New crown

With the adjustment of the new crown epidemic policy across the country,

It also coincides with the period when college students from major universities return home,

Only based on this article,

Let everyone have a simple understanding of the new crown, flu and a cold,

Reduce unnecessary panic.


New crown infection

At present, Omikon poison strains are the main popular plants in my country.

It is contagious,

But the pathogenicity is weaker than three years ago,

Sequelance is yet to be examined.


It is an acute respiratory disease caused by influenza virus,

Generally, type A influenza and B influenza,

There are many complications.


Most of them are caused by viruses,

A small part is caused by bacteria, mycoplasma, etc.

Mainly nasal virus, adenovirus and other ordinary viruses,

Generally, it can’t afford too much storm.

The symptoms of the new crown infection are very similar to the symptoms of ordinary colds and influenza.

Occasionally there are some subtle differences,

The best way to distinguish them is to do nucleic acid or antigen self -test.

It is recommended to use antigen check.


How do pregnant mothers deal with the new crown?

How to do a good job?


Scientifically wear a mask;

Reduce clustering activities;

Keep a social distance of 2 meters.

How to use medicine?

>>>> fever

Acetaminols can be taken;

It is not recommended to take ibuprofen.

>>>> cough

Honey can be taken to relieve;

Can be taken to relieve broma and amprolytic split;

It is not recommended to take cough drugs by itself, such as right Michafin.

>>>> Nasal congestion runny nose

The nasal cavity can be cleaned with a physiological saline preparation;

It is not recommended to use other nasal congestion drugs.

>>>> allergies

You can take chlorine;

It is not recommended to use benzine and chloropenamin.

>>>> diarrhea

You can take the monopoly and salt salt III.

Under what circumstances do you need to seek medical treatment?

>>>> Obstetrics factors

Repeated irregular vaginal bleeding;

Sudden headache, increased blood pressure, abnormal fetal movement, etc.

>>>> Non -produced factors

Long fever time, body temperature> 39 ° C, or repeated fever;

Headache, ear pain, can not be relieved after symptomatic treatment;

Difficulty breathing, breathing, chest pain, or heartbeat accelerated;

Severe nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain;

Nasal congestion, runny nose, and cough cannot be relieved for more than 10 days.

Will it be transmitted to the fetus?

It is very rare for pregnant women to be transmitted to the fetus.

Research published in the international authoritative medical magazine "Liuye Knife" has confirmed that women who infect the new crown virus in the later stages of pregnancy will not be infected in the palace fetus caused by vertical transmission.

Don’t worry too much.

The risk of infection of pregnant women is not high,

But the risk of severe illness is higher than that of ordinary people.

Especially pregnant women with hypertension and hyperglycemia,

Personal protection should be done.

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