Not just itching!The six major effects of wind oil essence are practical ~ but these people use it with caution

I was bitten by a mosquito when I went out in the summer, which was particularly itchy and painted some wind oil essence. After working for a long time in the afternoon, I was sleepy and dizzy.

Wind oil essence can be said to be a "artifact" that many people often have, cheap and easy to use, but its function is far from stopping itching and waking up …

1 The benefits of wind oil essence

The benefits of wind oil essence are mainly brought by various components:

1 mint brain

Mint brain is also called mint alcohol. When it is used in the skin, if the concentration is low (<2%) it can selectively stimulate the human cold sensor and make people feel cold; but if the concentration is high, it will cause a sense of irritation.And burning sensation.

2 salicylate

Topical or local rubbing can promote skin vascular dilation, play a role of swelling, anti -inflammatory and analgesic, and also have the effect of relieving itching.

3 camphor

The skin of the camphor can produce a coolness, and it has a weak anesthesia effect.However, it has a certain "toxicity" and will affect the nervous system.

4 Eucalyptus oil

It can be used for respiratory diseases, such as: upper respiratory tract infection, chronic bronchitis, asthma, etc., can help clear the respiratory system; as well as antibacterial and anti -inflammatory effects, it has a good inhibitory effect on E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

5 clove phenol

This ingredient has a smell of stone bamboo musk, and it is used in the blending of many flavors such as makeup, soap, and consumption.The sterilization power is very strong, and it can also be used as a local analgesic drug, which is often used in dental caries.

2 Wind oil exquisitely use the big inventory

1 Clean mobile phone

Using mobile phones every day, a lot of fingerprints and stains will inevitably fall on the screen. It is just wiped with paper towels. It is difficult to wipe it clean, and after wiping, it will be re -covered with a layer of fingerprints.

At this time, we can drop one or two drops of wind oil essence on the screen of the mobile phone, and then wipe it with a paper towel so that the phone can be kept for a long time and does not stick to fingerprints and dust.

2 Remove the odor

After the shoes are worn for a long time, it will inevitably have odor and other odors. We can also drip the wind oil essence in the shoes, which will have a very good effect of removing the odor.

The wooden wardrobe is easy to have a tide smell. A few drops of wind oil essence is dripped on the paper towels, rubbing into a ball and throwing it into the wardrobe.

3 Stains, scratches, remove scratches

I accidentally put on the stains on the clothes; the sticker tags on the items torn off the glue stains left after tearing down … drip on a few drops of wind oil essence to remove it easily.

There are black scratches on the leather shoes, and the use of wind oil can also help eliminate it.

4 Relieve diarrhea

In the summer of the summer, it is easy to cause diarrhea without covering something on the stomach.At this time, use wind oil to drip on a napkin paper, and stick to your belly button to relieve the symptoms of diarrhea.

In addition, if you have headaches caused by muscle pain and colds, you can also relieve it with wind oil essence.

5 anti -mosquito, mule

When taking a bath, add a few drops of wind oil to the water to go to the mule and prevent mosquito bite.

When the weather is too hot, the electric fan does not feel cool, you may wish to find a band -aid, drop the wind oil and drop a few drops on the sponge in the middle of the band -aid, and then put the Chuangke sticker on the fan surface. When the fan is turned on, the wind blows out.Cool, the aroma exuding the wind oil can also drive all mosquitoes ~

6 pass nose

The nose is blocked when the rhinitis or a cold. A few drops of the cotton swabs are applied to the cotton swab with wind oil. Gently rubbing the finger of both hands until the skin is slightly heated, it will make people feel that the nose is slowly ventilated.

3 Special people use wind oil essence with caution

One of the main components of wind oil essence has a certain role of toxic and side effects. After entering the human body, the glucosine dehydrogenase in the normal human body will be quickly combined with it, making it become non -toxic substances, and then discharge with urine.In vitro, its toxic and side effects will not appear on ordinary people.

But some people are exceptions:

① Pregnant women: The content of glucose phosphoric acid in pregnant women is reduced. If the wind oil essence is used too much within 3 months of pregnancy, the camphor can enter the amnioviars through the placenta barrier.Can cause fetal death.

② Infant infants: Infants and young children also lack glucose phosphate dehydrogenase. Camphor can penetrate the blood through the delicate skin and mucous membranes of the newborn, so that the red blood cells can be dissolved into bilirubin.Causes neonatal jaundice.

Experts said that children under the age of 3 should try to adopt physical mosquitoes. If chemical methods are used, pay attention to whether there are micro -toxic characters and toxic components, so as to choose more secure and high -quality mosquito repellent products.

In addition, wind oil essence is stronger. If the skin damage and burns are used to use the wind oil essence, it will cause severe pain and is not conducive to wound healing. Therefore, such people are not suitable for use.

There are also a few people allergic to wind oil essence. After use, itching will occur, and pigmentation is formed, which affects beauty and is not suitable for use.

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