I want to borrow you 30 yuan. I want to go to Shandong. Can you help? Teacher, please, please! "You know, at that time, my salary was only 58.5 yuan a month.

With the sensitivity of the teacher’s profession, I think this child has a mind and a big heart.There are also unspeakable secrets, and more calm burdens.But she didn’t want to tell me, what should I do?If I listen to it, it will destroy my child’s life.So I established a relationship for my child, and then I talked with her most interested topic, aroused her enthusiasm, and she slowly spoke.Then, I talked with her about the usual study, talked about the communication between the students, and talked about the shortness of the parents … When talking about the emotional place, I was happy with her happiness and my sorrow.I met her and learned to listen. After about an hour, slowly, her heart was willing to open to me.

Then he lowered his head again and said to me with red face, "Teacher, I’m pregnant. I went to Beiguan Hospital for examination yesterday. I have been pregnant for two months.If you let your family know it, you have to kill me. I have no choice but to think of you. Teacher Wang, you can’t watch it. "Hearing this, my head buzzed.At that time, I just graduated from the teacher and was only 19 years old.I haven’t waited for me to ask what is going on.Her bamboo tube pour the bean and then said, "I am pregnant with a child’s child. He is our class teacher and our Chinese teacher. I just like him, like his chic font, he likes his humorous words, and likes his humorous words.His profound knowledge, like his every move, say one by one. Whenever he gives us class, I can’t listen to it, and keep staring at him. I can’t see him for a long time.He already has three children and has a happy family, but I can’t control it. So I walked into his dormitory for the first time. He was a little trembling. I didn’t control myself.In my arms, the moment the teacher touched my hand, I was very excited, like the favored palace girl, and a warm current was fascinated throughout my body. Then I had a second time. When I went, the teacherHold me tightly in my arms, the warmth and happiness I have never felt before, and then I have the third time. I still blocked him on the way home at night and bought his children a lot of clothesWait, then, there is now news. Teacher, what do you say? "From the tone and tone and expression of her speech, she had no fear, no complaints and accusations.

To be honest, I am a teacher, and I am scared when I encounter such a big problem.First of all, I was afraid that things were getting big. The teacher was going to be famous and fired. Then, the parents knew that they would go to school. The student union.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceThinking of this, I sweat.However, I have to stabilize her first and educate her in the future.I said, "Thank you for your trust and tell me so much. You can rest assured that I will help you, but this problem is not a general problem. Tomorrow, I will solve the way to solve you." She said.Can.After the student left, I slept in a night.

The next day, I found a certain teacher, and I talked about the cause and consequences, and then, I said, "As a teacher who teaches and educates people, you do this, which is immoral and violated.Dang the first, save people. I will give you 100 yuan, and we have miscarriage the children together (at that time (at that time a 5 yuan at a time) and then buy some nutrients for students to raise her body at school, wait for the bodyWell, give her a class and establish the correct three views of the child, so as not to be a teacher. "The teacher was grateful for my approach.

This was solved. Later, I gave the student’s English, mathematics, and a certain teacher to make up lessons, history, politics, and found a physics teacher to make up lessons.The student was admitted to a key high school, and later he was admitted to college.

37 years have passed, and the student is almost 50 years old.I have a lot of emotions to think of this so far.I don’t know, I was right at the time.But I want to say: When the teacher encounters a difficult problem for students, you must be calm.Because, sometimes, your child controls the destiny and even life and death.

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