National Energy Conservation Publicity Week

During the 33rd National Energy Conservation Publicity Week, the reporter walked into communities and families in many places in Shanxi, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hebei and other places. It felt that simple and moderate, green, low -carbon, civilized and healthy green lifestyle was becoming windy.

Zhang Yan, who lives in the Wanbailin District of Taiyuan, Shanxi, is a community party secretary.When the reporter saw Zhang Yan, she was carrying a reused takeaway packaging bag to go to the neighborhood committee to deal with things.In life, Zhang Yan has always insisted on saving energy and low -carbon lifestyle.At home, use it as much as possible. The water that is used for rice is used to pour flowers. The water that is washed after washing the clothes is used to drag the floor and rush to the toilet.The non -use electrical appliances turn off the power to reduce the standby energy consumption.These good living habits are also educated and infected with their daughters."Every time we travel, the child first proposes to ride a bicycle. It is both low -carbon and can exercise. Our family will often ride at night by the Fenhe River." Zhang Yan said.

Zhang Yan’s family took a photo at night in Fenhe Park.(Zhang Yan’s confession)

As a community worker, Zhang Yan often took out time to take his family and children to participate in the environmental publicity promotion volunteer activities of the community, actively advocating everyone to start from daily life and start from small things."It is not enough to create a green family alone. Only when the whole society has the concept of green and low -carbon, life will be better." She said.

"Hello, your wet and wet garbage is not clear enough. Let’s share it together." On July 15th, the reporter walked into the second resident area of Yihaojing, Nanhui New Town, Pudong New District, Shanghai, and was catching up with Yu Dexiang.Guide residents’ garbage classification. As a garbage classification volunteer, Lao Yu, who has retired, is now "duty" in the garbage room in the community on time at seven and six in the evening.

"Dry garbage can incinerate power generation, wet garbage can ferment into nutrient soil, nutritional solution, recyclable garbage can achieve ‘regeneration’, and harmful waste is properly disposed of. A small thing that can be done in daily life can be low.The carbon cycle has a huge effect, which is very meaningful. "Yu Dexiang said.

On July 12th, on the National Low Carbon Day in 2023, the Yaohao Oujing Second Resident District established a "small garbage classification supervisor" team.(Photo confidence in the second residential committee of Yihao Oujing)

In Fuxing New Village, North District, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, a smart garbage classification equipment that can handle 12 recyclables and 3 types of harmful waste has attracted the attention of reporters. It can achieve code scanning through the Internet of Things technologyLogin, automatic weighing, instant cashback and other functions encourage residents to implement garbage classification and reduce garbage emissions from the source.

"As a near -zero -carbon emission community pilot, we encourage families to install a distributed photovoltaic power generation system on the roof, set up the ‘clothing bank’ recycling box to facilitate the reuse of the loop of idle resources, and also carried out organic planting courses to guide residents to use family kitchen waste compostCarry out organic vegetables and fruits. "He Yiqing, director of the Xiaolan Low -Carbon Development Promotion Center of Zhongshan City, introduced that the current proportion of renewable energy use of residents of Fuxing New Village has renewed 21.5%, which can achieve carbon dioxide reduction by 90 tons each year. Everyone is becoming more and more.Enjoy the beauty of green low -carbon life.

The picture shows the intelligent waste classification processing equipment in Fuxing New Village, North District, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province.In

The Song Yanli family, who lives in Handan, Handan, Handan, Hebei, has won the "most beautiful green family" in Hebei Province in 2022.The use of old things is the living habit of the whole family."The potato chip box is cut from the middle, plus the decoration to make a pen holder; after the large cola bottle is transformed, it plants vegetables and flowers; the finished laundry liquid bottle is trimmed and made into a flower pot …" Song Yanli introduced to reporters in detailThe energy -saving tips concluded.

The reporter observed in Song Yili’s house that the kitchen and toilet were installed with water -saving faucet. The family was full of energy -saving lights. The whole family kept a good habit of turning off the lights.Tao rice water is poured into the flowers and trees;

Under the influence of Song Yili, the children have also developed a good habit of saving environmental protection."The mineral water bottle that usually drinks is collected, and the decoration is made into a vase; the workbooks are written on the front and back; the waste paper will be collected and sold to the waste station." Song Yanli said.(Reporter Ma Xiajie, Wang Moling, Hu Mengxue, Zhao Hongyu)

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