My wife’s wife is pregnant, I am sad, what should I do?

I have been with my lover for more than a year. We met with each other through the Internet. At the beginning, he lied to me and said that he had been in contact with me for a long time.Together.

He always gives me the future and hopes to give me an illusion. He said that you will settle with me in the future.Later, I simply walked with him.

The beginning of the story is always very beautiful. One day his wife knew about us. He proposed a divorce but it was unreasonable. It happened that I was pregnant unexpectedly at this time.Of course, there is no compensation without nutritional products to the hospital alone, but I still don’t blame him. I am willing to live with his wife and children.

When I met such a thing, I was particularly aggrieved. I wanted to find someone to talk about it, and I called my ex -boyfriend. I just wanted to make a phone call to chat.But I didn’t refuse. I thought it would be separated without going, and I changed everything since then.

My ex -boyfriend and I went out for a few days. He knew that he was very angry but kept calling me. He went to drink at night and drank too much with her daughter -in -law. The child was pregnant at this time. Until the day before yesterdayHe told me that his wife was pregnant, and my heart was broken. I don’t know what to do. I was sad and heartbroken. He didn’t comfort me, but said that I was retribution.If many hurt me, I just love him.

He knew that it was forgiven with his ex -boyfriend, and I was really wrong, but we were different from before. It was common for me to stimulate me to stimulate me. I took the initiative when I was angry. I belonged to death.I am tangled, others are not handsome or have no money. When I am the poorest, I raise him. When I lack money, I have never helped me. I always say that there will be money in the future, but I borrow money with money.,,

The wife’s wife is pregnant again. What should I do if I want to separate but I can’t bear it. Maybe I still believe in the promise he said?

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