My wife reads abroad, but received a call: Your husband has a house outside the house, and she calmly returns to the country

On this day, women who took care of three daughters abroad were drinking coffee.

Suddenly, the phone sounded, and it was a domestic number.

When she took it up, it was the voice of a young man: "Your husband has someone else."

Before the woman spoke, the phone had been hung up. She quickly called back, but could not be connected.

She thought it was a prank, and she ignored it.

Who knew that she received a few photos, she took a closer look, and suddenly rushed her head.

I saw a middle -aged man and a young woman holding a little boy in the photo, and a family of three smiled happily.

And this man is not someone else, it is her husband.

Women immediately wanted to call and ask her husband. After thinking about it, she still forbean to give up the sigh of relief, and then returned to the country without moving.

The next thing was completely unexpected.

Zhu Yating and her husband Zhou Jianmin have been married for many years and have three daughters.

In recent years, Zhou Jianmin has made a lot of money for building materials business, and the family’s life is better.

Zhu Yating lives a life of food and clothing every day, and has a life -saving life.

Zhou Jianmin said that he made money for children, so he had to cultivate these daughters.

So she sent all three daughters abroad.

In order to take care of the child, he asked his wife Zhu Yating again.

At first Zhu Yating was not very willing, and felt that the husband and wife should not be separated.

Zhou Jianmin said that several girls’ houses were there, if there were no adults around him.

Besides, the children have passed. You have nothing to do at home all day. How boring your life is, let you go abroad to rise. How many people are not asking for it. If you can take care of the family, this is thisIf a stall business, all this will be given to you. I really want to follow the children.

Over the years, Zhu Yating has never asked about business. She has no ability to take care of it, but the children are not around. Zhou Jianmin is too busy every day. He keeps this empty house all day.Essence

After thinking about it, Zhu Yating promised to take care of the children abroad.

As a result, Zhou Jianmin arranged for her to help her go through the relevant procedures. Soon after, she took Zhu Yating and took the plane.

Zhu Yating, who is in a foreign country, can be with three daughters every day. The life is also comfortable, that is, sometimes he will also be led by his husband Zhou Jianmin alone in the country.

Due to the time difference, Zhu Yating wanted to call Zhou Jianmin when he was resting. Zhou Jianmin said that he was not at the meeting or driving.

When Zhou Jianmin was resting, Zhu Yating called him. He said that he was tired for a day, and he couldn’t get rest for a while. Zhu Yating disturbed him.

Because of this, Zhu Yating has been staying abroad for more than two years, but there are few communication with her husband.

During this time, she also returned several times. After returning, Zhou Jianmin arranged her properly, so that she could not find something wrong.

The husband and wife live in two places, and Zhu Yating was worried that there would be a problem, but she was still at ease of Zhou Jianmin. After all, the two were more than ten years of husband and wife, and there were three children. It was not so easy to want to disperse.

Zhu Yating always warned herself to be an enlightened woman. She couldn’t have a small belly chicken intestine.

Just when Zhu Yating felt good about the family’s self, who knew that a sudden call completely disrupted the rhythm of their harmonious family.

On this day, all three children went to school, and Zhu Yating, who had nothing to do, brushed the video while drinking coffee, with a pleasant face.

At this time, a domestic phone number came in. Zhu Yating did not know this number, but in a foreign country, he felt kind to receive a domestic phone.

Who knows that the content of the phone is like a pot of cold water, and Zhu Yating is so cold.

The phone was called by a young man. Zhu Yating did not know this person. He told Zhu Yating that Zhou Jianmin was with other people and had a home outside the house.

At first Zhu Yating did not believe it, thinking that this was a deliberate trouble.

Who knows that the other party also sent her Zhou Jianmin and a woman, holding a picture of a little boy. The little boy looked around two or three years old. I saw Zhou Jianmin and the woman smiled very well.A happy family of three.

