Netizens said that it would be recommended to be renovated by 288,000 yuan.

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Recently, a netizen left a message on the "Leading Mailbox" of the official website of the original county government of Qingyang Town, Gansu, saying that he was requested to ask for 288,000 yuan in gifts and request a local rectification of high -priced gifts.

The netizen claimed to be a student in the school, and in the message, he said that he met a girl in a girl in Zhenyuan County for a year.Cai Li is 288,000 yuan, and "does not say whether to do cars and rooms", which is much different from the Cai Li of more than 120,000 yuan in his county.The netizen urged Zhenyuan County to use a strong situation to rectify high -priced gifts, "this can benefit how many families and couples like us."

In response, the Propaganda Department of the Zhenyuan County Party Committee replied on June 19 that after investigation and verification, in recent years, the wedding ceremony of Zhenyuan County has generally declined year by year.With the continuous propaganda and strong guidance of advocating high -priced color gifts and advocating new styles of marriage, the concept of most people has changed, and some places have a significant lower trend, and "zero gifts" among party members and cadres and a small number of people.

The Propaganda Department of the Zhenyuan County Party Committee stated that this time the inspection and response of the letters and visits as the entry point, it will adhere to the problem -oriented and strengthen work measures.The working system and daily regulatory normal mechanism of high -priced gifts:

The first is to improve the mechanism.Strict implementation of relevant rules and regulations ("Opinions on the Governance of High -priced Gifts to Promote the Work of Moving the Create", "Opinions on Strengthening the Management of Wedding Sileeman", "Measures for Promoting the Easy and Customs of Moving the Create"), and establish the "Make a Single Institute of Wedding and Mourning" system.The minority "shall be restricted to manage the" red line "for party members and cadres to handle marriage and funeral.Further strengthen the standardized construction of the "one or four associations" of 19 towns and 215 administrative villages, strictly implement the system of reciprocating red and white matters, registration and management of marriages, and marriage agency personnel, and effectively curb high -priced gifts, big operations and other bad habitsEssence

The second is targeted policy.Explore the establishment of the "five doubles" (double quasi, double -signing, double belt, dual text, dual test) working model, and use major festivals such as "Tanabata" and "National Day" to plan and organize "advocate civilized new style, resist high -priced colorful gifts" collective wedding, andSingle youth friendship activities, "Our Festival · Signature Promise" activity.Organize mass cultural activities such as the theme of moving customs and customs, "Danning Family Virtue -Bettown Environment" and "Family Style and Family Training Home Culture", etc., and further guide the masses to consciously resist the rules and bad habits and strive to be newcomers in the times.

The third is to strengthen guidance.The implementation of the "Implementation Plan for the Special Action of Advanced Governance Governance Governance Governance Governance Governance" is formulated and issued, and it is necessary to learn and educate the theory and education of party members and cadres to guide party members and cadres.Fully mobilize the "five veterans" such as the "five veterans" such as the old party members, old cadres, old soldiers, old teachers, and old models in the governance of high -priced gifts, promoting the publicity and persuasion and educational supervision of high -priced gifts, and extensively absorbing rich people, moral models to participate in self -governance.Continuously stimulate autonomy’s vitality, so that the general public can truly become the protagonist who develops customs and treat high -priced gifts.

The Propaganda Department of the Zhenyuan County Party Committee at the end emphasized, "We believe that after the unremitting efforts of the cadres and masses in the county, with the rapid development of the economy and society and the continuous change of the ideas of the masses, the wedding gift of our county will gradually decrease until the" zero gift gift’. "

Public information shows that Zhenyuan County is located in the east of Gansu Province and southwest of Qingyang City. It belongs to the Loess Plateau Gully county’s total household registration population is 52,700 (including 424,800 households, 463,400 rural population in agricultural statistics), and 357,000 permanent population.In 2022, the per capita disposable income of urban residents in the county was 360,31.8 yuan, and the per capita disposable income of rural residents was 11966.7 yuan.

In May 2022, Zhenyuan County issued a proposal for "governing high -priced lottery gifts to promote the customs and customs".In the proposal of the town’s party committee and government, in the proposal, the concept of the correct marriage and love: "Each family and young men and women should respect objective reality, do not take money as the standard for measuring happiness.Glip, don’t let high -priced gifts abduct a beautiful marriage. Happiness is struggling. We must strengthen confidence and self -reliance, create a healthy and frugal and civilized marriage new style with actual actions, and break the vulgar and luxurious and bad habits. "

According to the Zhenyuan County Rong Media Center in November 2022, Zhenyuan County took multiple measures and vigorously promoted the construction of the customs and customs and the construction of township style.At present, 19 towns and villages and 215 administrative villages have been completed.Bai Shi should be recorded, the registration and management of wedding youths and wedding personnel, which effectively curbs high -priced gifts and large -scale rules such as high -priced gifts.The county has established the town’s original youth wedding and love service center, and established a marriage service station in various towns and towns. Using major festivals such as "Tanabata" and "National Day" to plan and organize 4 collective weddings for "advocating new style of civilization and resistance to high -priced gifts", single youth friendshipEvent more than 10 times.

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