Novel: My wife’s girlfriend is pregnant, but I will let me accompany her to check for inspection: He will not care about this kind of thing

Zhou Tao’s indifferent way, after saying a while, he looked at Wang Dong, and Wang Dong’s face was pumped on his face. He wanted to calm himself, but he couldn’t calm down at all.

"Do you think you can kill me like this? Break the boat three pounds, not to mention that you can’t break my boat, and your achievements can not reach my level, don’t dream!"

Zhou Tao knows his consciousness. After all, he is the owner of a large pharmaceutical company. Zhou Tao is just a little boss. He is still more than ten times weaker than him, but this is not important.With the big backing of Jimin, and Su Ya can speak in the board, it is only time to deal with Wang Dong.

"Wang Dong, I tell you, do you think my wife is really so good? I will make you pay a heavy price and grab everything you are proud.Regret it! "

Zhou Tao said coldly, Wang Dong did not expect Zhou Tao to have such a ruthless side, and he was not alone with before.

People will grow in the deception of hatred, which is unexpected.

"Zhou Tao, just rely on you? You are not strong enough! In addition, I am not afraid to tell you, Yu Mei has played many times, she also helped me bite a lot, and swallowed it, hey, do you think you think you are yourself?Very failed? My wife has played with others, and what other faces say these big words in front of me? If you are you, I will find a place to roll up! "

Zhou Tao’s fist on the table could not help but hold it tightly, but he soon laughed.

"why are you laughing?"

"Shouldn’t I laugh? She is your girlfriend, but I used it for so long, and gave me a daughter. Now you want to use her to touched it secretly. When I use him, let her learn the dog.Dare to learn cats, and you will not have a chance anymore, I will not divorce her, never, and I will let you look at how I let her obey me again, look at your desperate eyesI really don’t know how to celebrate. "

Wang Dong’s face was green all of a sudden, and he stood up as soon as he patted the table.

"Zhou Tao, don’t be too much!"

"Am I too too much? This is just the beginning. Soon you will know what is more than that, go back and go back. If you are hungry, you can eat and leave.

"Who is rare, please eat?"

Wang Dong was so angry that he didn’t even sit in the chair.

Zhou Tao looked out and clenched his fist. He didn’t know whether Wang Dong was really or fake, but no matter what, he didn’t want to be affected by him.

After walking out of the hotel, Zhou Tao stopped when he saw Su Ya’s car, and could not help but go.

"Why are you here?" Zhou Tao asked curiously.

"I’m not afraid of you, but it seems that I think too much, you are already more mature than before." Su Ya laughed.

"People are deceived, Ma Shan is riding. I used to be too kind. From today, I want to let them know that I am also a beast that I have armed teeth!"

Zhou Tao said, opened the door and sat up.

"What do we do next?" Su Ya asked Zhou Tao.

It is necessary to dismiss a lot, and the company’s closure is not far away. "Zhou Tao said, his eyes flashed.

Su Ya also saw her wisdom before, but this time it became more wise.

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