My sister registered and married with her sister, and was sued 27 years later

Fang Xin Yang Haoyuan/People’s Court reported what would you do if you found that you were registered and married?What would you do if you still have your own sister?Recently, the Fangshan District People’s Court of Beijing tried to revoke a marriage dispute together, and issued a series of issues caused by her sister’s "named" registered by her sister. Under the circumstances of carefully studying and judging, a judicial proposal was issued to the Fangshan Civil Affairs Bureau.With the joint efforts of the court and the Civil Affairs Bureau, the parties’ wrong marriage registration issues have been resolved for more than 20 years.The origin of things has to start with the sisters.Xiaohua and Xiaohong are sisters and sisters. Her sister Xiaohua and her boyfriend Xiao Zhou are free love.In 1994, Xiaohua discovered that she was pregnant, but because her ID was lost, she was hiding her sister with Xiaohong’s identity information to register with the Xiaoshan Civil Affairs Bureau of Fangshan District.In 1998, Xiaohong registered with her boyfriend Xiaohan.When time came to 2021, when Xiaohong applied for a small passenger car, he found that he had an unknown "husband"!Xiaohua then informed Xiaohong.It turned out that Xiaohong "married" with her brother -in -law Xiao Zhou 27 years ago."The application for the small passenger car of my family is indeed imminent, and now my personal information is connected. Such an outrageous wrong marriage registration will bring me a variety of issues such as property, debt, inheritance, and reputation." Xiao Hong said.As a result, Xiaohong used her brother -in -law Xiao Zhou to file a lawsuit with the Fangshan District Court, requesting to cancel her marriage registration with Xiao Zhou.After the Fangshan District Court accepted, due to the identity of the citizen’s identity in the marriage relationship, the judge Han Yu conducted a substantial review of the case in order to find out the facts of the case.Han Yu organized Xiaohong, Xiaohua, Xiao Zhou, Xiao Han.In court, Xiaohua admitted that she had married Xiao Zhou in the name of Xiaohong.Xiaohong immediately applied to the court’s handwriting identification, requesting the signature of the "Xiaohong" in the marriage application of the marriage case involved in the appraisal case, but was written by himself, but was written by Xiaohua.The opinions of the appraisal agency are: The signature of the "Little Red" on the inspection materials is written by the same person by the small red writing written on the sample.According to the above facts and evidence, the court confirmed that the marriage registration in 1994 was the name registration of Xiaohua’s use of Xiaohong.After clarifying the facts of the case, how to substantially resolve the troubles of the parties, and can avoid the impact of wrong marriage registration from the system at the institutional level, which has become a worry about Han Yu facing.On November 18, 2021, the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs formulated the "Guidance on Properly dealt with the properly handling the issue of marriage registration or fraudulently,Yu carefully judged, and in accordance with the facts of the case, a judicial proposal to the local Civil Affairs Bureau was issued to the local Civil Affairs Bureau based on the guidance. It is suggested that the Civil Affairs Bureau promptly revoke the marriage registration of Xiaohong and Xiao Zhou in a timely manner, regulates and improves marriage registration and archives custody.Work and increase the punishment of fake marriage registration.After receiving the judicial proposal, the Fangshan District Civil Affairs Bureau took the initiative to withdraw the marriage registration of Xiaohong and Xiao Zhou after full investigation and verification. Xiaohong’s demands were finally realized.Typical cases, promote the effect of solving one ".

"A judicial suggestion, one end over the people, and promotes social governance. The Fangshan District Court will further improve the work mechanisms of judicial suggestions, strictly regulate the procedures for raising, sending, and returning visits of judicial suggestions to promote the work of judicial suggestions.Standardize and normalization, maximize the value of judicial suggestions, and contribute judicial forces for the creation of no litigation society. "Said Pu Shu, deputy secretary and deputy director of the Party Group and Deputy Dean of the Fangshan District Court.

Editor Zou Shan in this issue

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