Novel: The president wants her to raise a good child and give birth to her own child. She did not say that she was a fake pregnancy

Under the setting sun, the golden halo shrouded the Song family villa, and Qixi lay on the window sill and died.

At this time, she saw Song Yan’s car slowly enter the door of the villa.

Unexpectedly, a black car was followed behind Dad’s car. When she was closer, she found out that it was Qin Shixiu’s car.

How could Qin Shixiu be with his dad … Tanabata suddenly became nervous, and she didn’t think about how to tell Qin Shixiu when she was pregnant. He no longer asked himself.

Qin Shixiu came down from the car, because he felt that someone’s eyes fell on him, and he raised his head, so he saw Song Qixi on the second floor window, and he hooked the corner of his mouth.

At the moment when Qin Shixiu’s eyes were opposed to Qin Shixiu, her legs and feet were soft, and she quickly ran into the room.

The smile of Qin Shixiu’s mouth is even more obvious.

"It’s too early to come back today." Shen Yunfang heard the voice of the car at the door greeted. When she saw Qin Shixiu behind Song Yan, she couldn’t help but doubt, "This is this?"

"Hello, aunt! I am Qin Shixiu. I often listen to Qi Xixi about you." Qin Shixiu greeted Shen Yunfang very much. At this time, his mental appearance was completely different from the state of the Tanabata.

"It turned out to be Mr. Qin. You are better than what I think. At noon today, I still talk to you to Qixi, Tanabata said … Is it a business trip?"

Qin Shixiu still maintains the smile on his face.

Hearing Qin Shixiu said so, the smile on Shen Yunfang’s face was even more brilliant, "So I can rest assured, just sit inside, I let people shout the Qixi Festival."

Qin Shixiu followed Song Yan and entered the living room. "Shi Xiu sit down." Song Yan pointed at the position opposite him and asked Qin Shixiu to sit. Shen Yunfang personally entered the kitchen to soak a pot of tea and poured Song Yan and Qin Shixiu in person.

"Auntie, don’t be polite, let me pour myself." Qin Shixiu owed himself, his eyes were full of respect for the elders.

"Shi Xiu, sit down, let your aunt help you pour a cup of tea. In the future, you will always pour tea for her." At this time, Song Yan spoke. After this, he watched Qin Shixiu.The more satisfied -the career is successful, mature and wise, and it is more appropriate to match the Qixi Festival.

It turned out that he was still worried about the marriage of the Qixi Festival. According to the current situation, he was really worried!

Li Chuang walked into the living room from the outside with a big bag, and Qin Shixiu said with a smile, "For the first time, I simply prepared some meeting gifts."

Where is this simple meeting ceremony, famous wine, ginseng, bird’s nest or something, every one is good.

The smile on Song Yan’s face was obvious -the etiquette was in place.

"Tanabata … You opened the door, and the world came over. You always go downstairs to see him." After the maid invited Qixi several times, Shen Yunfang went upstairs to the Qixi room.

"Auntie, my head hurts, and I want to sleep." Yun Yi opened the door and looked at Shen Yunfang.

"You girl, it’s not good at noon, why suddenly have a headache?" Shen Yunfang touched Qixi’s forehead, and then touched himself, "Okay, not hot.Comfortable, I called Dr. Lin to come over. "

"Auntie, I don’t have to call Dr. Lin. In fact, I am not uncomfortable, or I’ m a little sleepy. I want to sleep for a while. ”Tanabata made a yawn and looked at Shen Yunfang." Aunt, I have seen it many times,Qin Shixiu, do n’t have to come to our house, I will welcome him once. Can you help me block him? "

"Tanabata, did you quarrel with Shi Xiu, so he rushed back overnight?"

"You can say that, Auntie, I don’t want to see him for the time being, so you can help me make a reason."

"You child!" Shen Yunfang shook his head and left.

Tanabata returned to the room and locked the door of the room, so I lay on the bed with confidence.

It didn’t take long before she fell asleep confused.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of the door lock. The first thought of Tanabata was dreaming. She obviously locked the door, unless she went to open the door by herself, otherwise anyone came in.

Then she heard the sound of footsteps. Although the footsteps of this person were light, it was very real in her ears, and step by step seemed to step on her heart.

Tanabata opened her eyes, and she really stood in front of her. She was the one who didn’t want to see now -Qin Shixiu.

"Qin Shixiu … How did you come in!" Tanabata grasped the quilt, his eyes trembled.

Qin Shixiu looked at her panic, and said with a smile, "Of course I came in."

"But I obviously locked the door."

"Oh, the quality of that lock is not very good, and I will come in as soon as the door opens."

