Obviously I have a sexually transmitted disease, but I want to hang the dermatology number. Do you understand why?Doctor to explain

Xiaohua was twenty -five years old. After a night stand, he always felt itchy on his body, and had a lot of hard surfaces on his penis.

At first Xiaohua didn’t care, thinking that it was the wound of the little bug bit.

But over time, Xiaohua found that there were more and more small bumps, and some had rotten.

Xiaohua was in a hurry at this time, and found that he might have a sexually transmitted disease.So go to the hospital quickly.

However, the departure of the hanging is not a specialty of specifically cure, but a dermatology department.So why do you have to hang a dermatology number?

The full name of dermatology is dermatologist, because most sexual transmission diseases have obvious traits and characteristics on the skin.

Moreover, some sexually transmitted diseases are manifested in skin diseases or skin -related characteristics. When they go to the hospital, although they are sexually transmitted, they also need to hang the skin.

As for why the full name of the dermatology is the dermatology department, this will be traced back to the ancient times of our country.

At that time, sexually transmitted diseases were also called flower willow disease, so the dermatology department was also called the dermatological willow family.

After liberation in 1949, the state attaches great importance to sexually transmitted diseases and was basically eliminated in my country in the 1960s.

However, since modern times, the number of diseases in our country has begun to increase, so the dermatology has changed another name.

The name of this time is called the dermatology department, which is the name we often call now.

In modern times, sexually transmitted diseases are usually lesions in the skin. STDs with obvious characteristics include infectious models, pubic lice, condyloma acuminatum, genital herpes, and AIDS.

When these diseases occur, the skin will have corresponding symptoms.

In addition to this reason, the reason why the sexually transmitted disease is to hang the dermatology is also because of the influence of people’s ideas.

Many people now pay more and more attention to their privacy. If they go to the hospital by themselves, they will be mixed with the Department of STD, so they may be discriminated against.

Therefore, at the time of registration, the hospital considers that the traits of most sexually transmitted diseases are used to show the synthesis department and dermatology to relieve people’s worries.

And in some areas, the number of departments specialized in diagnosis and treatment is limited.Therefore, the hospital will merge the sexually transmitted disease and dermatology to facilitate the treatment of patients with faster treatment.

The incidence of sexually transmitted diseases in the world is relatively high, and it is a relatively common infectious disease.

And more and more people gradually expanded the scope of the 21st century, expanded age spans, asymptomatic, or mild symptoms, and the incidence increased year by year.

STDs have become an important disease that threatened human health.

According to statistics, there are many patients with sexually transmitted diseases in our country. Most of them are adolescents. The age groups of higher age are those who are 20 to 49 years old.Because sexually transmitted diseases are very contagious and have a wide range of transmission channels.

Regardless of oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, kissing or touch, these methods are sexual contact and will spread sexually transmitted diseases.The chance of spreading is very high, more than 95 %.

In addition to sexual communication is indirect communication, this method of communication is used to infection through clothes, public items, or joint use of sanitary appliances.

In other words, when we have used the towels, toothbrushes, and even toilets, we have been infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

The third way of spreading is the maternal and baby vertical dissemination. This way of communication refers to the mother who suffers from sexually transmitted diseases to get a sexually transmitted disease through the placenta.

Or at the time of delivery, the baby was infected by his mother when he was produced.Or the baby was infected when the mother was breastfeeding the baby.

After being infected with sexually transmitted diseases, male patients will experience excessive urethral secretions.

And female patients have abnormal vaginal discharge.These can be distinguished through their daily observations.

In the category of sexually transmitted diseases, syphilis is more common.

AIDS and genital warts.First of all, we can talk about syphilis.According to WHO statistics, 12 million people around the world are infected by syphilis every year. These patients are mainly distributed in South Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa.

In recent years, new syphilis patients in my country are also showing an explosive growth trend.

Syphilis is spread through the spiral body.So the skin or mucosa of syphilis patients with syphilis spirals.

This syphilis spiral can be transmitted through subtle damaged parts such as skin and mucosa.

Syphilis is divided into five types: explicit syphilis, hidden syphilis, pregnancy syphilis, congenital explicit syphilis, and congenital latent syphilis.

Among them, explicit syphilis is the most common, because the first, second and third phases of explicit syphilis will have different skin changes.

The typical characteristic of the first phase of syphilis is that it is hard -lowering, and it is very easy to appear on the penis, glans, coronary grooves, foreskin, urethral mouth, labiack, clitoris, clitoris, cervix, anal and anal canal.

A small number of patients also appear in places such as lips, tongues, breasts and other places.In short, the reproductive organs of the whole body may appear hard.

