Old age, no plan to get married, pregnant, boyfriend is not reliable, do children want to give birth?

There was a question on Zhihu, saying: 34 years old this year, her boyfriend is not reliable, and the two have no feelings and do not intend to get married, but at this time she is pregnant. Should she give birth to this child?

At the age of 34, it is indeed a particularly embarrassing age. If it is me, I will give birth to the child.

The reason is particularly simple. At 34 years old, you should have a child.What’s more, whether men are really not necessary, children are necessary conditions.

If you have a stable income and can afford children, it is better. There is no doubt,

It must be born this child,

Single mothers are not very difficult, the most important thing is that if you really want to be the role of mother.

I have a son, my feeling is: It’s nice to have a child!IntersectionAll women should appreciate the happiness of being a mother. It is really not other things to replace!

Women can have no marriage, but they should really be a mother and have their own children!

Children are the best works of women in their lives!

A woman without a child can never experience it, never know the unconditional efforts, unconditional belly, unconditional love!

You can never imagine how much a child has for a woman.

Children can make women more perfect, gentle, and more appreciate life.

Children can let women see hope, see bravery, and see the softest part of their hearts.

Some people may think that I am flickering. I am incorrect thought. I have no marriage. What children are born!

But really, being a mother is my own choice. Being a wife is not able to accept itself.This is the status quo.

You may be a child’s mother, but may not be a man’s wife.

You may have the patience to accompany a child who is tired of vomiting, but you may not be patient with a bunch of bad things.

Being a good mother is really better than all the characters in life.

Every woman should go to the role of mother, because this is the best profession of human beings, none of them!

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