Zhu Yating suddenly felt that the sky was turning, anger, sadness, despair, and jealousy. All kinds of thoughts were gathered in her heart. She couldn’t believe that her husband was carrying herself with other people, and even the children had it.

She was eager to know what was going on at all?

As a result, she desperately dialed the phone number, but she couldn’t connect.

Zhu Yating was about to collapse. She was going to call Zhou Jianmin’s call and asked him what was going on?

But she thought about it. With these photos, she determined that Zhou Jianmin had someone else outside. Will this be too arbitrary?

In case of misunderstanding, it will not look good when you make trouble.

So she let herself calm down first, and then came to think of countermeasures.

Zhu Yating can go abroad to go abroad for the three daughters in the future.

Who knew she was going, but her husband had the situation, and Zhu Yating couldn’t sit still.

In order to figure out whether this is true or false, Zhu Yating decided to return to China to investigate clearly.

So she arranged for the life of the three children and then bought a ticket.

Zhou Jianmin was surprised by her sudden return. He didn’t expect his wife to come back so soon, but he didn’t say anything, but just said that he was busy and left.

In the past, Zhu Yating really thought he was busy, but now it is not the same. She feels that Zhou Jianmin is so cold to her, because she is making excuses to obscure her, that is, she doesn’t want to be with her.

The more she wanted to get angry, but before she got true evidence, she couldn’t reveal it. When she found it clearly, maybe this was the misunderstanding.

So she called the phone number again, but the number seemed to disappear out of thin air, silent.

No way, Zhu Yating had to look at those few photos every day, and wanted to find out the breakthrough.

On this day, Zhu Yating was looking at the photos again, and suddenly felt that the house in the photo seemed to be a famous villa community.

So she came to this villa community and stood nearby to wait and see every day.

Suddenly, at the door of a villa, she saw the three familiar figures, one of which was her husband Zhou Jianmin.

Zhu Yating’s grievances and anger in her heart, she took their photos, and then came to the property to inquire about the situation.

When she learned that she and Zhou Jianmin were legal couples, the property told her that the family had lived here for two or three years, and thought they were a family.

After listening to this, Zhu Yating, who was heartbroken, couldn’t help it anymore, and let all the sadness and anger turned into tears.

She returned home and waited for her husband Zhou Jianmin to return. She wanted to ask what was going on with all this?

The waiting time was so long. She couldn’t figure out why her husband did it. She even naive thought that her family was very happy. She also gave Zhou Jianmin three children, and she worked hard without credit.

Finally hearing the door, Zhou Jianmin returned.

Zhu Yating roared and asked him why there were other people outside?

Zhou Jianmin instinctively began to quibble. When Zhu Yating took out the photo, he seemed to change his personal.

Zhou Jianmin frankly told his wife that the woman was called Wu Yan, and both of them had been together, and the son was also him and Wu Yan.

Zhou Jianmin also calmly said that he was rare for his son, and such a large industry in his family needed someone to inherit.

He also pointed at Zhu Yating and said: "You can bear you to give me a son."

When Zhu Yating heard it, her tears rushed out. Why didn’t she want to have a son?She gave birth to three daughters at first. When she was born in the third child, she almost couldn’t get off the operating table due to major bleeding. Later, the doctor told her that she could not get pregnant anymore.

Who knew that Zhou Jianmin not only did not appreciate it, but also took her no son for it.

Since the words have been spoken, Zhu Yating does not intend to hide it again. She bluntly sees the three daughters. As long as Zhou Jianmin breaks the relationship with Wu Yan, he will have to be over in the future, otherwise it will be endless with him.

As soon as Zhou Jianmin heard it, he scolded Zhu Yating’s mind with a problem and asked her to go back to the country.

Zhu Yating saw that he had no regrets, but was so arrogant. She was so angry that she would divorce him and let him go out of the house.

Zhou Jianmin sneered, saying that I earned these products, and had nothing to do with you. I still have to leave my son.