Hardness looks like a mosquito bag with a hard surface.Because it looks round or oval.And there are obvious protrusions.

Over time, it will also change, and ulcers or secretions gradually occur. The first characteristic of Xiaohua’s sexually transmitted disease is that there is a rigidity on the penis.

After four weeks to six weeks, genital herpes will appear on the skin, soft and hard.

Because the rigidity is coexisting in the skin trait of syphilis in the first and second phases, you can go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time when you discover the hardened. At this time, it may not be the first phase of syphilis.

As the disease becomes more and more serious, these obvious features will appear on the skin, but corresponding diseases will occur in bones, internal organs, cardiovascular, nervous systems, and lymph nodes.

For example, fever, tonsil mucositis, headache, bone joint pain, lymphadenopathy, hepatoptopsis, and so on.

Therefore, when you find that some abnormal spots, raised or ulcers appear on your skin, you must go to the dermatology department of the hospital for examination in time.

Because these signals released on the skin point to the occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases.

Since sexually transmitted diseases are manifested through the skin, we can check if we have some abnormalities in daily life to determine whether we have sexually transmitted diseases.So what methods can be used to prevent sex diseases through that method?

It is understood that sexually transmitted diseases are infected through blood, maternal and infant sex, sexual transmission, and non -contact propagation.

If you want to stay away from sexually transmitted diseases, you must first realize the importance of cutting off the pathway.

When going out, do your own sanitary cleaning.

When you go to the hotel, swimming pool, gym, and public toilet, you must pay attention to your own hygiene, try not to take the toilets in the public area, and do not use towels, bath towels and other items in public areas.

When staying at the hotel, conditional friends must prepare their pillow towels, pillows, sheets and quilts.

Because these are all the use of beds that are directly exposed to the skin. For safety reasons, it is better to use your own bedding.

Because the hotel’s sheets and covers have been sterilized by high temperature, it cannot be ruled out whether the bacteria on the sheets are completely eliminated.

So try to go out as much as possible to go out.

When using the public swimming pool, it is best to choose some of the fewer people in the swimming pool and the clear water venue for swimming. There is less person to reduce the probability of being infected.

And after swimming, you must clean your body and the items you have used in time to reduce the risk of secondary infection.

When the hot summer arrives, many people will wear cool clothes, such as shorts, skirts, and so on.

Although these clothing is relatively cool, there are certain risks of being infected.

Because in the summer, we will inadvertently achieve the gown of the park or on the autumn. These places are in public places. You are not sure if the last person is a infected person of a sexually transmitted disease.

Therefore, when the skin’s skin is exposed to these public items, we must pay attention to simply disinfection of these places with disinfection wet towels in advance to avoid being infected.

In addition, there are many details that need to pay attention to.

But in short, when the skin is exposed to the items in some public places, you must pay attention to disinfection.

And when our clothes are exposed to the items in public places, it is best to replace and clean it in time after returning home.

When we need to extract blood, we must pay attention: Do not mix the same syringe with others.

Because blood transmission is also an important way for infection.So in the range we can control, we must protect ourselves.

In addition to cutting off the pathway, we also need to pay attention to strengthening our own resistance.

When your own resistance is improved, even if some subtle diseases are infected with the skin, the body’s defense system will immediately respond to quickly kill these relatively weak germs.

Therefore, we must pay attention to regular schedules in daily life.Adjust your own biological clock,

Regular schedules are the most critical and most basic link for enhancing resistance.

Because even if you have improved your body’s resistance through exercise or diet, due to irregular schedules, it will also affect your health in the secondary time, which will cause the body to make additional and subtract.

In the end, the body’s resistance did not improve, and even reduced a lot.

All in all, you need physical resistance to stay away from sexually transmitted diseases.

The invisible armor on the body is resistance. When the body has enough armor, then the body will immediately respond to some bacteria, fungi or viruses, and destroy them.

Even if we have some sexually transmitted diseases, our physical resistance is very strong, so we will defeat the disease faster and cure faster.

In addition, you need to observe more about your body.

Some special circumstances appeared around the body, especially the sexual reproductive organs.

For example, when the secretions are increased, the secretions have abnormal secretions, some special skin conditions such as raised, erythema appear.

Along with the mental weakness, headache and other situations, it has been a week or two weeks like this, so you need to pay attention.

Be sure to go to the dermatology department of the hospital in a timely manner to seek a professional doctor to help you confirm the condition in order to get healing faster.

So in front of the screen, do you have any experience in observing your sexually transmitted disease through the skin?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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