Obviously your fiancee can get married logically, but you have to lick her, but it is …

Powerful villain.

As Huaxia’s most powerful rich second generation, you like to lick a dog.Mingming North School Huailiu Pavilion is your fiancee. It was originally a good name, but you have to lick her and get a place, but unexpectedly, the male lead Ye Lingjie is first. Since thenHelp the protagonist Ye Ling.When you learn the truth, Ye Ling has grown up, not only to kill you easily even your family.Fortunately, at this moment, the timeline returned 10 years ago. As soon as I read the original owner, Liu Ting was aggressive to you, letting you let the protagonist Ye Ling’s brother Chen Fan. At this moment, she was taking the order of the order: immediately put Chen Fan out ofOtherwise, Liu Ting vowed to kill you.After returning to God, you slapped her backhand and scolded: As my Su Yun’s fiancee, he threatened me for other men.

Liu Ting, you are not worthy of being my woman. Tomorrow I will let the people below be to lift the marriage contract.The people around you were completely shocked. As you, if the news spread, the entire emperor would shake.When Liu Ting and you had a marriage contract at that time, people were dumbfounded. You must know that the Liu family is just a declined tribe. It is barely as a wife to make you.Liu Ting can be called a phoenix in January, and everyone is completely rigid. Liu Ting was shocked by the news for a moment, but then he took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down to Dao Su Yun.This is what you say, don’t regret it.

If you let your men out now, I can not care about everything that happened today.You sneered twice, and I don’t know where this woman came from such a great sense of superiority. I was too lazy to talk nonsense with her to call Ye Ling to collect the corpse to avoid her body from being eaten by the beast.Say you strode away.How did Su Yun know Ye Ling? She knew that Chen Fan’s friend would not be, and she would definitely apologize to me like a Haba dog tomorrow.

Let’s tell Ye Lin and Chen Fan first. Ye Ling sighed at the backyard of the Liu family and looked at Liu Tingdao sitting aside.Ting’er had to keep a marriage contract with him.But Liu Ting was sitting slightly, not knowing what he was thinking, and it seemed that he didn’t hear Ye Lin’s voice.

Ting’er, Ye Lin frowned slightly a few times, Li Ting returned to God, and his face was slightly pale: What’s wrong?Is there anything to do if Ye Lin wants to do it?Su Yun had never contacted him overnight. This was unprecedented before, so that Liu Ting gave birth to some bad hunch in his heart.Ye Ling laughed. I just want to ask you about the Su family.But before the words were finished, a call sound suddenly sounded outside the yard. Ting’er Su family came over. You went out to meet me.

There was a touch of surprise in Liu Ting’s eyes, and his spirit immediately recovered, and he didn’t care about Ye Ling and Su Meng quickly running out of the yard.After all, Su Yun couldn’t bear to come to him.Luo Fang frowned: Ting’er, the guy named Ye Ling was in your yard, Liu Ting nodded carelessly, and his feet suddenly slowed down.Su Yun did not contact him from yesterday to the present, and he had to wait for him to wait for a long time.You girl, how many times have I said you.Luo Fang frowned: Your identity is different now.If the people from the Su family find that he has your good fruit to eat, you can rest assured in my heart.

Liu Tingjiao said: Su Yun loves me into bones, just to find that I am with other men, and will not make me like. Fortunately, Su Yun has a good temperament.I do n’t know what shit the girl has gone in my last life.

It is said that this Luo Fang’s American language has unable to suppress the pride and joy. The daughter of Liu Ting can make a marriage contract with Su Yun is her biggest capital in her life, and she is the most important reliance on her status in the Liu family.Soon they came to the lobby of the Liu family, and when they walked, they heard a indifferent female voice. I am here today. In addition to a warning, I notify you.The marriage contract between Su Yun and Liu Ting was officially abolished.

I saw Qin Ying sitting on the main position. Liu Ting’s father and grandpa looked pale and knelt under his feet.There is still a large blood stains around the lobby, and the blood is not filled with the surroundings, and it seems that something is terrible just happened.As soon as he heard this, Luo Fang looked pale and lost his slightest blood in an instant. A stingy fell directly to the chair aside, and Su Yun really made people relieve the marriage contract.