When he heard Zhou Jianmin’s son closed his son, Zhu Yating completely lost his mind. The two of them moved, Zhou Jianmin pushed Zhu Yating to the ground, and then fell away.

Zhou Jianmin, who has a successful career, saw that his family property was getting rich, but there were only three daughters. None of the sons who could inherit his industry, which became a hidden pain in his heart.

On one occasion, at a meal, he met the young and beautiful Wu Yan. Wu Yan was lively and frequently toasting Zhou Jianmin on the banquet.

When I learned that Wu Yan was looking for a job, and when a person worked outside, Zhou Jianmin arranged for her job.

Soon, Wu Yan, who could say, became the assistant to Zhou Jianmin.

Zhou Jianmin poured up his thoughts to Wu Yan, saying that he wanted to be with her. If he could give him a child, he would not treat her.

At first Wu Yan disagreed, Wu Yan knew that he had a family.

But no one said about the emotional things, coupled with Zhou Jianmin’s sweet words, the two came together.

Soon after, Wu Yan told Zhou Jianmin that she was pregnant. Zhou Jianmin was ecstatic and said that you should not go to work. I buy a villa for you and you have your heart to raise your fetus.

So he bought a villa for Wu Yan again.

In October, she was carefully pregnant, and finally waited for Wu Yan’s birth.

With excitement, Zhou Jianmin really waited for a gurgling son, and this time he was happy.

Through the relationship, he wrote the big people last week on the child’s birth certificate.

In order to express his gratitude to Wu Yan, he invited Wu Yan the most expensive moon, and bought her various gold and silver jewelry, famous watches, but not moving, saying that he only hoped that he would accompany them more.Essence

Zhou Jianmin has a family. Every time he meets Wu Yan’s mother and son, he is worried that Zhu Yating knows that he feels inconvenient.

So, he thought hard and thought, and finally thought of a way to do both. He asked all three daughters to go abroad to study, so that his wife would accompany him in the past, so that he could be more convenient to be with Wu Yan’s mother and son.

How did Zhu Yating think of the Tao of this, it was very pleasant at first, so she agreed.

Zhu Yating went abroad. Zhou Jianmin also lived in the villa. He often took Wu Yan’s mother and son in and out. People in the community thought they were a family of three. Seeing that both sides were on each other. He secretly rejoiced his idea.

In a blink of an eye, the child was three years old. Zhou Jianmin went through the school for the kindergarten for him. The life of a family of three made Zhou Jianmin find fun. He became more and more indifferent to Zhu Yating, and he was too lazy to answer her phone.

During this period, he also thought about divorcing Zhu Yating, but in this way, he scored a lot of property to Zhu Yating, and he would laugh at him by the people in the business field.

After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, Zhou Jianmin gave up the idea of divorce. It was not until Zhu Yating received the inexplicable call that all this surfaced.

Zhu Yating wanted to get angry, and she thought about divorce Zhou Jianmin, but she was worried that she would be gossip from others after the divorce. At the same time, she also distressed the three daughters who were studying. Moreover, she had no job for so many years. The living expenses were given by Zhou Jianmin.If she has no source of life after divorce, I do n’t know what will happen in the future?

She wanted to cry back to her mother’s house, but she didn’t want the elderly parents to follow the fire. In case of anger, it would be more troublesome.

Thinking about it, only her good sister peach can be talked about.

Taozi and Zhu Yating grew up together, and the two had a good relationship.

Taozi loves and hates clearly.

So Zhu Yating went straight to Taozi’s house.

Taozi saw that Zhu Yating, who had always been dignified and dignified, became a bewater and was sluggish. She was surprised. She quickly asked what happened?

Zhu Yating sobbing, intermittently telling himself and Zhou Jianmin intermittently to Taozi.

As soon as Taozi heard it, she was more angry than Zhu Yating, and immediately went to Zhou Jianmin and Wu Yan to discuss it.

At first Zhu Yating had some concerns, and felt that tearing her face was not good -looking.

