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My dad has a secret recipe, so that my mother is pregnant every year.Every time there is a meatball, the villagers call it living beads.It is said that this is from the change of baby girls. It is said that people who have eaten living beads can prolong their lives and keep their youth forever.

My mother was holding her belly, lying on the bed with a smile.After I was busy with the mother -in -law, I was preparing to be hot water and handed the towels, but my dad stood aside and pointed at my mother and yelled: your stinky woman, fast, hard, and gave birth to my son.He also rubbed my mother’s stomach twice twice, with a slap of her slap.After half an hour, the mother -in -law took a closer look, and then scared to sit on the ground.

My mother gave birth to a meatball, and the little watermelon was so large, but on the surface of this meat ball, she could clearly see the facial features slightly protruding outward, nose, eyes and mouth.This meat ball is also translucent, and you can see that there is a red heart that is still red in it.My dad stared at it, he scolded and hugged the meat ball.

After running into the yard, he shouted: God was blind and blind.He raised it high, threw the meatballs fiercely, banged, and a bloody flower splashed on the ground.My dad did not resolve the hatred, and found a hoe, and the meat ball was planned.Hercules, strong, my dad told his throat and called: Highness is my name.He hoped that when I grew up, he was very powerful and could do farm work.

At this time, I followed the courtyard and hurried to the courtyard and packed it under the buried tree.My dad pointed to these minced meat and ordered: I almost had a blank brain, and mechanically held a large iron basin.My mother was bought, and she was born to give birth to me, because it was a girl.My dad hit her for a whole, and then the evil door was evil. One after another, my mother gave birth to four baby girls.My dad was angry, strangled them all, and took my mother as enemies.

According to his original words, there are so many crotchs, which have an egg, which is a waste of food, and the crotch is the name of the girl in the village.My dad has never given up, and for this reason, he did not hesitate to discuss a secret recipe that can give birth to a boy.As a result, my mother was pregnant every year.Every time I only gave birth to one meat ball.The villagers laughed at the big teeth.According to the gossip, the meatballs were all made by baby girls.The old Zhao family, this life is destined to be dead, my dad can only spill resentment on my mother.My mother was stunned.These meatballs are buried under the tree as the fate of those girls.

In fact, this is all my sisters.

Isn’t it?Isn’t it?Under the old locust tree in front of my house, I dug a big pit with a hoe. My dad said that the locust tree and locust tree was removed.These dead babies and meatballs are never giving birth.Don’t point back again.At this moment, I didn’t dig deep at this moment, and it showed the old -fashioned bones.I flooded the minced meat in the large basin in my eyes.

Coincidentally, the uncle walked from a distance.Originally, he was in a good mood.But seeing this scene, his face changed and rushed over. He kicked me fiercely: Who made you bury it?You are dead duck eggs, you are a dog with a storm, and you still have to kick me when you look at the uncle.I was frightened and hid back, it was my dad.My dad stomped straight and ran to my house.I carried a large pot of blood, and I didn’t know what happened, so I hurried back.

At this time, the mother -in -law had gone, and only my dad was sitting alone in the courtyard.At first glance, he was very fierce, and he was eating the pork waist that gave birth to the big waist.In addition, he grabbed a handful of wolfberry from time to time and chewed in his mouth.After seeing the uncle, my dad pulled him like a grievance, all kinds of vomiting.Brother, do you know?After my mother -in -law took the medicine, she was just like a wild cat. Even after pregnancy, she desperately asked me every day.Lao Tzu gave her all the dry goods.

It’s really strange. Once I am tired and don’t give her, her stomach is not long.Uncle said, you mean that you do n’t sleep, and the children in her belly will not develop.What shit children have a meatball, my mother’s waste.

