My wife measured the "two bars" to go to the birth checkup every other month, but the doctor said that she was not pregnant, and there was a fake pregnancy?

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My colleague has been married for two or three years, and the plan for the baby will also be on the agenda at the beginning of the year.But there are some things that are strange. The more you care about it, the more you don’t move.The stomach has not moved for more than half a year, and folic acid has eaten a lot, which is also very depressed.Last month, she felt very tired, often sleepy, and eat more.The aunt, who has always been on time, did not report on time, and she used the pregnancy test stick to test and found that it was two bars, which was particularly excited.But I was afraid of inaccurate, I tested it a few times, and found that I was pregnant.

After confirming, you can rest assured, eat it.Think about going to check again next month, and arrange the first birth inspection by the way.However, when I went to the hospital for examination every other month, the doctor looked at the test sheet for a long time and did not speak for a long time, and finally said that his colleagues were not pregnant.The colleague was stunned, and there were two bars after several times.The doctor explained patiently, and colleagues understood what the reason was.

My wife measured the "two bars" to go to the birth checkup every other month, but the doctor said that she was not pregnant, and there was a fake pregnancy?Pregnancy is not fake, but in some cases, some special reactions will make us think that we are pregnant.

Psychological pressure, some reactions made by the body

This is true, because colleagues have been preparing for more than half a year.Facing the urging of the elderly and what happened in work and life, it will cause a stressful body discomfort.In addition, the subconscious always wants to be pregnant, so when you have physical discomfort, you will automatically think about pregnancy.Coupled with the postponement of the aunt, it will deepen this doubt in this area.

Furthermore, is it that everyone wondering the pregnancy test will make a mistake?Under normal circumstances, the accuracy of the pregnancy test stick is as high as 90%, which can be measured.But when it changes or uses incorrectly, it is prone to errors.Therefore, the situation of colleagues is that there is a problem with the pregnancy test stick.Coupled with too much pressure, the abnormal changes in the body are used as a pregnancy.

In fact, we will mislead us, making us feel that we are pregnant more than above, but also this reason.

Biochemical pregnancy

The so -called biochemical pregnancy refers to the fertilized eggs formed after the combination of sperm and eggs, and cannot go to bed smoothly.If an accident occurs in the middle, it will be left, and the body is excreted by the human body.In this process, if you use the pregnancy test stick, you may display two bars and go to the hospital for examination. HCG will also increase.However, at this time, the phenomenon of pregnancy sacs, fetal heart buds cannot be detected.

Women are not familiar with this, but the incidence is still quite high, and 20%-30%of women have encountered it.But the women who have encountered it, if not specially paid attention to it, can’t be found.Because biochemical pregnancy is a normal phenomenon, it is the process of eliminating inferiority and choosing best.When flowing out, it is the symptom of the aunt, but the amount will be more than usual.If women use pregnancy test sticks in this process, they will cause false pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy

Yes, ectopic pregnancy can also cause two bars in the pregnancy test stick.The reason for this situation is that the fertilized eggs are "lost" and they have not found my own accurate home.When we settle in the uterus, settled up. This is what we call "ectopic pregnancy".Very few will flow away naturally during the development of early pregnancy.This situation will also increase HCG and create an illusion of fake pregnancy.

Netizens, do you encounter false pregnancy?


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