But when he thought of Zhou Jianmin, he was too deceiving, so accompanied by Taozi, the two went to the residence of Wu Yan, the villa.

Who knew that Wu Yan sent his son to the kindergarten and was not at home. It was Zhou Jianmin who opened the door.

The hot -tempered peach shouted loudly: "Let that woman come out."

The sharp voice attracted everyone to come and watch. Zhou Jianmin was worried that he would not have a good impact, and quickly called the two into the house and said.

Facing Zhu Yating and Taozi, Zhou Jianmin said that Wu Yan gave him a son and had a contribution to the Zhou family. He could not leave her.

When Tao Zi saw Zhou Jianmin said so straightforwardly, he didn’t fight out, and the two quarreled.

At this moment, Wu Yan returned, Taozi turned his eyes, and he took two steps to pull Wu Yan’s hair in two steps, paining Wu Yan howling.

Zhou Jianmin felt distressed by Wu Yan, and hurried up to pull the frame. In the face of this situation, Zhu Yating rushed up to tear.

So the four people hit the house from the house and hit the road from outside the house.

In order to protect Wu Yan, Zhou Jianmin slapped Zhu Yating in front of everyone in front of everyone.

When Tao Zi saw Zhu Yating was beaten, there was no way to relax. Zhu Yating covered her beating face and was nesty. She pointed at Zhou Jianmin and said, "Zhou Jianmin, you wait for me, we have left this marriage."

When he said, he pulled the peach and left.

Zhu Yating heard Taozi before that Zhou Jianmin and Wu Yan belonged to a big marriage. As long as they went to sue them, Zhou Jianmin would be able to leave the house, and he was not good for himself.

Before Zhu Yating, Zhu Yating was still hesitant, and felt that doing so may be too much. She couldn’t bear it. Now she sees Zhou Jianmin who dares to hit her for Wu Yan.Ready to go to the police station.

Who knew that she had just entered the gate of the police station, and the mysterious phone that could not be connected suddenly called again.

Before the other party spoke, Zhu Yating said angrily, "Zhou Jianmin is going to divorce, what are you doing?"

Who knows the phone, but said that you can’t divorce?

Zhu Yating was even more angry when she heard it. She said who you are?They all have children, why can’t I divorce?

The man on the other side of the phone was silent for a while and said, "I am the child’s biological father."

The man’s words made Zhu Yaling stunned, but he couldn’t come back for a long time.

The man immediately met Zhu Yating and said that he would tell her the truth of the matter, and Zhu Yating agreed.

With all kinds of questions, Zhu Yating saw the man.

The man was named Zhang Jun, and Zhang Jun said that he and Wu Yan were college classmates.

However, Zhang Jun’s parents did not agree with him and Wu Yan. The reason was that Zhang Jun’s family was wealthy, and he was in the city. Wu Yan’s family was in the countryside, and he was in the country. Therefore, he did not agree with them anyway.

Zhang Jun had been obedient since he was a child. He couldn’t help his parents. On the eve of graduation of college, the two had to break up pain. The two were drunk and cried that night. Later, they couldn’t help but happen.

Since then, the two have gone to each other and have not contacted them again.

Zhang Jun’s parents also introduced him a lot of objects, but he never forgot Wu Yan.

Later, he had a car accident, causing unable to have fertility, which made him painful, and once lost his confidence in life.

Until not long ago, he accidentally met Wu Yan on the street. He also saw that she was holding a little boy. The little boy’s eyebrows were exactly the same as when he was a child.This made him ecstatic.

When he stepped forward and wanted to ask Wu Yan, Wu Yan quickly pulled the child to leave.

Later, he also tried to communicate with Wu Yan many times. Wu Yan avoided him and called him.

He learned that Wu Yan and Zhou Jianmin lived together through friends, so he found their residence, and then took a picture of them with their children.

