My sister is pregnant unexpectedly, and my sister is prepared for pregnancy. The gap between the two people during pregnancy and postpartum is very obvious.

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Sister Yu Ping is a student who follows the rules. She studied very seriously when she was in school, but her sister Yu Qing was a mischievous student.Go to the school.


Sister Yuqing talked about several boyfriends, but her sister Yu Ping was with her first love.

My sister registered for marriage first. Although my sister was not married, she also had a boyfriend.

After the sister got married, she started eating folic acid, exercising, regulating her lifestyle, and preparing for pregnancy before pregnancy. In the second month when her sister prepared for pregnancy, the sister said that she was pregnant unexpectedly.

My sister was already very playful, and he hesitated to do this child after accidental pregnancy. Later, she left this child under the persuasion of my sister and boyfriend, and registered for marriage.

After hearing that my sister was pregnant, my sister did a pregnancy test test and found that she was pregnant. It can be said that the two sisters were pregnant at the same time.


But because one of the two sisters is unexpectedly pregnant, and the other is to prepare for pregnancy, the gap between the two people during pregnancy and postpartum is very large.

Therefore, the sister went to the birth check during pregnancy. The doctor said that there may be problems with the fetal development, and the children were still producing prematurely.The sister was very smooth.

At the postpartum, because my sister was unexpectedly pregnant, there were still a lot of running -in with her boyfriend, so the postpartum was also a feathers, causing depression in postpartum.

The sister was pregnant because she was preparing for pregnancy. When she was preparing for pregnancy, she told her husband. After giving birth, she had to go to the confinement center to confine, and asked the aunt to bring the child after delivery. The sister’s postpartum recovery was also very good.

Gap one: mentality

Many of the mother who is pregnant, many of them are struggling with this child, so the mentality of the whole pregnancy is actually not good, tangled, anxious, and even moved the child’s idea several times.

There is also a mother who really wants children after accidental pregnancy, but her boyfriend does not want it, which will also make the mother’s emotions fluctuate.

Once the mother who prepares for pregnancy is pregnant, it is joyful, expressing a 100,000 -point welcome to the child’s arrival, the mentality will be better, and the mood is more excited.

In addition, knowing that emotions have a greater impact on children, they can maintain their stable emotions.

Gap 2: The environment of early pregnancy

If the mother is preparing for pregnancy, she pays great attention to staying away from the harsh environment when preparing for pregnancy. For example, there are smoking to quit smoking in the family, do not go to some areas with severe pollution, and do not buy new furniture in the family and do not decorate.

But if the mother is pregnant by accident, it may not know that the child is here, may smoke, and may go to drink.

It may even work in some factories with severe pollution, which has a great impact on the health of the fetus.

Gap three: physical condition

It is generally recommended to check in advance when preparing for pregnancy, and find that if you have any problems with your body, adjust it in time.

A common problem with women may be a bit of iron deficiency anemia. Once iron deficiency anemia occurs, it is recommended that the mother should first supplement iron, and then pregnancy after iron supplementation, which will help the fetus health.

Mother who was pregnant unexpectedly did not check the body, nor did she supplement folic acid. Maybe when she was not pregnant, her life was irregular and rarely exercised.

Therefore, during pregnancy, the body is more prone to various problems, such as too obese or poor fetal growth and development.

Gap 4: The situation of confinement after giving birth

Many women who are pregnant are not prepared for the economy and psychologically, and they are more prone to soldiers in the postpartum when they are confinement.

For example, my mother -in -law came to take care of the confinement, and the cooked things did not like to eat, which caused her malnutrition in her confinement.

And the mother who is pregnant and pregnant, often because of her economy psychologically, it can be a child, and then go to the confinement center or invite the moon?There are also arrangements in their hearts. After the child is born, it will be more secure, the mother will be better taken care of, and the emotion will be more stable.

Therefore, it is recommended that mothers still have to prepare for pregnancy. Unexpected pregnancy is a harm to the body and mind of the mother, and it is not fair to the child.

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