My dad rushed into the house with his teeth.In an instant, my mother’s screams came in the room, and Uncle hurriedly pulled him out.I looked at all this and hated my dad.I can’t help but be a big deal to him. What does it have to do with my men and women and my mother.It said on the TV that this is actually related to being a father. You are only wasteful.My dad took out what he wanted to kill me and chased me to run all the yard.Forget the second fat, the uncle stopped him again: I was looking for you.Do you know what the meat ball is?In fact, babies can sell a lot of money.Uncle said one thing. In the village next door, a little daughter -in -law also took this secret, but he also gave birth to a meatball.Originally, her family cried, but she did not expect that a wealthy businessman rushed over after it was spread.According to the wealthy businessman, this meatball is called living beads. This gameplay is much more nourishing than placenta or umbilical cord roots. It can even use living beads to make wine for a long time.

My dad was interested in one thing.This living bead can sell money. Big Uncle draws two fingers. My dad is so 20,000.My dad’s eyes stared at the same as beef and egg, and then he paused with his chest, and he shouted: My family also had living beads, and I was buried by me.The uncle comforted a few words, and then took out a pair of treacherous face and fat. Now it is not too late to know this. Can your mother -in -law still give birth?Don’t let her rest.Work tonight.My dad frowned, brother, she didn’t think I could, and my body was so bad.Uncle Hey smirked, you really have elm head, don’t you still have me?And there are so many bachelors in the village.My dad is in a hurry, this is my daughter -in -law let you sleep in vain.

Uncle’s boo, you also treat her as a shit daughter -in -law, that is, a piece of land in your family.You hire someone to sow on it, and then wait for the crops to collect the crops.In the future, this uncle has made a few money, and you can buy a daughter -in -law again.My dad took out the epiphany: Hey laughed.The bite of the big yellow teeth and the chewed wolfberry, nausea.

Then he scolded me again?Chop the firewood.His mother -in -law did not eat every day.Everyone in the village went to Houshan to cut firewood, and because Chai Duo was properly cut at the foot of the mountain.

But I walked into the depths all the way. There was an abandoned land temple here, and there was a hidden cellar below.I stomped in, and it was dark and tide here.But even so, in fact, this cellar can be regarded as my little family. Without the existence of my dad, it is exclusive to my little home.Of course.

A few days ago, there was a guest here. It was an old lady who met when I met when I chopped the firewood. She was the shaman witch in the village and called her three grandma. That is, she sold the secret recipe to my dad.Essence

At that time, she limped, going to the old forest in the mountains to pick up grass and poisonous insects.When I hit her, I hated her teeth itching, that is, this bad woman. Without her, how could my mother give birth to meatballs, so I made a black hand and hit her a stuffy stick.Later, God carried her in the cellar unconsciously, picked her hands and tendons, and threw her in a large mud tank.

I thought I would be scared. After all, this was not to slaughter the animal, but to start with a living person.However, when a bang, when she chose her hand, that pleasure made me comfortable.Therefore, in her scream, I sang a mountain song, and again and again, bang, all banged slightly.But every time, her hands or feet were immediately collapsed.

Speaking back now, after I came to the cellar, I took a picture of the mud tank first.The third grandmother pulled his head and fell asleep in a half -dead land. I found a pointed clamp, and suddenly started, pinched the third grandma’s nose with a fierce nose, and split the nose for a moment.The third grandma was distorted, and she immediately woke up. After seeing me, he was crazy about the madness.

I was lazy to ignore him, sitting next to the mud tank, and found a bag of early smoke, stole from my dad.The stinky man in the village usually only allows our women to work, and they will only sit on the cymbals and smoke a big smoke.Is this good? I tried it. I couldn’t pump out why men can draw.At this time, the third grandma is still asking for mercy, a good girlfriend, please let me go, what do you want, the third grandma will give you all, please forgive me to wrap my life.I was cold and asking you one thing. You took a breast with my dad to guarantee that did you say that after taking the secret recipe medicine, would you have a boy?Why is it a meatball? Talking, I pinched her bloody paste, bloody nose, the third grandma screamed, and then she collapsed completely.

The bamboo tube poured beans. I didn’t lie to your dad. At that time, I was assigned to this secret. I used my big yellow dog to experiment. The bitch took the medicine and gave birth to a nest.Instead, the Dagong dog can be given to this medicine, and the meatballs are born.To be precise, the meatballs are pulled out.

