Novel: "Doctor, my wife hurts my stomach and is accompanied by vomiting. What is going on?"

"Doctor, my wife’s stomach is very painful and accompanied by vomiting. What is going on?"

As soon as he arrived at the doctor’s office, Fu Haochen asked anxiously.

He was very worried about Ronxi’s body, for fear that there was any uncomfortable place to be treated by Lonxi, and he would definitely be uncomfortable.

Ronxi was sitting in front of the doctor, his face pale.

The doctor looked at Lotanxi, and he was a little bit clear. He asked, "Mrs. Fu, did the holiday last month?"

Ronxi heard the words and stunned slightly.

Fu Haochen didn’t know what the doctor was asking for a while, and he was stunned after he wanted to get through.

"This …" Ronxi thought carefully, and his face slowly showed a surprise, "No …"

"It should be checked earlier." The doctor immediately smiled with a clear smile, and then opened a test sheet to Lotanxi. "Go for an inspection."

Fu Haochen helped Lenxi and went to the laboratory together.

The test results came out soon.

Although Fu Haochen and Lowei have faintly understood the meaning of the doctor, they also faintly know why Lenxi had such symptoms, but gave the test sheet to the doctor. When the doctor laughed and said "Congratulations", Fu Haochen and Lone were laughed.Xi still has to be excited.

"Congratulations, Mr. Fu, you are going to be a dad, Mrs. Fu is happy." The doctor’s voice revealed a sincere blessing.

"Really, really!" Fu Haochen was stuttered with excitement, and Luone Xi was also surprised.

"Yes." The doctor smiled. "In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women would have some physical discomfort, and they were normal. Mrs. Fu was injured in the early stages of pregnancy. The background was not completely good, so the response would be fierce."

"Then, how can that make her not so uncomfortable?" Fu Haochen asked with concern, and when he was surprised, he certainly didn’t want the child to bring a sense of uncomfortable feeling to Lotanxi.

"This can only be adjusted well. Multi -medication will definitely have side effects on the body, so I don’t recommend the medication anymore. Use some food to condition it, pay attention to the appropriate activities, and maintain a happy mood.Get better."

Doctors give their professional advice.

"Okay, we know, thank you doctor!" Fu Haochen said sincerely.

"Thank you Dr.!" The smile on Lonexi’s face couldn’t hold back at all, and thanked him.

"Go back to rest, there is any uncomfortable place, come over at any time." The doctor gave away the couple of the happy parents of the parents.

Until walking out of the hospital’s door, Ronxi still has a kind of unreal happiness.

She has a child.

She is going to be a mother!

Think of a lovely child in the future, round face, small hands, small feet, all day of the day, milk and milk calling her mother, Ron Xi can not helpThe whole heart is going to be crisp.

After getting in the car, Lotan Xi watched the window around him showing his shadow, and even his eyebrows were full of joy.

Fu Haochen was sitting on the driver’s seat, hearing the words, suddenly turned around, his long arms stretched out, and he held Lonxi into his arms overbearing and satisfied.

"… Hao Chen?" Lenxi was suddenly hugged, and he looked at Fu Haochen’s hair on a short time.

"I’m going to be a dad …" Fu Haochen was slightly trembling with excitement. He hugged Lonxi tightly and repeatedly, "I’m going to be a dad."

"Yeah." As soon as Ronxi thought of the child’s father, he was Fu Haochen, and he couldn’t help but bend his eyebrows.

The child’s father is Fu Haochen. This is her child and Fu Haochen’s children. The two of them.

This is something she dare not expect for many years.

Now, she can almost clearly feel that in her belly, she is breeding a brand new, lively life.

"Let me listen." Fu Haochen said, sticking his ears to Lone Xi’s abdomen.

The child has not yet formed, there will be any sound, but Fu Haochen hears intoxicated, gently holds Lowei’s waist, and his ears gently hold Lone Xi’s abdomen.

Ronxi watched Fu Haochen’s fluffy head on his stomach, and felt that he had never been so happy.

The happiness at this moment was too real, and the truth made Lotanxi couldn’t help crying.

—— Thank you, baby, thank you for your mother to appreciate this feeling of mother and cherish.

Ronxi was immersed in unspeakable happiness and couldn’t extricate himself, but suddenly felt a pain in the abdomen.

"Well!" Lenxi didn’t hold back for a while, and screamed lowly.

Fu Haochen immediately left Lone Xi’s abdomen nervously, and looked at Lotanxi’s face anxiously.

"The stomach hurts again just now, it’s okay." Luo Enxi Chong Fu Haochen showed a beautiful smile.

Fu Haochen looked at Lotanxi’s smile, and was a little embarrassed. He stretched out his hands and rubbed Lotan Xi’s belly gently, and said softly, "Did the child kick you?" Then he leaned down again, facing Lorene, facing LorenXi’s belly said, "Did you kick your mother, huh? Little bad guy."

The spoil in Fu Haochen almost overflowed.

