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-Dian Mother’s Notice-

[Calculation of pregnancy cycle] The pregnancy period is 28 days (that is, 4 weeks) for 1 month, and from the first day of the last session to the expected date of about 40 weeks.Throughout pregnancy can be divided into 3 stages, 1-12 weeks are early pregnancy, 13-28 weeks are in the middle of pregnancy, and 29-40 weeks are third trimester.In different stages of pregnancy, the growth and development of the fetus have certain characteristics, and the changes of pregnant women are also different.

Early pregnancy

In the first month of pregnancy (1-4 weeks)

The physical change in the first month of pregnancy is not obvious

Because the placenta is still very small at this moment

The stomach is still before pregnancy, and it will not be obviously raised.

The only obvious change -Auntie has begun to take a vacation ~

Stop menopy, rosy or dark skin, faster growth rate of hair and nails, inadequate attention, emotional unstable

The second month of pregnancy (5-8 weeks)

In the second month of pregnancy, most expectant mothers knew that she was pregnant.Early pregnancy reactions are gradually obvious. It may be dizzy, sleepy, nausea and vomiting, decreased appetite, can not smell the smell and odor of oil, start to like sour food, and even have some strange desires.

It will become fatigue, tiredness, mental spirit, frequent urination and other symptoms and become increasingly obvious.

The third month of pregnancy (9-12 weeks)

In the third month of pregnancy, the uterus of the expectant mother will be like the fist of the prospective father, but the belly cannot see the bulge from the outside, and the change is still not obvious.

There will be increased vaginal secretions (leucorrhea), and early pregnancy reactions will continue to be strong, emotional unstable, forgetful, flatulence, constipation or diarrhea, breast pain, pigment precipitation and other changes

Mid -pregnancy

The fourth month of pregnancy (13-16 weeks)

The expectant mother’s lower abdomen began to bulge and began to prepare for a maternity dress.This month’s uterus is like a baby’s head.

There will be a significant increase in breasts, the reaction of early pregnancy gradually disappears, entering the stability period, leucorrhea increases, the basic body temperature is still higher, and changes in stretch marks and melasma

In the fifth month of pregnancy (17-20 weeks)

At the end of this month, the stomach of the expectant mother had been significantly swollen, and from the appearance, she began to show full fullness than before.

There will be protruding lower abdomen, plump hips, changes in hair quality, varying from person to person, changes in the skin, varying from person to person, changes in breast shape, sometimes sunken, joint ligaments become relaxed, occasion

Sixth month of pregnancy (21-24 weeks)

In the sixth month of pregnancy, some mothers have changed in both physical and physiological and psychological.

The abdomen is enlarged, and the waist is thicker

Close to a typical pregnant woman.At the end of the month, the expectant mother can accurately judge the position of the uterus with her fingers.

Varicose veins

About 50%of expectant mothers will have veins in the legs.It is recommended that expectant mothers not wear tights, put their legs on a chair and cushion while rest.

Fetal heart sound and fetal movement are more clear

During this period, the baby’s heartbeat was very powerful, and almost all expectant mothers could feel it.

Back pain, difficulty breathing

Seventh month of pregnancy (25-28 weeks)

In the seventh month of pregnancy, the abdomen of the expectant mother was obvious. In order to keep the body balance, it would lean backwards. The waist was easily painful due to fatigue.At the same time, due to hormone levels, the hip joint becomes relaxed, which will cause the quasi -mother to step in difficulties.

There will be back pain, susceptible to constipation and hemorrhoids, swelling, hypertension, and proteinuria changes

During this period, the probability of anemia in expectant mothers increased, and expectant mothers must do anemia examination. If anemia is found, it is necessary to cure before childbirth.

Stretch marks are more obvious

If the expectant mothers still feel the eyes dry and photophobia, these are normal phenomena, don’t worry.

Obvious edema

If you have edema, you need to see a doctor in time, because this may also cause pregnancy hypertension.Specific mothers can raise their legs as much as possible, such as when sitting on the sofa, put their legs on the sofa pier.

Late pregnancy

Eighth month of pregnancy (29-32 weeks)

At the 8th month of pregnancy, expectant mothers entered the last stage of pregnancy.The physical changes of mothers in the third trimester have been very obvious.

There will be many inconveniences and restrictions on action, more obvious pigment deposition, and changes in constipation increase

And -fake contraction began to appear

Moms’ uterine muscles in the third trimester will occasionally tighten, which is a rhythmic and irregular contraction.It is not very frequent and painless, each time it lasts 30 ~ 60 seconds.

The following changes should be considered to go to the hospital

01 increases or abnormal secretions (secretions are mucus, water, or pink, or accompanied by light blood)

02 Abdominal pain or pain like menstruation

03 Achieve more than 4 contractions per hour

04 The pressure in the pelvic position increases or the lower back pain is intensified

Ninth month of pregnancy (33-36 weeks)

At nine months of pregnancy, the stomach of the expectant mother was already very large. At this time, in addition to changes in the body, some other changes occurred.

Gain weight

Try not to eat too much, so as not to grow too much, causing difficulty in giving birth.

There will also be changes in the body that is uncomfortable to sleep, the body is prone to fatigue, edema, constipation, frequent urination, urgency, difficulty breathing, etc.

By the end of September, as the baby enters the basin, it will be relieved.

Tenth month of pregnancy (37-40 weeks)

As the month is getting bigger and bigger, the expectant mother’s body is getting heavier.The inner anxiety that follows will also increase, and the following situations will occur:

Weight is still growing

It is mainly to provide nutrition for fetal baby and accumulate for your own childbirth, but you can increase the growth of quantitative control.

There will also be a rough skin, the pregnancy line is more obvious, the fingers are swollen, the gland of the breast is significantly expanded, and the pubic pain has changed

It is not easy to have children

As a family, we cannot ignore the price made by mothers. Compared with verbal compliments, what they need is actually the help and understanding of physical strength.

As a expectant mother, you don’t need to worry too much about your physical changes. Many pregnancy changes will disappear naturally after childbirth. They have witnessed the pain that you have suffered for your baby’s health, and it is a trace of pregnancy.

[I hope that every expectant mother can be respected]


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