Nausea, drowsiness, constipation, edema after pregnancy, can all discomfort only boil?Relieve that there are doors

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Pregnancy is the watershed of women. Before life changes, the first thing to face is the physical change.

A baby is very happy in the belly, but at the same time, the subsequent pregnancy reaction makes people feel uncomfortable.Not to mention for ten months, some pregnant mothers with special constitutions are enough for early pregnancy.

The cousin just checked for more than a month, and the early pregnancy response was very strong.Nausea and vomiting can not eat things all day, and they are particularly lethargic.

No way, she had to quit her work and recuperate at home.

But her mother -in -law said that she was arrogant, and her class was not good, and she was lying at home all day.I used to work when I was pregnant, until I was still cooking at home before giving birth.

When my cousin told me these words, she was so grieving and crying.She is really uncomfortable, but no one understands.

In fact, everyone’s constitution is different, and the pregnancy reaction is different.Some are relatively easy, have no discomfort, and have a good appetite and can go to work as usual; some may be uncomfortable, and they are not able to sit and lie down.

Therefore, we cannot use our relaxed pregnancy experience to be replaced with all mothers, which is unfair.Sometimes even the same person, the reaction of the tire and the second child is different.

Moreover, the disgusting and drowsiness of pregnant mothers only start. In the later period, constipation, edema, frequent urination, etc. are torture.

Although these discomforts can’t go around, can you only boil in the face of such one?The relief is actually a doorway, at least make yourself easier.

About 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy will continue until 12 weeks of pregnancy, and it is also the most common early pregnancy reaction.It is usually caused by changes in the secretion level of chorionic gonad hormones. Some pregnant mothers even vomit.

But do not need to be too anxious. In general, pregnancy vomiting does not affect the development of the baby.However, if the response is very severe, such as vomiting blood, it may cause metabolic dysfunction. Go to the hospital for infusion treatment to prevent the body from dehydrating.


Pregnancy in normal range can be relieved from daily diet, mainly the following points.

1) Try the sweet and sour fruits such as lemon, plum, grapefruit, and apples;

2) Light diet, avoid greasy and spicy foods, and dislike the smell. It is best to conform to your taste, provided that the taboo is not to mention;

3) The indoor air should be kept circulating;

4) Don’t force it too much to eat, eat less meals; you can also drink a small amount of water, suppress the feeling of nausea and vomiting.

5) Proper exercise, such as walking in places with fresh air and wide vision, or making some easy household chores such as stacking clothes at home; do not focus on yourself and your baby.Some;

6) If necessary, supplement vitamin B6 under the guidance of a doctor.

Although this reaction is normal, if you always feel weak, you must first confirm whether your sleep time meets the needs.


1) You can take a small nap in fatigue. It is best to be about half an hour. It can not only alleviate fatigue, but also not to be mentally chaotic, but pay attention not to more than an hour;

2) Eat less meals, maintaining blood sugar at a certain concentration, can play a role in maintaining spiritual excitement;

3) The rules of schedule, don’t stay up late, it is best to exercise appropriately before going to bed to improve the quality of sleep;

4) Drinking more milk and eating more fruits can help refresh, but remember to drink coffee drinks.

This situation can be described as the most difficult trouble for pregnant mothers. Although it is not a big problem, it is really upset.

Constipation during pregnancy is caused by a variety of factors. Periations can weaken the tension of the smoothness of the intestinal smooth muscle, slower gastrointestinal motility, and mental anxiety is also helpful.

In addition, the phenomenon of constipation is particularly serious in the middle and late pregnancy, which not only has the cause of uterine compression, but also the effect of supplementary drugs such as iron and calcium.


1) The most important and most important one is to replenish more and more intake of dietary fiber, such as coarse grains, fruits, and vegetables.If there are no special circumstances, the amount of drinking water is recommended between 1.5 and 2 liters;

2) The activities of the regular pregnancy are helpful for maintaining physical health and relieving discomfort. Unless there is an inappropriate activity such as premature breakthrough or persistent vaginal bleeding;

3) Cultivate good bowel habits. Except for time, you must not be held up;

4) If the constipation caused by iron, calcium or composite vitamins, and find that the symptoms of discontinuation have improved, we must explain to the doctor, do these things must be taken and have it replaced drugs?For example, calcium carbonate is changed to calcium citrate, calcium lactate, etc., which will also have a certain effect on alleviating constipation.

After pregnancy, the blood capacity will increase, and the plasma increases more than the blood cells. Therefore, the blood components are diluted and the osmotic pressure is affected. The moisture will flow to the tissue.

The venous blood flow of the lower limbs is particularly affected, so it is common.


1) Prevent excessive fatigue and maintain adequate sleep.You can rest for half an hour after a meal, two hours in the afternoon, and keep your sleeping time from 9 to 10 hours at night.If it is not convenient to go to work, you can try to raise your legs on the chair after lunch and replace it with a half -sitting position;

2) Avoid sitting for a long time, and feel that you must walk appropriately when you are tired, and promote the increase in blood flow of lower limb.Even if lying down, try to take the posture of the left side. Do not raise Erlang’s legs when you sit, stretch your legs, and move your heels, toes and other parts;

3) Do not choose shoes and socks that will oppress your ankle and calf. Even if you wear elastic socks that prevent edema, you must also choose a high -waist style;

4) Reduce the intake of salt, it is best to be less than 10 grams per day;

5) Before going to bed, expectant mothers can raise their legs and keep it for 15-20 minutes.

All in all, breeding a baby is destined to be uncomfortable, but you must try to adjust your emotions and physical conditions in any case.

Regardless of whether it is understood by others, it is most important to pay attention to recuperation. After all, the prospective mother is in good condition, and the baby’s development will be healthier, isn’t it?

The second child’s mother and nutritionist share the experience of childcare life; the pictures are derived from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact me to delete it; in addition, the code word is not easy.

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