Occupied her biological daughter for 8 years and was discovered until her daughter was pregnant

The man who was not as good as the beast has occupied his daughter for eight years. It was not until the daughter was pregnant, and the incident surfaced.The daughter who can kill his father, the occupied daughter, his wife can’t stand the domestic violence, and has been pushed into the septic tank. He is the Sichuan villain Li Wenzhong.In 1999, Jingjing came to the police station to report the case under the protection of his mother and villagers, and Li Wenzhong’s evil behavior was public.In that era, Li Wenzhong was the only child in the family. His parents used to raise him and developed a leisure problem.Li Wenzhong is a lazy person. He has never done the farm work at home. Everything in the family relies on his wife and old mother.Even so, Li Wenzhong was still not satisfied, and he was drunk and kicked his family.According to the village, you described it, his 80 -year -old mother was beaten by Li Wenzhong.In 1991, Li Wenzhong’s wife Liao Fuzhen almost died several times under his husband’s stick.Li Wenzhong, who was heartbroken, pushed his wife into the pit. If the villagers nearby heard Liao Fuzhen crying, Liao Fuzhen was likely to be drowned in his dung pit.Liao Fuzhen, who was rescued, cried and shouted to divorce Li Wenzhong, and ran back to her mother’s house overnight.Li Wenzhong came to his mother -in -law’s house and made a pain in pain.Liao Fuzhen thought he really realized his mistake and returned home with him.But the good times didn’t last long. After more than a month, Li Wenzhong, who was drunk, launched a crazy. He picked up the firewood and waved to Liao Fuzhen. Liao Fuzhen, who was frightened, ran back to his mother’s house again.Liao Fuzhen, who watched the skin -wide flesh, borrowed fifty dollars from relatives and friends, took more than a dozen people, and divorced him with Li Wenzhong.Liao Fuzhen escaped the magic claw, but the nine -year -old daughter Jingjing fell into the magic cave.After Liao Fuzhen left, Jingjing kept sleeping with her grandmother. The first few of them were fine. I drank too much wine that night.Li Wenzhong told her mother that she was my daughter. From today, he will follow me.Li Wenzhong’s mother said that Jingjing was still young, and I still coaxed him to sleep at night.After Li Wenzhong heard it, he was furious, smashing his mother’s bed, and snatching Jingjing.Since then, Jingjing has become Li Wenzhong’s slave.Every night, Li Wenzhong covered Jingjing’s mouth and said, "I am your father, if you dare not listen to me, I want you to look good.Jingjing didn’t know what his father did to her. She only knew that the process was painful.After the incident, Jingjing always felt that the stomach pain was under the same roof.Li Wenzhong’s parents must know what he did to his granddaughter.Li Wenzhong’s father accused Li Wenzhong of what he did in person, but this period of spitting instead of scolding Li Wenzhong, he angered Li Wenzhong.He picked up the kitchen knife, set up a knife and cut off his father’s fingers.Li Wenzhong’s father dreamed that he had dared to move him with his child -raising son since he was a child.He felt very failed, and finally, under the dual torture of the spirit and flesh, Li Wenzhong’s old father chose to commit suicide.After learning about the incident, Li Wenzhong’s mother was shivering.Since then, Li Wenzhong’s mother’s spirit has begun to become a bit uncomfortable. He talks to the air all day to the air. This is a good thing for Li Wenzhong.His father was dead, his mother was crazy, and even his wife divorced him. In this family, only Li Wenzhong and nine -year -old Jingjing were left. Li Wenzhong, who had not been half an hour, was even more unscrupulous.From the day to night, from the bedroom to the kitchen, Li Wenzhong’s home is everywhere. No one cares about him. He wants what he wants.In addition, Li Wenzhong also demanded that Jingjing kept secret, and was not allowed to contact anyone, including his mother Liao Fuzhen, who had not eaten all day to his mother’s house.Early the next morning, a villager saw that Li Wenzhong came to the mother -in -law’s house with a kitchen knife. She held the knife with one hand and returned to the home with Jingjing with one hand.Later, when Jingjing couldn’t stand it, he ran to his mother’s house. Slowly, the villagers were accustomed to it.As soon as they saw Li Wenzhong carrying a knife in the village, he must be looking for his daughter.The purpose of this was to be afraid that his daughter would miss his mouth.In addition, he blocked all the windows in the family. He was in this closed house,

Sinly released his beast desire, so he lasted for eight years, and he was hidden for eight years.In 1999, Jingjing was pregnant with Li Wenzhong’s children.At first, Jingjing didn’t know why I vomited every morning.At first he thought he had a disease, and Jingjing found his mother Liao Fuzhen and took him to the clinic in the village to see a doctor.Liao.Fu Zhen looked at the vomiting daughter, and germinated a terrible idea in her heart.She tentatively asked Jingjing, and she hadn’t come to a holiday for a few months. Jingjing said that she hadn’t come to the holiday for more than three months.Liao Fuzhen knew what his husband was, so he took Jingjing to the hospital to check his body.Sure enough, all this is the same as the conjecture. Liao Fuzhen could not accept this blow, and he could not accept the reality of human destroy.Since then, his spirit has begun to be abnormal.Since that day, Liao Fizhen has become a bit abnormal.Every time relatives and friends come home, Liao Fuzhen knelt on the ground for his friends.Several crazy Liao Fuzhen wanted to die, but was rescued by passing villagers.After learning about the original committee of Liao Fuzhen’s relatives, he brought a few people to find Li Wenzhong and confronted him in person.Li Wenzhong vowed that it was definitely not me. This must be that the wild dogs must not work while I am not at home. Don’t slander the good people.Seeing that Jingjing’s belly became bigger every day.On November 1999, under the encouragement of relatives and friends, Liao Fuzhen and Jingjing entered the police station hospital to test the fetal embryo in Jingjing’s abdomen and found that the child’s father was Li Wenzhong.Immediately, the Sichuan police arrested Li Wenzhong.After Li Wenzhong was arrested, he was still full of lies. He said that he did not recognize the results of the test. He said that it was Liao Fuzhen’s fact that he intentionally framed him. He did not admit it and had to acknowledge it.After interrogation, Li Wenzhong explained his criminal facts.After Li Wenzhong was arrested, Liao Fuzhen was relieved, because he knew that if Li Wenzhong was not arrested in prison, he was likely to be retaliated by Li Wenzhong. The court sentenced Li Wenzhong to 13 years in prison for rape.He was released from prison ten years ago. Now he lives in his hometown in Sichuan alone. After Li Wenzhong was sentenced, Jingjing chose to go high and fly away.At this time, Jingjing was eighteen years old. From 1999, Jingjing never returned to this sad land.In addition to Jingjing and Liao Fuzhen, there is also a victim, that is, Li Wenzhong’s old mother.An old mother in her eighties has been tortured by Li Wenzhong.This crazy old mother, he didn’t understand why his son and granddaughter disappeared overnight.I really can’t imagine how to spend the next life without the old mother who cares.Li Wenzhong’s case caused a lot of public opinion, and everyone was puzzled. Why is this crime still live in the world?As the so -called good report, evil is bad, not reported, and the time has not arrived.This issue is over here, we see you next time.

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