Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy are not just pregnancy reactions, but also caused by these 5 things.

During pregnancy, the body of the expectant mother changed a lot.Since pregnancy, it has brought a lot of discomfort to expectant mothers.Some are mild, and some even affect the daily life of expectant mothers.During pregnancy, the physique of each expectant mother is different, so the feeling of showing and what happened is relatively different.Some expectant mothers are very good in themselves, so some of these expectant mothers may have some discomfort or nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. The chances of occurrence are relatively small, which basically affects daily life.And some expectant mothers, during pregnancy, there will be some pregnancy reactions, such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting.The damage brought about is more troublesome, and even affects the daily life of expectant mothers.Moreover, when some expectant mothers have severe pregnancy reactions, they will affect the nutritional intake of the body.It will start to have nausea when you eat what you eat or smell, and it is difficult to eat in this case.It will easily lead to the performance of insufficient nutritional intake.When the pregnancy reaction during pregnancy is relatively serious, severe vomiting and other severe vomiting occurs for a long time, which will lead to dehydration in the prospective mother.

Therefore, when the expectant mother has a severe pregnancy response, it is necessary to regulate or go to the hospital to check it.At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the increase in pregnancy reactions caused by other reasons. When the pregnancy reaction is aggravated, expectant mothers must be adjusted through daily life.If you adjust it through normal life, there is still no way to relieve it.How to relieve some drugs or supplement some vitamins.For example, vitamin B6 vitamin B6 can effectively alleviate reaction such as nausea and vomiting.However, expectant mothers should use vitamin B6 when they have a pregnancy reaction and nausea. They must be used according to the guidance of the doctor according to the guidance of the doctor. They cannot be eaten without authorization.Because vitamin B6 is used too much, there will be dependence.The nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is not necessarily caused by the pregnancy reaction, and there are many nausea and vomiting.The physical changes of the body before pregnancy and the physical changes of the expectant mother after pregnancy are relatively large, then it will be easy, because some reasons will cause pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting.In pregnancy, when using some too greasy or irritating foods, it will also easily lead to nausea and vomiting in the mothers, and if the expectant mothers are in a bad mood during pregnancy or if they are not resting, they will be very good.It is easy to cause quasi -mothers to have some discomfort.

Therefore, when the expectant mothers are nausea and vomiting, they also think about whether there is a good rest and eating some bad foods recently.Most of the nausea and vomiting occurred in the pregnancy reaction occurred in the early stages of pregnancy.Because the expectant mother was just pregnant in the early pregnancy, at this time, the expectant mothers were not very adaptable. The physical changes after pregnancy are prone to some disgusting vomiting.Generally, this situation will be alleviated in the second and during pregnancy, because the body’s body is basically adapted because of the middle and late pregnancy, so the impact of these discomforts on the prospective mother is also the impact on the prospective mother.It will be reduced.However, some expectant mothers will still have a pregnancy reaction and nausea and vomiting in the middle of the pregnancy and late pregnancy.After all, everyone’s constitution is different, and one person cannot determine 100%like this.So today, let’s talk about what is the reason why the nausea and vomiting occurred in the third trimester.Although it may also be caused by pregnancy reactions, it may also be caused by other reasons, then let’s take a look at it.

During pregnancy, large quasi -expectant mothers have discovered nausea, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.The disgusting manifestation in the early pregnancy is because the expectant mothers are not very suitable for physical changes after pregnancy, so the nausea will occur.However, in the late pregnancy, the expectant mothers basically will not be caused by the disgusting caused by inadequate adaptation. In the late pregnancy, the fetus is basically coming.nausea.The disgusting response occurred in the late pregnancy, and it may also be caused by daily life or fetal reasons.In the third trimester, the body shape of the fetus is relatively large. The enlarged uterus will compress the stomach of the expectant mother, causing gastric acid reflux, and it is easy to stimulate the expectant mother.When gastric acid reflux, expectant mothers said that it would be prone to nausea.Of course, when the expectant mothers eat something too greasy or less delicious during the third trimester, they will also cause a nausea.A normal person who eats too greasy will also have a disgusting response, let alone expectant mothers with a weak constitution after pregnancy.After pregnancy, some of the expectant mothers are not reactions, and they are relatively higher than normal people, so the diet and living habits of expectant mothers must be noticed.

In the early pregnancy, expectant mothers sometimes occur in vomiting.It is mainly because expectant mothers are still not adapted to life during pregnancy or some irritating tastes that have been smelled, and when eating some bad foods, it will cause the mothers to vomit.Generally, when vomiting occurs, the expectant mothers will cause nausea first and then vomiting.And most of the vomiting occurred by expectant mothers during the third trimester, most of them are prone to vomiting due to the reduction of gastric capacity and poor digestion.The fetal head of the fetus is relatively large in the third trimester, so it will easily compress the stomach, resulting in a reduction in the stomach capacity of prospective mothers.In this case, excessive foods consumed by expectant mothers, when the gastric capacity is small, there is no way to store food in the stomach, which will cause reflux.When this happens, it is easy to vomit.Therefore, expectant mothers must pay attention to eat less and eat less during pregnancy, and also pay attention to chewing slowly.And don’t drink a lot of water or eat too much food at once.If you eat too much food at once, if there is no way to store and digest it in the stomach, it will be easy to cause vomiting, so pay special attention.

When the expectant mothers occur in constipation, they will also easily react with disgusting reactions.Because the expectant mother did not timely excrete the excretion in the gastrointestinal tract in time, when the stomach was digested and metabolized in time, some waste products produced without places for excretion and storage, which would lead to quasiMom vomit.However, because of vomiting such as constipation, the smell accompanied by is relatively pungent, so the expectant mothers must pay special attention when constipation during pregnancy.Don’t wait until severe constipation, and then correct it, so the damage brought by yourself is relatively large.

Due to the increased uterus in the third trimester, it will compress the stomach and reduce the amount of content of the stomach.When the expectant mothers are performing activities or exercise, they will easily lead to gastric acid reflux in the stomach and easily cause nausea and vomiting.Because the smell of gastric acid is relatively difficult to smell, and the irritation is relatively large, it will easily lead to nausea and vomiting in prospective mothers.Therefore, when eating too much food or the food that is ingested at once is relatively many, it will easily cause gastric acid to reverse flow.Therefore, during the third trimester, expectant mothers should pay attention to eating less food when eating food, and do not eat too much food at once.

When expectant mothers are too irritable, it will easily lead to some discomfort in them.When the mood is not good, the discomfort of expectant mothers will become more.At the same time, the bad mood of expectant mothers will also affect the baby, so the expectant mothers should not have irritability and other situations during pregnancy. We must pay attention to controlling their emotions.

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