Ronxi shivered slightly.

"What do you say? Time is so short, the child hasn’t taken shape yet, how can he kick me." Lenxi blushed and whispered.

Moreover, from Fu Haochen’s mouth, he heard that Fu Haochen called her child’s mother, and made Luo Enxi’s whole heart seemed to be wrapped in a warm current.

"The child’s mother is reasonable." Fu Haochen hooked his lips and smiled.

It has been two months since Lenxi and Fu Haochen began to prepare for children in accordance with their agreement.

The four -year contract has arrived, but Mrs. Fu did not urge Lotanxi to divorce. It seems that she still wants to give her a chance.

Ronxi thanked the old lady very much. Her tolerance also gave her the opportunity to become the mother of this child.

"Do you want to go back to see a doctor?" Fu Haochen looked at Lotne Xi seriously.

"No need. Didn’t the doctor say that this is normal." Lone Xi smiled.

Thinking of the upcoming new life, Lotanxi felt that it was nothing to make her suffer.

Fu Haochen looked at Lenxi, took a long while, stepped forward, and hugged Lone Xi tightly again.

Fu Haochen was very careful not to press Lone Xi’s abdomen, but his hands held Ronxi’s shoulders with both hands, tightly, seamless.

The distance between the two was very close. After a while, Lonexi heard a gentle sentence.

"Enxi, thank you."

Sigh, but the seriousness and sincerity in the tone are easy to see.

Ronxi felt that his heart was completely softened.

She didn’t say anything, but raised her hand and hugged Fu Haochen hard.

Thousands of words into a hug.

All gentleness blends between each other’s breathing.


Lenxi was just pregnant, her physical condition was very unstable, and her response was relatively obvious. Fu Haochen was naturally reluctant to mention her life with her.

He hesitated for a long time, and finally decided to wait for the situation of Lotanxi to stabilize, his body was better, or after Lenxi gave birth to the child, he found a suitable opportunity to tell her.

After all, this is not a trivial matter.

Fu Haochen sighed slightly. Lone Xi believed that the mother -daughter relationship of so many years was a scam. The biological mother even became a victim of such ridiculous feelings. This incident would definitely cause her a lot of blows.

Fu Haochen made up his mind, first concealed this matter, and then told Lotanxi slowly in the future.

Anyway, their future roads are still very long. Fu Haochen thought that he couldn’t help his heart warm.

Lenxi proposed to Fu Haochen that pregnancy is a good thing, and he should go to Mrs. Fu.

"Isn’t Grandma waiting for grandson always?" Ronxi said with a smile.

"Of course, I have to tell grandma." Fu Haochen thought about it. "When we go to the old house, tell her, if we say to her old man now, it is estimated that he will come to see you immediately.Live. "Fu Haochen said, and couldn’t help but smile.

Ronxi was glad to accept it, and of course she also understood the acute child of Mrs. Fu, not to mention that she was looking forward to so long.

Fortunately, she did not disappoint the old lady.

Ronxi couldn’t help but smile again.

At the strong request of Fu Haochen, Lone Xi raised another two days at home.

In the past two days, Auntie He has changed the flowers to cook deliciously for Lenxi every day. Aunt He, who was very good to Lone Xi, knew that Lotanxi was more careful after he was pregnant.Carefully take care of.

After the symptoms of abdominal pain in Lotani relieved, they happened to catch up again on the weekend. The two set off together and went to the old house of Fu’s house.

After getting out of the car, Fu Haochen pulled Lone Xi’s hand.

Fu Haochen’s hand was very big and warm. He held Lone Xi’s hand and wrapped Lone Xi’s hand.

This time, the two were holding their hands sincerely, no longer playing at the scene.

When Fu Haochen was led by the front yard, how hopeful Lyne Xi, this moment of happiness will never end.

Fu Haochen held Ronxi’s hand tightly and sounded the door of Fu’s old house.

This time it was Aunt Qin who came to open the door.

Fu Haochen saw Aunt Qin when he opened the door, and the whole person’s aura was obviously relaxed.

Ronxi noticed Fu Haochen’s change, thinking that it may be because it was not Fu Yucheng.

It seems that Fu Yucheng really caused Fu Haochen a lot of psychological pressure.

Ronxi laughed secretly. She always thought that Fu Haochen never cared about her. Now it seems that she still has some positions in Fu Haochen’s heart.

Ron Xi thought like this, and there was a warm current in his heart.

"Master and younger grandma are back." Aunt Qin greeted the two with a smile. "Please come in quickly. The old lady rests upstairs. I’ll call her."

"What about Fu Yucheng?" Fu Haochen really minded it, and directly asked what he wanted to ask.

"The young master went out and didn’t know when he could come back." Aunt Qin replied.

After hearing that Aunt Qin called Master Fu Yucheng, Fu Haochen felt a little uncomfortable, and couldn’t help frowning.

Fu Haochen and Lenxi sat on the sofa in the living room. After a while, Mrs. Fu walked down from the second floor.

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