Qin Shixiu sat down by the Qixi Festival bed, "Song Qixi, listened to the aunt that you were back this morning, and he was with Jiang Chen all night?"

Tanabata pursed his lips without speaking.

"If you don’t speak, I will be your default!"

"What about it!"

Qin Shixiu laughed, "If yes, I will bully you."

Qin Shixiu said such naive words.

"Qin Shixiu, yesterday and Jiang Chen just went to a classmate party. Many people were with us. You would not think that only I was with Jiang Chen.Can’t care about me, I am a self -free adult. "

Qin Shixiu’s eyes dull.

Qixi swallowed her throat, and resolutely looked at Qin Shixiu’s calm eyes. She must not yield to him, and the mighty of the little woman could not be aggrieved.

At this time, Qin Shixiu heard a slight footsteps at the door. He looked at her gentle expression on his face, and rubbed Qixi’s hair. "Well, don’t get angry with me.I don’t just worry about you, get up soon. "

Why did this man suddenly change his expression?

Tanabata looked at Qin Shixiu, and he spoke to himself so gentle. He was fine.

"Tanabata, Shixiu, dinner downstairs." At this time, Shen Yunfang’s voice came from the door.

Tanabata understands what is the gentleness of Qin Shixiu just now!

This man turned his face faster than turning the book!

This man is too despicable!

This man even bought her father and aunt, so that they thought he was a good person!

At dinner, Qixi was fully taught to be a man in the acting school. If Qin Shi modified to be an actor, what the Golden Rooster Award, the Golden Horse Award, and the Golden Awards were all included in the pocket.

After dinner, Song Yan and Shen Yunfang stood at the door of the villa and sent them.

"Shi Xiu, Tanabata, this girl is usually a bit wayward, you tolerate her more. If this girl is too wayward, you should not condone her too much." Song Yan patted Qin Shixiu’s shoulder, and then looked at the daughter who had never spoken., Said, "Qixi Festival, you should also be mature, and you don’t have to run home with Shixiu’s small temperament.

Qin Shixiu looked at Qin Shixiu, and his heart was already in a circle, letting you act, let you act …

"The main reason for this time is that I am not good. I will let me be a little more than any grievance next time."

"Shi Xiu, Tanabata was spoiled by me since I was a child. She was a bit like a boy. She was more careless. If she was gentle, it would be better." Song Yan couldn’t help sighing that her daughter’s personality characteristics came.

"Dad … I have a good personality." Qixi murmured.

Qin Shixiu took the shoulder of Tanabata and said with a smile.

Qin Shixiu, can you still be hypocritical?Tanabata rolled countless white eyes in his heart.

Song Yan is becoming more and more satisfied with Qin Shixiu, who is more and more satisfied with the Tanabata certificate. Until Qin Shixiu left with Qixi Xixi, he still said to Shen Yunfang, "I did not expect that the girl of the Qixi Festival is quite blessed.This is really not easy. "

Song Yan would never think that Qin Shixiu was quarreling in the car at this moment.

"Someone’s skin is really powerful as steel." Tanabata looked at the street lights outside the window.

Qin Shixiu looked at the front of the car. He was not annoyed by the evaluation of Tanabata, but returned with a smile, "Thank you for the compliment."


"You say it again!"

Qin Shixiu glanced back at Qixi Xixi, his eyes like dark vortex, with a breath that could not be ignored.

"You let me say that I wouldn’t say it." Tanabata retreated a little. Before Qin Shi filed a fire, she felt that she would not provoke him -the man was shameless and shameless than her imagination.

At this time, Qin Shixiu’s mobile phone rang. He took a look at the phone and picked up the phone. "Wei Wei, sorry, don’t wait for me. I can’t eat with you tonight.

After Qin Shixiu hung up the phone, he saw Song Qixi look at himself with an extremely surprised eyes.

"Is the woman who just called you Wu Weiwei?"

"is her."

"God, is it a movie actor Wu Weiwei?"


Wu Weiwei is the favorite film actor of Qi Xixi. He continued to hear Qin Shixiu’s two affirmative answers to her arms excitedly. "Qin Shixiu, you even met Wu Weiwei! She is my favorite actress, you go soonEat with her … Bring me by the way! "

Qin Shixiu glanced at the little hand that fell on her arms. This woman grabbed her arm in order to see Wu Weiwei. She always had an attitude towards herself.

"Song Qixi, take your paw away!"

Tanabata quickly pulled back her hand back. She looked at him with a temper and smiled: "Don’t touch you, don’t touch you, when will you see Wei Wei, take me!"

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