My premature abortion of my monster series during pregnancy

I am a post -80s Erwa Baoma. I belong to the late marriage and late childbirth, and the first child has experienced eleven weeks of fetal stopping.It is particularly nervous about pregnancy.

About 7 months after the abortion, I finally became pregnant again. At that time, I was careful to pay attention, and I was afraid that the situation of fetal stopping again was fearing again.Every day is trembling, and lying in bed at night likes to think about it, thinking about everything that may happen.

But what are you really afraid of and what come.On the 37th day of pregnancy, I found that I was red, and I was all stunned at the time.Under my persistence, my husband had returned from the army.He immediately took me to the hospital and came to the hospital. He first did a series of examinations, blood drawing, and doing B -ultrasound.The result of the blood test was low. As for the B -ultrasound, because it was 37 days at the time, the doctor said that he only saw one gestational sac, and the others had to wait for the later examination.After the examination, the doctor prescribed some medicines to supplement the medicine of the ketone.Then tell me some precautions, it is recommended to rest in bed.If you have any bleeding to come to the hospital, you need to go to the hospital to review the B -ultrasound in about 50 days to see if there is a fetal heart.

In this way, I went home and opened a long bedroom life. After returning home, I almost stayed on the bed except to take a bath.My husband thought about the Fa every day for me. At that time, I was pregnant and vomited.The most important thing is that in my heart, I was comforting myself. It was okay, and I would not be so unlucky.What should I do if I am thinking about abortion again? Every day is just like a year. In just a few years, it seems like a few years.

Finally, it took 54 days, and my husband took me to the hospital again. This time, I was mainly a B -ultrasound. When the doctor who heard the B supermarket said to me, the baby had a heartbeat, everything was normal, and I shed tears of excitement.The course of my pregnancy was a step forward.The doctor said that he went back to bed and came to the hospital at any time.There is no case for NT screening in about 11 weeks.

Carefully returned home, and opened my bed life again.However, at this time, I felt that I would have given birth to a baby successfully, and my mood was much better.

At the end, I want to say that I have had abortion and abortion. I usually pay more attention to them and go to the hospital in time. If you listen to your doctor, you will definitely give birth to your cute baby.I wish all mothers suffer less and all babies are healthy!

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