The third grandmother watched me in a frighty heart and stared at me to continue: I thought that the dog was fine, and people were accurate when they ate.Who knows who knows that this dog is not the same as the human body, and the efficacy has changed.If I think about you, men can produce live beads after taking this medicine.

The third grandma thought about it and nodded, and then didn’t go down.I found the firewood knife with a knife back and pointed at her neck twice. Don’t forget that my name was strong. She turned her eyes and fainted immediately.After carrying Chai back, I found the guests who came to the house. All the stinky men in the village were sitting in the big house to drink tea and chat topics around my mother from time to time, and some people smiled badly.

In addition, my two girlfriends were also brought by their dads, but at this time they were squatting in the courtyard and pouring water to fish the big goose.The big goose, who was just slaughtered, hurried to help.We were gathered in front of the big iron basin, and the two girlfriends were named for their famous brothers.

The other dog is no different from the dog in the eyes of the door in her father’s eyes.Zhaori and Doga kept chatting.The recruiter first said that my dad said that when he grew up, he sent me to the town to work in the factory. At that time, I would be free.My dad said: I will sell me next year. I also think about it. At that time, there will be a buyer. I will work well.Bar.

In the end, she was not angry, and asked me to help me with encouragement, but I didn’t respond, but I just stared at the men on the other house. I couldn’t hear.However, some people looked at us across the windows, and some people had gestures of making a big stomach.At this moment, my face was gloomy. If you do n’t speak, you will push me gently without talking, and the dog also ends.That is to say what makes us happy, even if it is just a temporary happy.I am still silent, but there are several pictures in my mind: the scenes of bang, bang, and gently picking their tendons and iron cages.These stinky men in the village licked their belly and squatted inside.Sisters, you two have money, what will you do if you have a lot of money?I suddenly asked, but the topic of them stunned them, strong, don’t kidding, that is, we can have money, I have to be crazy.You two, you say a word.Coincidentally, my dad came out at this time, what was the three dead eggs, what was ink.Stew the big goose, the men were hungry. My dad shouted and touched the crotch of the dogs.Do not move?

My dad stared at me at this moment, and he changed his eyes, unlike the taste of a little father and daughter before, it was more fascinating.In fact, I secretly looked at his eyes, and this moment was different.Looking at him, it was like seeing the chickens and pigs in the village. The kitchen was stewed goose in the iron pan, and the soup was scratching the soup in the pot.

The recruiting brother and the dog squatted in front of the pot, and I was still fantasizing: Zhao Di, I have money, make two bowls of red roast meat, eat a bowl, and pour a bowl.When I was rich, I bought a three -jump, drove it to the farmland to work, and saved the wind and the sun.

During this period, I just touched the clothes pocket without a trace, and quietly poured a pack of medicine into the iron pot. The secret recipe medicine from the third grandma’s house, according to her, this is the latest medicine.To what extent, she has no heart in her own heart. Isn’t this just what I want most?Soon the meal was opened, and we sent me the food to the big house. According to the practice, the women in the village were never allowed to be served at the table, and they had to serve under the table.After these men eat Hesse, we pick the leftovers and fill the belly casually.

Unexpectedly, it changed today, vigorously, you are also on the table, and my dad can see it.On the large round table in the house, in addition to these eight stinky men, three positions also came out, not next to them, but interspersed between these men.At this time, they looked at us with a smile.

Zhaori and Doga looked at each other, and these men were afraid of us who ran away. Someone immediately blocked at the door and sat!sit!They whispered in unison, especially the dogs, her dad, and shouted with a stretched face: Dog, you take a headache first, the dog is timid, and only knows that he is fiercely pulling the corner.After hesitant, he compromised.We took a seat.

The man next to the dog immediately turned his feet at her.And the recruiting brother is Da Bo. At this time, the grin was like a scoop. How old did he hold the younger brother and girl? See the nature of the uncle.Quite people.

