Netizens have put together to put together clues. The 17 -year -old pregnant girl was killed and thrown into the case.

On the morning of January 5th, a Weibo released by the online writer "Mao 17" caused heated discussion among netizens -he was commissioned by the Sichuan police on February 16, 2011, and a clue of the clue of the murder case released by the Sichuan police.It really helped the police to successfully solve the case.

According to "Mao Seventeen", this is a magical incident of netizens’ relay to fight the clue of the case.

Upstream journalists read "Mao 17" Weibo and saw that on February 16, 2011, "Mao 17" released Weibo for help: "Please provide clues for the 17 -year -old girl to be killed.After a 17 -year -old girl was killed, she was thrown in a reservoir somewhere in Sichuan Province. This ticket was found on the spot. I hope to see the netizen from the city from what city to leave a message or contact QQ179 **********,Assist the police to reduce the scope of investigation. Please help the netizens who see it, thank you! "

"Mao 17" issued Weibo for help in 2011

In order to help the police solve the case, "Mao 17" directly@为了 为了 为了 为了 为了 为了 为了 为了 为了 为了 为了 为了 为了 为了 为了 为了 为了 为了 to forward it together to find the clue of the case as soon as possible.

Subsequently, the netizen "Orinn" who was proficient in PS technology put together the broken tickets. The netizen "Jackie Weiwei Cat" provided a highly similar Shanghai Pudong bus ticket, which became an important clue of the case.

Netizen Orinn restored the ticket

"Mao 17" revealed that the police handling the case told him through QQ that the tickets provided by netizens provided the direction of the case to determine the approximate scope of the victim. Then the forensic doctor found the relatives who reported the missing victims through DNA comparison.The criminal suspect has been arrested and accepted the first trial.

Why did the case that broke in 2020 announced today?The explanation of "Mao 17" is mainly because he rarely logs in to QQ, and as a result, he missed the message of the police handling the case in September 2020: "2011! There is a murder case, there is a ticket, do you remember? 9 years, 9 years,The suspect was arrested, and the case was broken! Thank you for the enthusiastic netizens of the year. "

"Mao 17" and the QQ dialogue between the police handling the case

After the "Mao 17" Weibo was released, netizens who helped the case also appeared.

"Orinn" who helped restore the ticket said: "Many things are insignificant, but many people are very important. Ten years and a moment, thank you for our year."

The "Jackie Vivi Cat", which provided the ticket information of the clue of the case, lamented: "I did not expect to update Weibo again … but it is great, it is difficult to imagine how much hardships have been in the case of the case of the case.Qi Yi is active on Weibo! Thank you@2021 tell me ~ All friends inspired by this news, everyone has a soft heart, I hope girls can rest in heaven. "

In order to understand the more contributions of netizens in this case, upstream journalists finally contacted "Mao 17" at noon on January 5th.The police officer who contacted is now serving as the anti -drug department, and discipline cannot be interviewed casually. The media friends want to find him to understand the situation.

Later, the reporter contacted one of the police officers. He was sure that Jiang’an County did happen in 2011: "There is such a matter, it should be in 2011, but the time has passed too long. I can’t remember the details of the case.I have been transferred from Jiang’an County Public Security Bureau 4 years ago, so it is not convenient to say too much about the case. "At present, the Jiang’an County Public Security Bureau has not expressed opinions on this matter.

Upstream journalist Zhao Yingji

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