Liu Ting seemed to pass a thunder in his mind, and there was no blood on his face, and he could only stand on the spot by leaning on the chair.Yingying, are you wrong?

Although Qin Ying is your mother’s close maid, his strength is also horrible.Liu Ting tried to squeeze a smile to Qin Ying, but I saw Qin Ying who did not know when he had stood up and looked down at her. There was no once pet in her eyes.The chicken covers the liuting.He seemed to see a horrible scene of white bones, blood flowing into the river, which made Liu Ting’s body instantly wet with sweat and fell to the ground without standing up.EssenceBut it is said that you have to deal with you yourself and let you live a few more days.

When the indifferent words were introduced into Liu Ting’s ears, Qin Ying had taken someone away from the Liu family.They did not come here to ask the Liu family’s consent, but only informed the Liu family and gave the outside world an attitude.From today, the Su family and the Liu family have nothing to do with it. Everything happened to the Liu family has nothing to do with the Su family. The secret girl and my Liu family were miserable.

Master Papa Liu’s family stood up and gave a roar, slapped on Liu Ting’s face, and pumped him out 100 meters away.After Qin Yin left, the horror atmosphere of his strong mirror could no longer be suppressed and permeated the sky.Originally, because of the establishment of a marriage contract with Su Jia, under the care of Su Jiaqiang, he had touched the threshold of the Holy Realm, and it was only one step away from the sanctuary.And the Holy Strong person is a sign of the Emperor’s clan.

Since the painting of the Liu family’s ancestors, the Liu family has lost the Holy Polar who has continued to decline, but just now Qin Yun broke his way, and completely lost the hope of breaking through the holy realm.Watching the grandpa unbelievable.Not long ago, the old man also said that he was his favorite granddaughter and tolerant all his willfulness. If it wasn’t for the severe pain from his face, Liu Ting would even think that all this was dreaming.His father was angry and wanted to save Liu Jiayu’s crisis. Now only Ting’er can do it.

At this time, Liu Ting’s father reached out and hugged the angry old man’s legs. He begged the pants and asked Ting’er to ask Su Yun at all costs.Only Su Yun can save it all.Otherwise, everything will be over when things pass.The emperors who are jealous of the emperor will tear my Liu family into fragments.At this time, Li Ting suddenly found that his father’s hand was gone, his left arm was empty, and he was stunned what happened just now.Liu Ting’s voice is trembling, my father’s hand secrets: Just now your father broke himself in order to help you.At this time, Luo Fang suddenly ran, slapped on Liu Ting’s face, and his face was full of hysterical taste. He roared: Let you not communicate with Ye Ling for a long time.You just don’t listen, do you know the consequences now?What do you do in secret in secret, do n’t you say one by one, do you have to kill our family?Mom, do you even hit me?

Liu Ting stunned the blood of blood on the corner of his mouth, looking at everything around with unbelievable eyes. For two days, he slapped by Su Yun’s mother, the mother of Su Yun, who was once the most spoiled.Because of his self -breaking, his father seemed to have a large number of people died because of him, and there would be more in the future, and even the family even lost the opportunity to evacuate the imperial capital.

At this moment, he finally understood how important Su Yun was for him.Understand, how much will Su Yun’s love, how much will he lose?Parents, I and I have no blood in Liu Ting. I opened my mouth and wanted to say something, but I found that I couldn’t say a word. My parents and my father, I went to ask Su Yun now and begged him to go through our Liu family.

Liu Ting struggled to get up. He understood that only Su Yun could save the Su family now. Have you not understood yet?He Fangying roared firmly: What is the use of Su Yun.It is not that Su Yun wants to deal with the Liu family, but that countless families want countless families to tear the Liu family. Only you are the identity of Su Yun’s woman can you keep the family.Liu Ting’s footsteps were consistent, and immediately understood the meaning of the mother’s words, and then quickly ran out of the door: Mom, I understand how to do it.

People came at the entrance of the Qingbei College and looked at Liu Ting’s eyes dumbly. It seemed to be waiting for something at the door. Liu Ting didn’t want to hear or listen to what they said.Because he has heard enough these two days, the assets at home are constantly showing or being seized, otherwise it will be directly confiscated.The business partners at home continue to terminate cooperation and put on a high attitude of standing.In the past, they couldn’t wait to kneel down to ask the Liu family to cooperate with them.The children of the Liu family have continued to happen in the past two days. Many people have died. The old lady has been vomited by qi to collapse. He worsened that he would not be able to sit on fire for a long time. Liu Ting did not dare to go home.

