Note that repeated fetal stops, this article is related to your good pregnancy next time

I don’t know when to get pregnant, it seems to have become a "difficult" thing!Every husband and wife look forward to the coming of the angel with longing, but there will always be some unexpected situations. For example, the baby is delayed, such as the baby comes and goes … For these families, the fetus stops and abortionThe occurrence of episodes on the road of preparation on the road of ectopic pregnancy will inevitably make the heavy psychological burden on the back of the pregnancy.

So, how to prepare for patients who have stopped history?In this regard, we invite Wu Yulan of Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital to support our good pregnancy!

"If it is the first fetal stop, it is often a probability event. You can do not check or be nervous. If the repeated tire stop is greater than or equal to twice, you need to seek the treatment of a professional doctor." Director Wu Yulan said.

Although a tire stop is a random incident, there are too many cases we can’t control it, but there are still many things that are beneficial to pregnancy to do.For this reason, Director Wu enumerated the following points:

1. Take a good rest

If the fetal stop was found in the early pregnancy, the palace was generally performed.Observe the doctor’s advice, take drugs and review, and take a good rest for a while.3 to 6 months after surgery can be prepared again, but it depends on whether the body is in good condition.

2. Do detailed pre -pregnancy examination

Chromosome and semen routine.Note that if the husband and wife are checked together, the reason for finding the fetal stop can be found as much as possible.

3. Take folic acid in advance

From 3 months before pregnancy to 3 months after pregnancy, pregnant mothers must add 0.4 mg folic acid daily to reduce the occurrence of fetal nervous system malformations.

4. Prepare preparations for living environment, diet, exercise and other aspects of pregnancy

If the working environment of both husbands and wives will be exposed to harmful chemicals, please start to prepare for pregnancy after at least three months.Both husband and wife should quit smoking and alcohol, and pregnant women should also reduce caffeine intake.Studies have shown that smoking and drinking affect the reproductive function of men.And pregnant women’s smoking and drinking are more harmful, which can cause fetal malformations, increase the possibility of abortion, death, and premature birth.Excessive caffeine also increases the possibility of fetal abortion.Balanced diet, as light as possible to ensure ingesting various nutrients.Moderate exercise, skipping rope is the best exercise for pregnancy!

5. Relax and be optimistic

Counsele, relaxing mentality, do not have confidence in pregnancy again because of the fetal stop, optimistic, relaxing, and scientific pregnancy. I believe that the baby will come back!

6. Strict control of medication safety

If you are preparing to re -pregnancy, you should take a cautious attitude for medication during pregnancy. When taking the medicine, you should consider the possibility of pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor, and choose to be recognized as safe and have no harm to the fetus.

After the fetus stops, in addition to waiting for the body to restore the vitality and raise the uterine environment, you must also adjust your mentality. If you have a good mentality, your body will be good. The baby will choose a healthy you to be a mother.

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