My mother believes in the Buddha, so that the pregnant wife is vegetarian every day, my wife can’t stand it, and I want to divorce me

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Reader Xiao Kai came to let me ask for help:

My wife and I have been married for 3 years, and I have been returning early.It was working in our family business. At the beginning, we lived outside. Later, my mother said that my wife Awen was strange at home.The wife agreed to let his wife move home.

Because my mother usually eats fasting Buddha, and the whole person is very kind, so I don’t think she will have any contradictions with Avin. Avin also thinks that my mother usually looks good, so she agrees.

At the beginning, Awen didn’t say anything, but Awen often excuses not to go home for dinner.Sometimes I eat with me, and sometimes I go home to eat.Sometimes I simply go out to eat with my girlfriends.

I didn’t take it seriously.Because I rarely eat at home, especially after my dad dies, I have to be busy with the company’s business, and I rarely go back.Three years after marriage, my mother has been thinking about when she has a grandson.

Unexpectedly, there was really good news last month. Awen was pregnant, and pregnancy was a very happy thing.My mother began to ask Avon to go home for dinner every day.Sometimes I do n’t go back to the company to find me. My mother also sent me the meal to the company and Awen.But I did not expect that Awen said last week that he couldn’t stand it again, and he would divorce me.

It turned out that Avon did not go home to eat before because my mother believed in Buddha, so if there were outsiders who came, then my mother must be vegetarian at this time.So the table is always green, even pickles, and then various porridge.Awen couldn’t get used to it at all, and didn’t want to conflict with her mother -in -law, so she could only solve it outside.

But when I was pregnant, Avin wanted to eat better for the baby’s development.But my mother -in -law said that the child was asking for the Buddha, so I asked Awen to accompany her to eat the Buddha, and she couldn’t eat it once.This time, Awen collapsed completely.

Because Awen is a girl who likes to eat meat.When I was in love, I knew that I was wronged for so long, and it was not conducive to the baby’s development.But I don’t know what to do.Because my mother can accept everything, she can’t conflict with the Buddha, otherwise she will be angry and not eat or drink for several days.What should I do?

Jiayi replied:

I think we can’t judge your mother’s outlook on life, but now your wife is with the child. I think if you eat for a long time, it is definitely not conducive to the health of pregnant women and children.So I think you still need to consider your wife and children’s feelings.But in order to prevent your mother from having a lot of reactions, I think it is necessary to pay attention to methods and methods.This is critical.So the advice for you is:

1. Take your wife to check

Take your wife to the hospital for examination to check the condition of yourself and the fetus.Then show your mother’s dietary suggestion to tell you what kind of harm will you have if your child is vegetarian for a long time. I believe that the doctor’s words are more than you.This is also the attitude of being responsible for your wife and children.

2. Let your wife go back to my mother’s house to eat more

If your mother really doesn’t like the fishy fishy.For your wife’s health, I think you can ask your mother -in -law to take care of your wife for a while, make some nutritious meals for her to ensure hygiene and ensure nutrition and health.

3. Please take care

I think the special situation of your wife now cannot be divorced, so you can let your wife and you move out of yourself. If you are busy, please ask individuals to cook.The key is to ensure that children’s healthy development is the most critical.

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