He was afraid to face the desperate eyes of his family, and he could only sit at the door of the college and wait for Su Yun’s appearance, and was unwilling to give up this last hope.But two days later, he still did not appear.This is a familiar voice that passed into Liu Ting’s ears. Do Ting’er follow me?The familiar voice, Liu Ting slowly turned her head, glanced at Ye Ling’s familiar face in the pupil.But at this moment he has no joy of the past, and only hate left in his heart.

You hate Ye Lin even more.Because of this man, he lost everything because of his willfulness.Why do I follow you?What do you have to do with me?I didn’t speak for two days. Liu Ting found his crisp voice, and at this moment he became a little hoarse. What do you have to do with me?The indifferent words were inserted into the heart of Ye Lin like a steel needle, which made him feel a heart pain.

After he went to the Liu family to find Liu Ting, he learned what happened these two days. After all, he was not a person in the circle of the Emperor’s family. No one would tell him these major things.Effect.I just learned that I would like to help you in these two days of Liu Jia.Ye Ling said sadly: I believe everything I will solve will be solved. Do you follow me first?Help me solve everything.

Liu Ting raised a strong pain in her head, and it seemed that Ye Lin’s words poked the pain points in her heart.Scream, why do you help me?With your mouth or blood, I now lose all the families who are about to be negative.I’m so stupid and stupid, now I understand how important Su Yun is good for me and how important it is to me.Liu Ting’s voice was full of hysteria.How can you say this, Tinger, you didn’t do this before.Ye Ling was stunned when he heard this, looking at Liu Ting with a heartache eyes, trying to reach out to hold Liu Ting’s hand Ting’er, follow me to believe me, I will definitely help you, and everything that saves the Liu family will get better.Get up.We work hard together, don’t touch me.Liu Ting was very angry, and slapped his backhand on Ye Lin’s face.Angry Ayao, Ye Lin, please put your place in your own place.We used to be an ordinary friend now. If you don’t know the so -called, then we are enemies.The forces of the Su family are all over China, let alone the Qingbei College. The Su family is the largest shareholder. He does not want these things to pass in Su Yun’s ears.At this moment, Ye Lin should know.Seeing that Liu Ting, who seemed to have changed a person, was slapped, the pain came far less than the pain in his heart.

The former Liutting’s gentle and cheerful personality, the most important thing is to obey him and have great help to him.He once thought that although he had no background and his strength was not very strong, Liu Ting was not the kind of short -sighted woman.What he values is his future, his firm will, and his longing for his unprecedented longing.But Liu Ting’s sentence after another, it was like a sharp knife, cutting her heart full of scars, blood dripping, heartache, and painful pain.

You have changed, you were not like this before.Ye Lin covered his heart with pain, and the pain of his heartbreaking lungs made him almost unable to breathe.I didn’t change, Liu Ting took a deep breath, and had a blood silk in her eyes.In the past two days, I just thought about everything. I am alone with you alone. I have parents and family members. I want to think for them.Ye Lin shook his head crazy and was completely unwilling to believe in all the things he heard. He broke out of horrible momentum, and he had to grab Liu Ting and yelled: I don’t believe it.I go, everything will be fine tomorrow.

Ye Lin was too selfish, Liu Ting’s pupils were deeply contracted, and a strong sense of disappointment flashed in her heart.Ye Lin not only had no background, but she was so selfish.He hadn’t waited for the Su Yun family, and waited for him to return with good news.Life Ye Lin was forcibly leaving him.This knows where his family is, but he also understands that he is not Ye Lin’s opponent.Turned to look at the security guard in the security room.Have you forgotten your duties?I didn’t soon expel this madman, who dares to stop me, whoever dares to stop me take Tinger and I will kill who.

