Not to eat any fruits during pregnancy. These 5 kinds of fruits are cautious. Eating more is not good for the fetus

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Everyone knows that pregnant mothers eat more fruits not only good for pregnant mothers, but also have a good effect on the development of fetal baby.Many pregnant mothers become careful when they are pregnant. They ca n’t eat this or not. This is right, but they are afraid of being too cautious and scared themselves.How should fruits eat during pregnancy.

In fact, it is the best to choose fruits according to different stages of pregnancy. At each stage of pregnancy, the body’s needs for nutrition are different. At a certain stage, eating certain fruits can be supplemented by the body in time.

Early pregnancy

Cherry, grapefruit, grapes, orange, banana

Early pregnancy is a stage when pregnant mothers need to be cautious. It is best to choose some neutral fruits, such as: apples, grapes, oranges, bananas, etc.But also need to pay attention to the supplement of folic acid.

Grapefruit contains natural folic acid, but it belongs to cold fruits. It can be eaten with cherries, because cherries are warm fruits, so that it can be neutralized, and it is more appropriate to eat in the early pregnancy.In addition, the vitamin E rich in cherries also has the effect of preservation in the early pregnancy to prevent margin abortion, but it should not exceed 12 daily consumption to prevent fire from fire.

Note: Pregnant mothers with cold constitutions must pay attention when eating cold fruits. The best warm match is best.

Mid -pregnancy

Kiwi, apples, oranges, pears, grapes

The reaction of pregnant mothers has passed, and the baby’s development rate has increased faster, and the pregnant mother becomes a big appetite. I always feel that I have just finished eating and hungry. Therefore, for the pregnant mother at this stageSome fruits are the best, especially kiwi, known as the king of fruits.

A food research center in the United States analyzes 29 kinds of nutrients of 27 common fruits around the world, including 9 types of minerals, 10 vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat and cholesterol, and found that kiwi contains the highest nutritional ingredients.

Generally, fetal skin is still developing when entering the middle of pregnancy. At this time, eating more fruits rich in vitamin C, such as kiwi and oranges, such as the skin of the baby.It can be determined by nutrition during pregnancy.

Late pregnancy

Pear, citrus, grapefruit, apples

Specific mothers in the third trimester generally swollen and feet, and pear can not only prevent external wind and cold, but also treat pregnancy edema and hypertension. It is the best fruit for expectant mothers in the third trimester.But pears are cold fruits and can be eaten with citrus.Citrus is warm fruits and is rich in citric acid, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, various vitamins, trace elements and minerals.

Pregnant mothers don’t need to be too deliberate to eat fruits. The fruits mentioned above are the best fruits for pregnant mothers. What is not mentioned is not to be eaten.Because pregnant mothers do not have fruits that cannot be eaten, but some fruits should be eaten as little and cautious as possible. For example, these are the following:

① durian

Durian is rich in nutrition, but high calories and high sugar content, which can easily lead to increased blood sugar in pregnant mothers.In addition, durian is a thermal fruit. It is easy to get angry when eating, so that the pregnant mother will have constipation or constipation.The pregnant mothers who really love to eat can be one petal every day, but pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes and hemorrhoids during pregnancy are still not good.

Do not eat hawthorn in the early pregnancy and third trimester, which can easily lead to abortion or premature birth.Do not eat any hawthorn products, such as: sugar gourd, hawthorn cake, hawthorn strip, fructic skin, etc.

③ Papaya

Papaya is cold, and pregnant mothers with weak physical body and poor spleen and stomach. If they eat it, they are prone to abdominal pain and diarrhea, and papaya in papaya can also promote uterine contraction. Therefore, do not eat it as hawthorn.

④ apricot and peaches

Apricot is a thermal fruit, which can easily cause fire, diarrhea, and easily cause stomach problems.The main point is that apricot has the effect of slippery tires, so pregnant mothers do not eat well.

Some people say that "peach raising people, apricot hurts people, and the plum trees are buried to death." However, the pregnant mother will have hot phenomenon when eating too much peach, and it will also be uneasy and aggravate the burden on the intestinal tract, which will cause abdominal pain and diarrhea.

⑤ Guiyuan

The longan should be eaten with caution during pregnancy. Thermal fruits have the effect of promoting blood circulation. When the embryo has not been stable with the uterine wall in the early pregnancy, it is easy to occur.

Although fruits are good, they must pay attention to the right amount. It should not be controlled. Any fruit is not good. It is best to eat fruits between two meals. Do not delay eating because of eating too much fruit.This is the best way to eat fruit.

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