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The endometrial tissue with growth function, including glands and interstitial tissues, is different in the ovaries. Repeated bleeding in the local fibrous tissue in the surrounding fiber tissue, adhesion, and local bleeding accumulation to form ovarian endometriosis (OvarianEndometriosis Cyst).Endometriosis cysts accounted for 4%to 5%in pregnancy in pregnancy -induced lesions during pregnancy.Because about 50%of the endometriosis is about 50%of the combined infertility, auxiliary reproductive technology is adopted, and those who have increased endometriosis with endometriosis have increased.Menstruation during pregnancy, elevation of progesterone’s ectopic uterine endometrium milde, apoptosis, and ovarian endometrium abnormal cysts narrowed.

Ultrasonic appearance checks can be selected TAU or TVU.The TVU examination can avoid the impact of intestinal gas. The frequency of probe is high and the resolution is good, which is conducive to displaying the diseases with smaller ovarian and pelvic cavity and the characteristics of the internal echo of the lesion. It can be used during the <14th gestational week.Medium -term pregnancy has been displayed due to the increase of the uterus and the shift of the ovary.Ovarian endometriosis is generally displayed as circular or oval echoes in one or bilateral ovaries in one or bilateral ovaries. The morphological rules are clear or unclear on the edges.Display uniform "frosted glass" samples (Figure 1) (Figure 1) or uniform point -shaped low echo, often displayed as the lower echo of the tumor body, and the upper echo is low; some internal interior can be separated from the echo.A small number of cysts have a nipple -like protrusions in the no echo area.CDFI checks in the internal blood flow, and the blood flow signal can be seen in the cyst and nipple protrus echo. During the pregnancy, it is displayed as a low resistance blood flow due to the decorfation of the cyst wall endometrium.However, the ultrasound inspection does not have a special change in the aluminization and ovarian malignant tumor of the vesting wall endometrium (Figure 2, 3).

Figure 1 Ovarian endometriosis vocal image diagram

A: TVU, pregnancy (GS) between the wall of the uterine muscle, the embryo is displayed inside;

B: The endometrium is anopcy -level cysts display the morphological rules, the edges are clear, the wall is thick, and the inside is "frosted glass" evenly.

Figure 2 Different vocal diagrams of ovarian endometriosis cysts

Figure 3 Volume uterine endometriosis Different vocal image shows

Some researchers are trying to type the ovarian endometriosis based on the characteristics of ultrasonic examination, but it is still difficult to cover the acoustic image diagram of the ovarian endometriosis cyst.These explorations also show that the complex type of diagnosis of ovarian endometrium endometriosis ultrasonic ultrasound test.

Although the endometrium ectopic cysts accounted for 4%to 5%and the incidence of ovarian endometrium rotor cysts were only 0.2%to 0.3%, about one -quarter of them neededSurgical processing; data reporting ultrasound examination combined with clinical data can identify 80%of the pregnancy endometriosis cysts; molten uterine endometriosis cyst ultrasound images are similar to junior ovarian tumors.It is the former’s tumor in a follow -up test during pregnancy, and the latter often continues to increase. The past medical history of endometriosis is helpful for the differential diagnosis of the two.For ovarian endometrium rotor cysts, there are obvious abdominal pain during pregnancy, and the abdominal effusion should be checked in time to eliminate the existence of cyst rupture.

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