Ye Ling’s two security guards had just stepped out of the security room and was about to scold Ye Ling, but was hit by Ye Ling with one hand.The Qingbei Academy is extremely ridiculous, and it is all the dogs of the Su family.Ye Ling sneered and raised her hand and stretched to Liu Ting gently: Tinger followed me. Some of me can hurt you with a hair, and that Su Yun is not working. I believe I can help you rejuvenate the family again.EssenceThat Su Yun is not a good thing. I must not watch you fall into the trap he set.

Looking at Ye Lin and Liu Ting at this time, he was full of disappointment. It seemed to look at a stranger. It turned out that Ye Lin was such a person.Ye Lintai thought he thought, have you ever thought about what kind of end will my family face if I go with you?They will lose everything.Ye Ling shook his head painfully, and yelled at those I didn’t care about those, Tinger couldn’t control it.They just want to sacrifice you to the eight precepts of the Su family and get the richest wealth. What they just die and have something to do with me, it is alive.

Chan Ting’er, I asked you to follow me.Liu Ting looked at Ye Ling said with an unbelievable eyes: Ye Ling, they are my parents, my family, I don’t care about it, I can’t look at Tinger, you jump into the fire pit.Ye Ling’s polishing became strong and overbearing, so he would forcibly take Liu Ting away.At this time, a congratulatory sounded, and the next moment, a handsome young man walked out of the students.Frozen looked at Ye Lin Dao and Ye Lin, Liu Ting had clearly stated that he didn’t want to follow you.You really thought that this Qingbei College could be allowed to let you want to make it out.Wang Yi, you dare to stop me, do you want to shoot Su Yun’s horses.Ye Lin sneered in a sarcasm.Wang Yi didn’t care about Ye Lin’s ridicule. He went to Ye Lin and Liu Ting that he didn’t want to go with you. You were too selfish, and he forced Liu Ting to watch the family’s death.

Although Liu Ting and Su Shaoxie are still the people of the Emperor’s clan, don’t you want to think about the toad to eat swan meat?Wang Yi bet Su Yun again with feelings for Liu Ting.This time just forced Liu Ting to have a meal. Even if Su Yun really didn’t love Liu Ting, Liu Ting was still his former woman.His domineering mood will never allow other men to burn fat.

Ye Ling was also furious when he heard this.Wang Yi’s words deeply tingled his heart, and his origin has always been the pain in his heart.Today, Wang Yi dared to ridicule him in person, and even furiously shot and took a palm to Wang Yi.Seeing that Wang sneered, an unknown guy mixed up a little reputation in the emperor, thinking that he could be skin technique. He could become the young master of the Wang family.Representative, the younger generation of Wang family has a strong strength to walk in the layman.

However, at the age of 20, he has a strong strength of 600,000 kilograms. He is also a well -known Tianjiao person in the imperial capital. Wang Yi didn’t care about it, raised his hand to take a shot of rainy night, and Wang Yi was face.The drama sprayed a large mouthful of blood, and then retracted more than ten steps back. It was finally reluctant to stand by a student.

Since it is so powerful, at least 81,000 pounds of power, Wang Yixian Rongfa Bai’s eyes widened and made an incredible sound, and even the blood in the corner of his mouth was too late to wipe.The members around me were shocked and whispered, using a look at the monster, watching the 800,000 kg of power at night is close to the limit of the blood diameter of the device.

Our Qingbei College is the strongest trainee of the emperor. Looking at the world is well -known, one hand that may reach 800,000 kg of power can be counted.This kind of power is close to the childhood of ancient beasts. This guy who does not know which corner is so powerful, no wonder the woman who dares to touch the damage, the surrounding officials use a look at the monster. Look at the night to know them.The background is strong, and it is cultivated by the family’s huge resources from an early age.The unknown guy can have this kind of strength and talent with a strong talent. A group of wastes play with cool children. When they see their eyes, Ye Ling sneered and had pride in her heart.

Although he came from ordinary, he had the power at this time with his own efforts to experience life and death again and again.If you have the same resources as them, you can kill them with one hand, and Liu Ting’s eyes are full of bitterness.Once he fancy his strong talent, and his personality that he was not afraid of unrestrained days, but at this time he understood what freedom and freedom were deceiving.I will kill it too.Ye Ling glanced at Wang indifferently, and the terrible killing made the king white, and the blood was clean.Even if it is only a huge increase in 1,000 pounds of strength, 100,000 pounds and 600,000 pounds are the difference between heaven and earth.