Once, he waited for Wu Yan in the parking lot and asked her the child if it was him?Otherwise, go to Zhou Jianmin.

Wu Yan was helpless, and then he talked about the truth.

It turned out that since they broke up that day, Wu Yan thought that he and Zhang Jun had never seen him again, and they lived their lives in the future.

Soon after, she found that she was pregnant, which made her panic. She wanted to go to Zhang Jun, but when she thought of Zhang Jun’s parents’ attitude towards herself, she had to stop.

Just then, Zhou Jianmin pursued her and asked her to have children.

She knows that as long as she is good with Zhou Jianmin, she can solve the current urgency and give her children a name, so she agrees to be with Zhou Jianmin.

After the child was born, she felt guilty for a while, but saw Zhou Jianmin so good to the child and he was so happy, so he slowly regarded them as a biological father and son. As long as she didn’t say, she should not be known by others for a lifetime.

Who knew that at this time, Zhang Jun appeared. She begged Zhang Jun not to disturb their lives, and let them live so quickly.

In the face of Wu Yan, Zhang Jun’s heart was full of guilt. If he could persist at that time, maybe they would not be separated.

To be honest, he didn’t want to disturb Wu Yan, just hopes that she lives happily, but when he learned that Wu Yan and Zhou Jianmin were not married, and Zhou Jianmin still had a family, he was not calm.

Therefore, he has to recover Wu Yan and his son in any case, and their family of three reunited.

But Wu Yan refused to leave Zhou Jianmin, saying that Zhou Jianmin could give her a rich life, and asked Zhang Jun not to come to her again.

Of course, Zhang Jun will not let go easily. Even if he is upset with his parents, he will be with Wu Yan and his son. In this way, his old Zhang family will have someone. Presumably his parents will be happy to have a big grandson, and then he will not be able to then.Oppose him and Wu Yan.

Therefore, in order to disassemble Wu Yan and Zhou Jianmin, he thought that he would let Zhou Jianmin’s wife, that is, Zhu Yating knew about it. Only Zhu Yating took the shot that Wu Yan could leave Zhou Jianmin.

So he called Zhu Yating, but he didn’t want Zhu Yating and Zhou Jianmin to divorce. If they divorced, they would become Wu Yan and Zhou Jianmin.

Zhu Yating knew the truth of the matter, and she was stunned.

After calming down, she said that even if she did not divorce Zhou Jianmin, Zhou Jianmin’s heart could not be collected, so she decided to divorce.

She said that if Zhang Jun wants to recover Wu Yan, there is a way to let them reunite, that is, to sue Zhou Jianmin.

As a result, Zhu Yating walked into the police station and told Zhou Jianmin’s marriage with her.

Soon, the police officers transferred the matter to the procuratorate, and the staff investigated the matter.

At this time, Wu Yan and Zhou Jianmin unanimously argued that they were not married, and the child was not Zhou Jianmin. The child’s birth certificate was not Zhou Jianmin. Therefore, the two of them were just talking about their friends and did not belong to the great marriage.

Faced with their justification, the staff found that the father’s column was Zhou Jianmin’s signature from the procedures for the child to enter the school kindergarten.

In the end, Zhou Jianmin and Wu Yan will face one and a half years.

At the same time, Zhu Yating also filed a divorce lawsuit to Zhou Jianmin. The two of the husband and wife divorced, and she took three daughters away from Zhou Jianmin.

When Zhou Jianmin learned that his son was not him, he destroyed his own happy and happy family. After the people in the business field heard his affairs, they ended their cooperation with him one by one, making the business fall thousands of times and faced the door.At this time, Zhou Jianmin regretted it.

Because Wu Yan was facing in, she had to give her son to Zhang Jun to raise it. She thought she found the backing of the mountain, but in the end it was a bamboo basket and water.

People often say that marriage is not a child’s drama. They need two people to be sincere, and they need to be considerate and tolerant of each other, respect each other, and make their own bitter fruit in their own cleverness.

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