Nineteen weeks of pregnancy balance diet

Until this week, the weight of the mothers should increase by about 3 ~ 7kg. Some mothers’ skin began to change, and dark plaques may be found on the upper lip, above and the front forehead.There is no strangeness on the mother’s skin.

1. Focus on vitamin A

Vitamin A is an important component that constitutes an intraceplane sensor in the visual cells, and serious lack of diseases can cause diseases such as color blindness and night blindness.At the same time, vitamin A is also necessary for normal skeletal development. When lack of, it will lead to imbalance between bone and bone cells, leading to abnormal bone development.

2. Supplement vitamin D

Vitamin D can effectively promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the gastrointestinal tract and the deposition of calcium in the bones. If it is lacking, it will affect the symptoms of calcium deficiency such as fetal bones and teeth development.

3. Pay attention to calcium supplementation

Specific mothers need to develop a good habit of a cup of milk every day. You can buy special calcium supplements to supplement in the middle and late pregnancy to prevent the lack of calcium. Pinded vitamin D and appropriate activities can promote the use and absorption of calcium.

1. Crimize vegetables and fruits

In 19 weeks of pregnancy, more vitamins need to be supplemented to take appropriate vegetables and fruits.Fruits are rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, which can help mothers improve constipation. At the same time, sufficient vitamins can meet the baby’s growth and development needs.

2. Increase energy and protein

Specific mothers who have not suffered from pregnancy diabetes can appropriately increase the amount of staple food to meet the needs of the energy during pregnancy. At the same time, adding fish, meat, eggs, milk, soy products and other protein -rich foods on the basis of a balanced diet can help.Baby and mother are healthier.

1. Fasting black tea

Black tea contains not only caffeine that is not good for the baby, but also a large amount of tannic acid, which will affect the absorption of iron. If the expectant mother drinks too much tea, it may cause iron deficiency anemia, leaving the baby’s baby with congenital iron deficiency anemiaHeritage.

2. Avoid picky food, partial eclipse, and prevent the lack of minerals and trace elements

The bad eating habits of expectant mothers will not only cause malnutrition, but also the lack of some important minerals and trace elements, such as calcium, iron, zinc, etc. will affect fetal development.Develop good eating habits, do not pick eaters, and avoid malnutrition!

Stir -fried carrot sauce

raw material:

300g of thin pork, 100g carrot, dried tofu, 20g of sea rice, minced onion ginger, yellow sauce, cooking wine, soy sauce, cooked lard, sesame oil.


1. Cut the dried carrots, tofu, and pork into diced; the sea rice is soaked in water;

2. Stir -fry with carrots and lean meat, and the water gradually moves the pot to low heat;

3. Put the color of the meat from the shallots and ginger and yellow sauce when the color changes from shallow changes;

4. Add cooking wine and soy sauce, stir -fry the carrots, tofu, and sea rice, and drizzle with sesame oil.

Recommended reason:

Carrots are rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, and lean meat is rich in protein.Can help mothers supplement vitamins and protein.

Editor in charge: TenderUi Ting

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