If Ye Ling is willing to kill him in one trick, Ting’er follows me. As long as you are willing, I will take you away from the emperor after I finish the deal.You have not always wanted to visit the world, see the scenery everywhere, Ye Ling said gentlely, the surrounding officials see the situation but no one dares to stop it.Liu Ting’s colorful color continued to retreat, with Su Yun’s domineering tyrannical temper. If he was forcibly taken away by Ye Ling this time, then his family really played back to heaven. Ye Ling was enough.

This is an indifferent voice, echoing the powerful guards contained in, and even the sky is still, the air stops the fringe of Liu Ting’s eyes in the eyes of Liu Ting, and immediately look for the direction of the sound.You are walking step by step, Liu Ting grinds a few landscapes, although I have already lifted marriage with you.But you are my fiancee of my Su family. Just two days after two days, the man pulled and pulled in this court.Your Liu family should be shameless. My Su family still has a face. Instantly, Liu Ting’s face did not have the slightest blood -colored polishing, and I immediately wanted to Xie Ting’er.Why do you bother to say more with such a cold and tyrannical person.Ye Ling sneered in Su Yun, his bones straight, cold crane head.I have been clear and innocent.But today I want to say I love her in front of everyone.Today I want to take Ting’er away from this dirty place, whoever dares to stop me and I will kill.Who includes you Su Yun?You looked at Ye Ling silently, in fact, she had arrived for some time.

Looking at Ye Ling and Wang Yi at the bottom of the eyes, Ye Ling is indeed the son of destiny. The protagonist has only had the power of 800,000 pounds in just half a year when he came to the capital of the emperor.Knowing that the son of this kind of destiny is the more and more brave, and once the editor who can’t die, it can be called gritted teeth once it is finished.

But you haven’t spoken yet. At this time, Liu Ting’s anger sounded Ye Ling. What are you talking nonsense?We used to have nothing to do, it doesn’t matter now, and there is no relationship in the future.Ye Ling, please don’t you harm me anymore?Liu Ting’s figure flashed directly from Ye Ling’s back to Su Yun’s side. The road had the road to Ye Ling’s eyes and even filled the killing.She never found that Ye Ling was so selfish, so self -righteous, it was like the world should turn around him.

Knowing that Liu Jia was in danger, he knew that Su Yun was his only life -saving straw at this time, but Ye Ling was like intentional.Isn’t this intentionally stimulating Su Yun in front of Su Yun?Ye Ling: Don’t force me to treat you as my enemy and compensate you on your hand. Liu Ting’s completely angry suddenly laughed.This is exactly what he wants.Liu Ting is a very important role of Ye Lin, a male lead, and has great help to him, which is vital to Ye Ling’s rise.Liu Ting and Ye Ling’s eyes will be important to him.Ye Ling: Do you want to do it to me, treat me as an enemy, do you know what you are talking about?Ye Ling was stunned, and he couldn’t believe that these words turned out to be said from Liu Ting’s mouth.

How many Liu Ting had to treat him.I thought we lived in a furious congratulations on each other, and directly interrupted Ye Ling into us. It was just the relationship between ordinary friends. I helped you to help you.Please don’t think about it. Ye Ling is requested to leave now, otherwise we can’t even make a lot of time Ye Ling’s eyes.Liu Ting faced these words in front of Su Yun, a fiance, that the damage was rising in geometric multiple. You are not my Ting’er. You can’t recognize it.

Since we have been breaking up today, Ye Ling’s anger crane has a strong self -esteem in his eyes, and he does not allow him to bow his head in front of Su Yun.The next moment, Ye Ling suddenly turned to look at you and hated in the conspiracy for a lifetime. It was you who killed me Ting’er.Ye Ling suddenly shot, and the blood rolled like a wolf smoke. The momentum was afraid that the sound of the wind and thunder room was not like the sound of the wind and thunder.The breath of extreme eruption suddenly broke out.Suddenly, the wind and clouds were turning, and the whole world seemed to be dim, shocked by this horrible power, and stepped out of the earth to vibrate. The power of the whole set of heaven seemed to be blessed on him.How can the terrible advantage directly use the vomiting blood of Ye Lingzhen?Ye Ling’s pupils are deeply shrinking to look at you, and a shocking shocking shock made it difficult for everyone in the heavens and the earth to understand.

