Nutrients for pregnancy: Different methods of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism during pregnancy are all here

When I am sick, I always feel that my thyroid gland may be abnormal, but I am not too worried.

For example, hyperthyroidism, first of all, almost all thyroid hormone studies show that excessive hyperthyroidism is related to nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.HCG is a stimulating material of the nail glands during pregnancy, and at the same time, the hyperthyroidism itself rarely cause vomiting. Therefore, HCG may be the culprit that causes nausea and vomiting of pregnancy. HCG has been considered a spitting stimulus produced from the placenta.(If you didn’t understand this paragraph, it doesn’t matter, just enter the stupid stage of pregnancy, it is really a bit around this period, the pregnant mother is skipped directly ~)

SO ~ I still believe that it is HCG, which causes me to vomit, not abnormal thyroid function.

HCG at 40 days of pregnancy

I was about 5858miu/L in about 40 days (maybe the actual number of days is shorter), and there were more than 220,000 at about 9 weeks of pregnancy. Later, I did not test it. It is estimated that my peak may reach about 270,000.There are two reasons for HCG high, and hydatidites or multiple fetuses.Of course, everyone’s HCG is not compared with others, it is compared with themselves. Maybe they are very high and a single child is very high.

Portuguese tires can have been eliminated for a long time.Thinking of it may be multiple babies. Most mothers feel the same, both look forward to and worry.If it is a twin, you don’t need to have a second child, but the risk will increase at the same time.

It is actually easy to judge whether multiple babies, B -ultrasound, uh!I am a single child.After confirming, let’s relax and have a little loss.

Later, I also checked the thyroid gland, which was really a little abnormal.When my thyroid apertoprum has a slight high fluctuations, it is a bit armored ==, but the doctor said that this would have fluctuated, and you need to reconcile the blood review the next day.I didn’t take medicine.

A little bit higher

Periodine is low, which means that the body itself is high in the body, which is hyperthyroidism;

Conversely, high -psinerous apex is high in the body, which is low in thyroxine in the body and belongs to hypothyroidism; pregnant mothers should not confuse themselves, because I find that when the doctor does not prescribe the medicine, many pregnant mothers often have these two concepts for these two concepts.Strangely, and then eating on the diet.

[Discovering hyperthyroidism to abortion]

Hyperthyroidism during pregnancy should pay attention to review and discuss with doctors, which is conducive to making the most accurate decisions.

If hyperthyroidism is severe, the dose of drug treatment is large, the possibility of impact on the fetus is high, and hyperthyroidism is not easy to control. Doctors will recommend abortion.If hyperthyroidism is lighter, for example, a hyperthyroidism mentioned earlier, the pregnant woman is older, or there are multiple abortion or infertility history in the past. The entire treatment process will try to use the minimum drug dose, and most hyperthyroidism pregnant women will be pregnant.Children who can give birth to normal and healthy child.

[Suggestions for hyperthyroidism during pregnancy]

During pregnancy and lactation mothers, the demand for iodine is twice as many as before pregnancy. Do n’t find out the hyperthyroidism. Do n’t eat seafood. Do n’t eat seafood. Iodine deficiency will affect fetal intelligence.The demand for iodine during non -pregnancy is about 120 micrograms. It consumes 6 grams of salt per day and calculates 25 mg of iodine per gram of salt.The demand for female iodine during pregnancy must reach 240 micrograms. It is recommended that pregnant women eat more iodine -rich foods, such as kelp and seaweed on the basis of regular consumption of iodized salt, to improve the level of iodine reserves in the body.

I am 20 weeks of pregnancy

[Most of the hypothyroidism during pregnancy is small Case]

Armal hypothyroidism is to supplement thyroxine, while thyroid hormones are the ingredients in our body, and the dose is appropriate to have no damage to the body.Therefore, pregnant women supplement thyroxine like eating. As long as the dose is appropriate, there is no damage to the mother and fetus.

After suffering from hypothyroidism, you can rest assured that you can breastfeed with peace of mind. Generally, you do not need to check the thyroid function of the newborn.After birth, the function of thyroidism is an effective method for hypothyroidism caused by the early detection of hypothyroidism. The incidence rate is 0.02%to 0.3%.

[Armal dietary recommendation]

1. Pregnant mothers with hypothyroidism are prone to bloating and poor appetite, so you should eat lightly in your diet, eat some digestible foods, eat less high cholesterol, high -fat foods;

2. Drink plenty of water to promote your body metabolism;

3. Avoid edible cabbage, cabbage, rapeseed, which may cause thyroid enlargement.

4. There is no need to eat a lot of iodine. Many pregnant mothers think that there should be a high iodine diet if you have hypothyroidism.In fact, patients with hypothyroidism due to iodine deficiency should strengthen iodine intake, but for patients with sufficient iodine charges, too much intake of iodine will cause hypothyroidism.Like hyperthyroidism, appropriate intake should be used according to the demand for iodine during pregnancy.

Finally, I ’m the ideal range of thyroxine during pregnancy.

The first three months: 0.1-2.5

After three months: 0.3-3.0

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