Novel: Wife is pregnant by her husband’s abortion, and after waking up, he resolutely picked up divorce

When Qin Huanhuan woke up, he was in the hospital.

My friend Xu Nuan woke up and excitedly: "Huanhuan, you can be wake up."

"Warm, children … Is the child still there?"

Xu Nuan hated iron and steel, but she was too clear, and she knew that Qin Huanhuan’s friendship with Li Junting lowered a few points. "Child … no more."

In Xu Nuan’s view, it is not a bad thing for the child to be gone, but for Qin Huanhuan, it is enough to make her sad for a few days. She put her hands on the flat belly and the big tears of the bean.


Qin Huanhuan stayed in the hospital for half a month.

It is not because of weakness, nor because the child has not slowed down.

Instead, looking forward to, Li Junting would care about her and came to the hospital to see her. Even at a glance, … as a result, the mood of expectation died a little bit, and finally became a heart cool.


For three years, Qin Huanhuan finally made this determination.

After being discharged from the hospital, Qin Huanhuan returned to Chengnan Villa directly. The whole villa was empty and more deserted than the hospital’s ward. She sat on the sofa and kept waiting.

Li Junting came back in the middle of the night. The alcohol of wine and the smell of perfume on the woman. This taste, Qin Huanhuan has been heard for three years. Until now, he will still feel sad.

"Li Junting, let’s divorce."

The word "divorce" woke his wine a little bit. He lit a cigarette and smoked without any scruples. "Oh, divorce, Qin Huanhuan, you dream!"

Yes, he married her at first to retaliate her.

In the past three years, he has always been lingering between women outside, letting her keep a huge wedding villa alone.

Sometimes, she sleeps several times, either torture or to be a child.

She Qin Huanhuan, in the popular words, is a sad woman who has entered the tomb of marriage.

"You have abused me for three years, and even the children are gone. Even if my Qin Huanhuan really owes your Waner, I should pay off, divorce, I don’t want anything, just ask you to let me be free!"

Qin Huanhuan’s words were very bitter.

If it wasn’t for it to know that Pei Minhang was going back, Li Junting almost would have a sympathy for her, but she had always been a woman with good faces.

He smiled coldly, "What do you want you to have a child?

After saying this, Li Junting came to Qin Huanhuan and saw the divorce agreement she had already prepared, and felt extremely dazzling. She reached out to tear the A4 paper and threw it on Qin Huanhuan’s face.


Qin Huanhuan went to the hospital again.

She was lying on the bed that had just left yesterday, thinking of Li Junting’s viciousness of herself, and even thinking of death … Li Junting always always tortured her, that would be as much as …

When people are desperate, they always can’t see the future of the future. Qin Huanhuan watched the knife in the fruit plate, picked it up, cut it on his wrist, cut it down, watched his blood lost a little bit, closed his blood, closed, closed, closed, closed, closed, closed, closed, closed, closed, closed, closed his blood, closed his blood, closed his blood, closed his blood, closed his blood, closed his blood, closed his blood, closed his blood, closed his blood, and closed his blood.When I got on my eyes, it was rare to feel relaxed.

If she died, would Li Junting sad?


When I woke up again, when I saw the slender figure standing on the bedside, Qin Huanhuan thought he had arrived in heaven.Intersection

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