Ye Ling, who was in front of you, endured the pressure of horror and almost suffocated it.He felt that he didn’t seem to face Su Yun anymore, but the power of the world of the world, and the turmoil seemed to be reversed. All the lights in the world seem to be the only one in the heavens and the earth.God power.

Under your feet, your voice is indifferent to qi and blood in the body. The madness of qi and blood has reached qi. After the bloodyness, it brings you a supreme power.Your words seem to be that the whole sky of Tianyin has turned into blood, and it seems that it will be blown up at any time.I never kneel, how can I lose to you this stubborn child.

Ye Ling is the supreme Tianjiao of the gods. Now it is just the first step in my rise. You are my stepping stone.Ye Ling roared his body, and the bloody riots seemed to have signs of breaking through.The surrounding students around this scene continued to be too terrifying to suck cold. In the duel, this potential is simply powerful and terrible. There is a sneer in your eyes, and it really is the son of destiny.However, if you want to break through the trend, you seem to have a roar in the faint room. There is a roar that the nine -turning suspension in your body starts to run. There is a trace of chaos in the body.The tens of meters around the surrounding land directly collapsed and collapsed a large pit.The terrible pressure reached the limit at this moment, directly surpassing Ye Ling’s limits.

In the moment, Ye Ling burst out a piece of flesh and blood to bear the limit meridians directly opened his head to vomit blood, and the knee bone under his feet directly knelt down and kneeled in front of Su Yun’s hands lying on the ground.This scene seemed to be in front of Su Yun’s five -bodies in front of Su Yun, and the surrounding students were completely stunned.Ye Ling, who had been romantic to Perak before, was kneeling in front of you like a dog at this moment, and you can also see how terrible your strength is.

The terrible talent blood, and you seem to awaken the gods and martial arts in the legend, plus a powerful background, what Ye Ling fights with you, Su Shangmo has reached the limit of qi and blood.Suddenly someone whispered that the surroundings were in a dullness, and Qi and blood were limited.Simple five words are as heavy as they are in their hearts.

This is a myth but you show the terribleness. The strength will actually have at least 800,000 pounds of power. Ye Ling has no silk. It is also possible to interrupt its breakthrough.Jack of the power limit.If Su Yun really reaches the limit of one million pounds, the Tianjiao of the entire capital will be dim, and it looks so pale.

Su Yun’s strength was so terrible, Liu Ting was stunned and stunned.In the past, he thought that Su Yun was a cool play, but he just rely on a strong background.This is why he has been looking at Su Yun, even if it was just what he could not deny, the Su family behind Su Yun.But at this time, the strength you show completely proves how stupid he is.What Tianjiao Night Spirit is nothing in front of you, you really breathe deeply.The reason why the reason why it is intended is that the Perak Ye Ling kneels in front of you like a dog at this moment to seduce and become successful.You can also see how horrible and horrible the talent you are in your eyes, and you seem to wake up, saying that the gods and martial arts in the middle and the powerful background Ye Ling fight with you.Su Shang Mo Fei has reached the extreme line of qi and blood, blood situation.Suddenly, someone whispered a whispering that it was sulking around the moment.

This is a myth but you show it terrible. The strength will actually have at least 800,000 pounds of power. Ye Lin has no silk. It is also the power of the hand and the strong breakthrough.Jack of the power limit.If Su Yun really reaches the limit of one million pounds, the Tianjiao of the entire capital will be dim, and it looks so pale.Su Yun’s strength was so terrible, and Liu Ting was stunned.He was stunned. He once thought that Su Yun was a unsatisfactory playing cool, but he just rely on a strong background.This is why he has been looking at Su Yun, even if it was just what he could not deny, the Su family behind Su Yun.But at this time, the strength you show completely proves how stupid he is.What Tianjiao Night Spirit is nothing in front of you. You are the strong who lives. The strong shame of the moment permeate Ye Ling’s heart, raising his head to make a heartbreaking roar.The body is colorful, the mang is filled, and the terrorist atmosphere shrouds the entire campus.

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