Nanjing University responded to the married teacher being reported to be "pregnant for female students’ pregnancy abortion": under investigation and verification

Recently, a graduate of Nanjing University reported Zhou Mou, deputy secretary of the school’s government management college, saying that he "caused girls’ pregnancy abortion and plagiarism of the paper".

On November 8th, Nanjing University reported on this matter that the school’s party committee attached great importance to the establishment of a special class for investigation and verification at the first time, and will be dealt with according to laws and regulations according to the results of the investigation.

△ Figure Yuanyuan Nanjing University official website

According to the information reporting information, Zhou is the deputy secretary of the School of Government Management and International Relations of Nanjing University.The reporter said that Zhou caused his pregnancy abortion.The bureaucratic atmosphere is serious, and the leadership preferences blindly, not students -oriented, students complained a lot. "

The online chat record shows that Zhou once said to the reporter, "Don’t pretend to be pure", "The room has been set quickly", "I … I don’t agree with us a bit".

The reporter said that he was currently studying in the United States and reported Zhou Mou to the Discipline Inspection Commission of Nanjing University four times, but he did not respond. Its demands for reporting were "dismissed Zhou and his master’s degree in a master’s degree."

On November 8th, Xiaoxiang Morning News (reported WeChat: XXCBBAOLIAO) reporters have repeatedly called Zhou and Zhou’s father in the report letter.

On November 8th, the official Weibo of Nanjing University issued a notice: Recently, the Internet has reported on the relevant issues of Zhou’s relevant issues of the government of our school.The school’s party committee attaches great importance to the establishment of a special class for investigation and verification in the first time, and will be handled according to laws and regulations according to law.Thanks to the majority of netizens for their support for Nanjing University, as always sincerely welcome everyone to supervise the public opinion of our school.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Jiang Ziwen

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