Novel: As soon as I learned that she was pregnant, the president’s wife saw the news, and the father was reported by her husband to prison

She looked at the man’s gaze burning, and her face was resolutely firm.

Perhaps until today, she is already the biggest limit she can support.After all, he agreed to divorce himself today, and he must not be so endless.

Otherwise, she cannot forgive and killed her beloved man who continues to be together.

"Oh, liberation? It turned out to be with me so difficult to bear it." Mu Si Shen’s black eyes suddenly became extremely dark, and the hate for a long period of backlog in his heart made him exposed to blue tendons.

He suddenly circled Xin Qing, gently pressed the person into his chest, rubbed his red lips heavy, and looked at Bai Jingwei provocatively, "Bullying my woman, you think it is okay to be so simple,?"

He stared at her fiercely, and the coldness of her eyes shuddered. "Bai Jingwei, who do you think you are? Where did you come so big?"

"What do you mean?" Bai Jingwei trembled, and he didn’t think of him to say such a ruthless words. The depression in his body suddenly twisted into a hemp rope, twisted his heart and suffocated.

"Miss Bai can’t even understand this?" Xin Qing looked at her dismissively, and the rosy cheeks flashed with charm and disordered breath. "My husband meant to weigh his weight before speaking.Don’t overestimate yourself. "

She put on Mu Sinhen’s shoulders with both hands, and she was full of charming.

Mu Sihen seemed to be pleased. He lowered his head and patted Xin Qing’s cheeks and showed rewards. Then he moved his eyes to the woman with a complex look on the opposite side.She has broken her car, but it can’t be so endless. "

"Mu Sihen, don’t distinguish between black and white." Bai Jingwei frowned deeply, watching his attitude towards the people in his arms, and his heart was more painful. "It was her violation of the traffic rules.She has to take full responsibility, not me. "

"What about that?" The man narrowed his eyes without any, and he concealed his excellent look.

As soon as Xin Qing heard this, it was obviously excited, showing off into his arms, "Husband, you know you’re the best to me!"

Bai Jingwei’s face gradually became as pale as the lip color. After a while of silence, she barely pressed the pain of holding her heart.We still go to the Civil Affairs Bureau … "

"Bai Jingwei!" The gloomy voice suddenly interrupted her words ruthlessly. Mu Sihen couldn’t control his emotions. The chest cavity fluctuated up and down.Can I solve this matter just to take the maintenance fee? "

Bai Jingwei was shocked, his body trembled and gradually became bigger, and his pinch’s palm was already blue and white. "Mu Si Shen, what do you want?"

"Naturally, you want to send you to the police station to keep your memories."

Bing Bo’s ruthless words defeated the last line of defense in her heart. Bai Jingwei’s heart was drawn. He did not expect that he hated the man in front of him, but he was still emotional because of his words.

She covered her painful chest, and a dizziness struck, and her eyelids covered her eyes heavy.

Mu Sihen thought that she would confront herself as before. When the original waiting heart saw her shaking body, she seemed to be pierced by countless silver needles.Essence

All the sounds were isolated from the ears. Mu Si Shen took Bai Jingwei’s thin figure and drove the person to the hospital anxiously.

Looking at the pale woman lying on the mobile bed, Mu Si Shen secretly regretted her usefulness at the time, and she didn’t see her wrong at all.

Seeing the doctor coming, he was about to urge them, and a phone call rang.

Mu Sihen looked at the displayed number, and unconsciously looked at Bai Jingwei on the hospital bed and connected the phone.

"Mr. Mu, Bai Yucheng has just been arrested, and his company will accept a comprehensive business survey in the future."

"How could this be?" Mu Si Shenan’s eyebrows twisted, looking at the unconscious person, thinking for a moment, and then instructed, "You continue to inquire about the situation, I will go right away."

Hanging the phone, he stretched out his hands and touched Bai Jingwei’s cheek, and kissed deeply under her forehead.

After the doctor was ordered, Mu Shemu hurriedly walked outside the hospital.

When Bai Jingwei woke up, there was no anger except for a TV in the empty single ward.

There was a loss from controlling in her heart. She looked at the bright ceiling above her head for a moment.

"Mrs. Mu, you wake up, how do you feel?" A doctor in a white coat pushed the door and walked in, seeing her in a daze, and went to check her skillfully.

"Thank you, I feel it’s okay." Bai Jingwei was absent -minded, and his eyes still stared at the ceiling without blinking.

The doctor looked at the record book in his hand and said, "Mrs. Mu, when I checked you before, I found that you are pregnant, you should not know, right?"

"What are you talking about?" Bai Jingwei stared his eyes wrongly, suspecting that he had heard it wrong.

When the doctor saw her like this, charity’s eyebrows slightly raised, and said slowly, "I said you are pregnant, it’s been two months."

Bai Jingwei stared at him with a stiff expression for a while before finally digesting the news slowly.

"Why, why is this …" She stretched out her hand and touched her belly, and her red eyes gradually covered with water mist, and she couldn’t say complicated.

The man who had always tried to get rid of, but now he is pregnant with his child. How can she forgive herself and how can she face her dying love?

Just as she was tangled, news reports on the walls on the wall stretched all her breath.

"After the president of Mu’s President Mu Si Shen, the funds of Bai’s Group were suspected of violations of many places. Bai Yu, the person in charge, has been arrested and imprisoned by the judicial department, and was further investigated."

Mu Simshen rose to hold his father?

Bai Jingwei stared at her eyes in surprise, suffering for several seconds before she was suddenly panting like release.

She pulled away the quilt and got up and got out of bed.Then, then

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