My sister broke up, she was pregnant, I advised her to kill, my sister refused, and my parents also accused me of ruthlessness.

My sister broke up.

But she was pregnant.

I advised her to kill it, my sister refused, and my parents accused me of being cruel.

I discouraged many times, and I was cold.

When the child was two or three years old, the sister regretted it.

She found that the child was inherently bad, but it was late.


One month before marriage, the sister broke up with Xu Ming.

She retreated the gift, and Sanjin returned, but the child in her stomach was reluctant to kill it.

After I knew, I rushed back overnight.

My sister was holding the toilet madly, and I looked at her uncomfortable, very distressed.

"Xiaolian, the child is killed!"

The younger sister shook her head with a white face.

"Sister, I can’t bear it, he will move long ago."

"It’s okay, I can raise children alone."

"I can be a good mother."

I just sighed.

She is still a child, how do she raise?

Besides, is Xu Ming’s child really worth giving birth?

I advise again.

"Xiaolian, you are still young, you will have children in the future."

"You will be a lovely child with the life you love, not a single mother, and you will be dragged down by this child in your life."

"Obedient, this child can’t stay."

"Xu Ming is good gambling, can you guarantee that this child will not be affected?"

The sister stiffened and then shook her head.

"No, I will teach him well."

"Sister, you don’t need to persuade, I thought about it early."

"Parents also said, they will help them bring them when their children are born."

"When I get out of work, I can support my children."

She was naive, and I was speechless.


My sister couldn’t persuade, and I went to my parents again.

"Mom, talk about Xiao Ning, kill the child, she is still young, and there will be children in the future."

My mother glanced at me in vain.

"Xiaolian wants to give birth, can we still be able to raise our Chen family?"

"I and your dad have retirement pensions, and it is more than enough to raise a child."

"You, don’t worry about it, let’s think about yourself!"

"Your sister is going to be a mother, you are still alone, hurry up to find a son -in -law, and wait for you to get married. I feel at ease."

My dad smiled with the B -ultrasound in his hand.

"Xiaoya, you see how cute this child, I am going to be a grandfather!"

"Oh, how good!"

The second old man didn’t care about these, just looking forward to holding the child.

I was in a hurry to get angry.

Xu Ming is a gamble, and the parents of the Xu family can also make trouble.

Leave the child now, maybe the Xu family will come to make trouble in the future.

Originally, the child was fettering, and the child could not break.

Be sticking by the Xu family, and he couldn’t throw it away.

No, I have to persuade.


I was still thinking about how to persuade them, and the Xu family came to the door.

On this day, I went home from get off work and saw a bunch of people around the door.

My parents were anxious to protect my sister, and I hurried over.

Xu Ming’s fucking clamor.

"Oh, your girl is really shameless."

"I conceive my children before I get married.

"My son had dated her, but it took a lot of money. You must spit it out today."

"Want to take advantage of us, no door!"

"Give money!"

She reached out, her parents were forced by her.

Xiao Ling pointed at her scolding.

"You are nonsense, I have been engaged with Xu Ming, I gambled, I retired, is there any mistake?"

"Who wants to stick to a gamble!"

"Your son bought me something, and I gave it back."

"A total of less than a thousand dollars, you are embarrassed!"

"You return my things first!"

Xu Ming’s fucking language was a rogue.

"I don’t care, I want money. If you don’t give me, just stand in front of you, see if you lose your shame!"

I squeezed it in directly.

"Is it for money?"

"Wait for the police to come and see if you want to give money!"

I raised her mobile phone towards her.

Xu Mingma panicked.

"What are you doing to the police?

"For no reason to ask for money, but fraud, can’t I call the police?"

Her face changed.

"you you you……"

"Dead girl, you wait for me, I will come again."

Xu Ming’s mother fled.

Watching people left, their sisters were relieved.

My mother pulled my arm.

"Thanks to you, don’t know what to do."

"Mom, you will drive her away next time, what do you dare not take you."

My mother responded and pulled me into the door.

The younger sister was troubled by her, her face was a little ugly.

I poured her a glass of water and took the opportunity to speak.

"Xiaolian, the Xu family has a lot of rogues. You also see it. You have to leave this child. In the future, you can’t stop such things."

"Do you believe it, the child is born, the Xu family will come to grab the child!"

"No … can’t?"

"This is my child, what does it have to do with the Xu family."

"I don’t let her see it!"

I watched her shook her head.

"Xu Ming is the father of the child, and the parents of the Xu family are the children grandparents. This is a fact!"

"Law, the Xu family has the right to visit children. You can’t refuse."

"Even if you call the police, the police can’t help you."

"Xiaolian, if you think about it again, the sister knows that you can’t bear it, but you can leave this child, and he will have endless trouble."

The younger sister responded pale.

I know she is tangled, but there is a father like Xu Ming that the child really cannot stay.

Bad genes are inherited.

In case this child is really a problem, my sister can’t play.

She is only twenty -three years old, and she should not be suffered by a single mother.

Not to mention an uncertain future.

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