Nourishing Dutch pig knowledge

Guinea pig

Pigs are eaten as the sky, and Dutch pigs need to take enough nutrition every day to grow healthy.The daily diet of Dutch pigs is generally composed of main food, dried grass, vegetables and water.

Moderate staple food:

Each Dutch pig needs a certain amount of main food every day, and the owner can give different quantities every day according to the age of his little pet.Too much main food will cause waste, remember this!Food is also different according to the different nutrients of the brand. Pig and pig dad can choose pig food suitable for their own pigs according to the taste of pigs.

A small amount of fresh vegetables:

There are many types of vegetables that Dutch pigs can eat, but it should be noted that it is irritating such as garlic, pepper, onion, green onions, leek, etc.Dutch pigs like to eat leafy vegetables. Vegetables are also additional sources of vitamin C for pigs.

Dutch pig little knowledge


Dutch pigs generally recommend that small Dutch pigs with more than 1 month (best for 3 months) are suitable for adoption. Generally, weaning is generally not weaned and it is not suitable for adoption.Many adulterers have seen the characteristics of a few hours after the birth of Dutch pigs, and they can eat themselves a few hours after birth. They take out the small Dutch pigs that have just been born.The rate is very high, but the mother Dutch pig is pregnant and breastfeed. In fact, it is generally not breastfeeding after pregnancy, which will seriously affect the mother Dutch pig body).The pig difference is much, and the living rate will decrease by two -thirds.So be careful not to choose too small Dutch pigs.


For novice breeders, the Dutch pigs who have just arrived at home will take two or three days to adapt to the new environment, but after the Dutch pig slowly adapts to the new environment, novice breeders try to touch the Dutch pig’s head by hand many times.The ministry may be chin, do not touch the buttocks of the Dutch pigs. This is taboo. When it feels that the Dutch pigs are angry, when the Dutch pig is angry, it will make a click, which means that the Dutch pig is angry.


Dutch pig breeding boxes should be kept clean and hygienic; there are Dutch pigs that cannot be feed over too much; Dutch pigs that are just bought are not frequent contacts. Excessive contact can easily cause great pressure on Dutch pigs; prohibit the Netherlands from the Netherlands, prohibit the Netherlands from the Netherlands;Pig feed people eat bananas, chocolate and cooked food processed by humans; maintain the constant temperature, and the fluctuation of temperature can easily cause abnormal activity of the Dutch pig’s gastrointestinal and intestines, which causes digestive disorders; keep a quiet environment; do not touch the NetherlandsPig’s back and buttocks; keep the box dry. Generally, it is recommended to use a drinker drinking heater. Do not choose plastic or other materials that are easily eaten. You should choose ceramic or stainless steel texture.turn.

Key knowledge


Novice breeders can give the new Dutch pig a good name. Every time they feed the Dutch pigs, they slowly call it next to them. Slowly, for a long time, the piglets will remember their names and breedersThe sound, one or two, the breeder has a good relationship with the piglet ~~


Dutch pigs are a very sensitive pet. They are less courageous and are particularly easy to be frightened. Therefore, when they first entered a new home, they need to place it in a hidden corner. Do not use more than 50 cents to scare Dutch pigs, otherwiseIt is easy to be frightened out of the disease, especially the Dutch pigs during pregnancy.Resting Dutch pigs requires the indoor temperature to remain at 20 degrees. If the room temperature reaches 30 degrees, the Dutch pigs will have a high mortality rate.Above, you need to put it in a cool place indoors.In addition, the ingredients in the air can also affect the survival of Dutch pigs. Therefore, Dutch pigs need a large area to move. When Dutch pigs adapt to a new living environment, they can put Dutch pigs in the room to play.


Dutch pigs have special Dutch pigs for food, which is very convenient.They are relatively mixed food. In addition to eating special food, they can also eat other foods.But keep in mind that food is not just feed.Passion -flavored foods such as high oil, high salt, high sugar, etc. cannot be used to feed Dutch pigs.And food feed to Dutch pigs should not be too much or excessive water, because they may increase their gastrointestinal burden, causing their gastrointestinal problems.Secondly, Dutch pig’s diet and drinking water must be kept fresh, otherwise the Dutch pig’s diarrhea will be troublesome.There are also molar tools to prepare

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