Now someone really knows that the person who is pregnant until the child is born

In this era, some people really don’t know that they are pregnant. Just a few days ago, our company had a woman. When she went to work, she had a child when she went to the toilet.The entire company was stunned and discussed.The child was born to the toilet. Because she was afraid to look at it, she thought it was the uterus, and the scared legs were soft. Her colleague told others to come and see what she was. The colleague saw that it was the child.The child did not cry, and it was not until the colleague picked up the child from the toilet, but the girl was frightened. She did not dare to look at the child. It was not until 120 that the child cut the umbilical cord, and the man was pulled to the hospital.

Because it is not a person in our department, I can see it every day. No one can see that she is pregnant. Besides, she does not know that she is pregnant.It didn’t take long to get married, and I was working in our company for more than half a year.Every day at work until nine o’clock in the evening, I have done it. I have done it and I have done it. The child is healthy. It is more than seven months. It is really lucky. The child is healthy and healthy.I didn’t take a good rest, I gave birth to a child in the toilet.

Now this year, some people really do n’t know when they are pregnant until they have children. Suddenly, they are happy to be a mother. This feels that only the parties can have a special feeling.But because it was too sudden, I was not prepared in my heart, and I often ignored the child.I just gave birth to the child on the first day and rest on the bed. The child was born in the morning, because the mother -in -law had not rushed from my hometown, so I and my husband were in the hospital. The baby was very good.I also followed sleep. I didn’t expect my child to change diapers and drink milk for a day.After 7 o’clock in the evening, the child was crying, and my husband and I couldn’t coax well. I went to the nurse to see what was going on. The nurse asked us if we had to eat and whether there was a diapers. Then I opened the first urine.Take a look, oh, the fetus was dried on the bones. The nurse was talked about, and quickly rushed the milk powder. After drinking the milk, he slept quietly and quietly.This is the first day of our parents. We have no elders around us. After a night, the child only cares about sleeping after birth. Now it is really funny and sad.

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