NetEase let go of himself, the anti -water cold mobile game is crazy, and the server has collapsed.

Hello everyone, this is the update of "Picture of a Good Game" every Monday. I am a younger brother!It’s time for us to look at the picture to pick the game. Not much to say nonsense, above!

"Anti -Water Cold Mobile Games": Once on the first day

Game platform: mobile game

"Anti -Water Cold Mobile Games" is officially available!

We do n’t talk about fun. We do n’t talk about it. The official “Backwater Cold Mobile Games” is really too capable. On the day of the public beta, he also went to the Lingyin Temple to burn incense according to the old Netease old tradition.And without the expected, the first day of the game, the game rushed to the first place in the AppStore free list, and the server smoothly lined up to melting.

Not only that, Guan Wei may be too breaking away, and was banned by Weibo.However, the officials themselves said that the amount of advertising in Sina was suspected of failing to meet the requirements of Sina.In any case, this heat is.I do n’t know if you think "Anti -Water Cold Mobile Games" is fun or not fun?

Player comment:

—— Other games: wow business war; inverse water cold: Is it a part of the official work again?

——Dozi!Your potato server is!IntersectionAre you not confident in your charm!Intersection

——Pymphimonia on the first day of public beta!Jennima is strong

——I said why Xiaohan suddenly disappeared. On the first day of the public beta, I ate a ban on the gift package.

"Gu Jian Qi Tan Network Edition": Summer expansion film is launched

Game platform: PC

Meet the road, and the candle is bright."Gu Jian Qi Tan Online Edition" was empty and the summer expansion film "Communist Candle Tianming" was officially launched on June 30!

Therefore, people are encountered, suspicion, and the main plot continues to advance!Vanada Chenzhou New Area is open!The new secrets are successively appeared, and more unexpected leaders are waiting for you to challenge!The new season of Fighting is about to open, and the new battlefield is open!The new transmission is opened, is the whereabouts of "TA" from the distance?Dajun Jun bowed to Jade to join Jixian’s spectrum, helping the Xianjia disciples before practice!Many systems optimize the launch, and a large number of new rewards are waiting for you to get it!

Player comment:

——Gujian old players said that lack of friends in the later period can not play, but I can only play stand -alone, but I still watch it seriously in the plot.

——The ancient network is required to have a high degree of proficiency.There is no mechanism, it is easy to bomb the group in jail.Many people are not patient at fast -paced life now.

——The ancient network is very fun. The pure PVE player is still very happy. It does n’t require too much time to liver. It ’s very difficult. Consumption is really cheap anyway.

"Obliability Line": The taste of death cells

Game platform: mobile game

The style of painting adopted by the game is a clever technology wasteland. Basically, the elements of the mechs, neon lights, and dungeon that boys love are stacked and integrated.The combination of the entire game plot and the scientific and technological waste wind is also more appropriate: in the future, humans disappear, and mechanics masters the entire civilization, and is controlled by a rule of becoming a "annihilation line" rule.And we are the "God -selected intellectual weapon" of the law of awakening consciousness.

The entire game is basically the original flavor of the unique meat pigeon action game. I believe that as long as the players who have played this type of game need to get started, they basically know what is going on.The weapon system and the reinforcement system of the game are done well, and it has the taste of "Death Cell".The Steam praise rate is currently 88%.

Player comment:

——The overall completion is very high. After all, in the current situation of domestic EAs, the completion degree is a very important part. The game can currently guarantee at least 30+ hours of game duration.Excellent weapon system-Each weapon is rich in movement, smooth feel, and strong strike.

—— The main problem is that the proportion of the growth elements outside the bureau is too high, and there are many materials that are upgraded, and it has the meaning of forced liver.The positive feedback was a bit sparse.

——The blows online, the content of meat pigeons is also rich, I just hope not to be bad. There are too many bad tails in the EA stage of domestic games. I hope that the annihilation line can become a domestic light!

"BROTATO": Too top!

Game platform: PC

After the first ten -month experience, "Tudou Brothers" finally officially released version 1.0!

"Tudou Brothers" is a top -down arena shooting a mild Rogue game. Players will play a potato that uses 6 weapons to use 6 weapons in the game.Select from various characteristics and props, create unique buildings and survive until the rescue arrives.

There are many types of characters, weapons and props available in the game, and have added options with increased upgrade selection attributes, which greatly improves the refreshing and freshness of the game, and the price of the game itself is also very close to the people.However, the hexagon must be cleaned in high difficulty to clear the customs. African players please reduce the difficulty.

Player comment:

—— After buying it for 20 minutes.I played 45 hours and 40 minutes after work.

——Drived ghost survivors+meat pigeons+Isaacic style. Although the BUFF is full, the actual quality is not inferior to the above three, and it can even be said to be blue.At the same time, the game also has a creative workshop and continuously updated, it is worth recommending

——The idle?Come a plate of potatoes!Kill time?Come a plate of potatoes!Pacific and entertainment?Come a plate of potatoes!This game perfectly uses your fragmented’t tm!Hurry up to go potatoes!You won’t get pregnant if you play it ~

——The game is fun. After playing MOD, I am very patient. I have 500 yuan a month for a month. I have no money to entertain. Fortunately, I found this game. I can spend very little money for a long time.I hope that developers can make a big fortune. Thank you for your help during the difficult period. I will remember your good. When I have money in the future, I will definitely repay you!

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