At this time, my dad pulled his throat and reminded everyone to eat in a hurry. How can I have the strength for a while without eating? Yes, hey is still the most fattened, and others are talking about it, and how can these men in the village have any quality in these villages.Eating meals, weird.Take the chopsticks with teeth, step on the stool barefoot, and pout hard. The most important thing is the one I sit next to me.The reason why he can’t marry a daughter -in -law is poor according to the village.

At this time, he ate, and his beads didn’t stop up and down. He swept the chopsticks with a sudden chopsticks on me, and I was full.This sentence also made the house very quiet at once.My dad booing him, and you were full of dead sister -in -law.Lao Lao laughed and ignored my dad, but made up for me, don’t eat it.Uncle has a toy, and find a place alone. I will take you to play.I turned my head and looked at him coldly. At this time, other stinky men understood what it was. She should be able to drag me with Lao Lai, but my dad died as if thinking of something.

Take this for a while to drink it. My dad took a tea tank, which was full of dark liquids. It was good tea.At this moment, there were many fragments in my mind. Every year he forced my mother to drink this thing. I didn’t understand it.But now I don’t understand, okay, I responded to picking up.

In this way, I left here with Lao Ling, and came to a small warehouse together, where my home stacked.I am so familiar with it but what I put in, and it is clear to my chest.As soon as I came in, Lao Lao scratched the door.He was still in a hurry, and he stunned and dragged his clothes. You hurriedly, don’t force me to use the wall.

But at this time, I squatted in a corner, a high and low height, high and low, very old -fashioned locker. After opening, there were various tools ax hammer heads, and even sawing.What kind of thing I picked up silently?Lao Lai limped to me, and he had no patience to grab my hair, which means that I raised my head and forcibly let me stick to him.At the same time, I grabbed it in the wooden cabinet.

The chosen is a small blowing dart in the inconspicuous corner.This stuff said that it was used for poisonous spectacles. My dad often took him to the forest to walk around. When he saw the pheasant wild dog, he blowed it away from the distance.It is said that it is a mascot, known as three improper, and I hold it tightly.Later, he poked hard on Lao Lao’s belly button. With a bang, what blood soup soup and water flowed straight down, and the whole face of the old pain was twisted.What special thoughts, he turned and fled.It’s just that the nickname of this independent is really not in vain.

The old lasted, and he picked it to the ground like a dead pig.That face was like a cooked crab instantly, and the body was pumped, which was the last struggle before the death.I walked over, staring at him, dragging his body back, and dragging the dog.There is also an abandoned grass cushion in the warehouse. I put the old lame on it and found it.

· Next, I sorted it out, at least I looked a little messy.I left alone, and the dinner there was not over yet, right?It took a long time to be completely changed in the big house, and they did not eat anymore.My dad blocked the dog and duck in a corner.Two dogs were swimming on dogs and ducks, and they were even worse on the ground. They were blocked by the other five men.

They also spoke all kinds of inferior words, recruiting brothers, how weak you are!What brother, I will let you have multiple mouths in the future.How good this is, the push of the recruiting brother and the dog, but it is useless at all.At this time, two men found me. They said one word and me, and he returned so soon.Alas, it is usually blowing, and the result is a soft egg.The two of them rushed over and right. I was not so bully. The crazy explosive power pushed them to the table, and even a few dishes fell to the ground.

What’s wrong with gurgling?My dad calmed his face, and his uncle answered with a s heart to answer.You have a small miscellaneous broken plate.This is money. I did not answer, but silently observed these men present. I guess it was going to get in.Because at this time they were all dark, it was extremely difficult to detect, but it was unnatural.Following the two uncle to play games, my dad pointed to me to order: Dad, let’s change his clothes first.

I made it extremely puzzled, and I added coldly again.You see that we are so frartily wearing it, and I take them to change my pajamas or underwear, so it will be more comfortable to play the game in a while.My dad grinned, and seeing that my family was aware of it.Okay, okay, he praised again and again.

I hurriedly dragged the brother and the dog and duck to the courtyard. The two of them were completely collapsed now. The dogs and ducks only knew that they were whispering, crying, and the younger brother was almost shocked.

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