On the first day after marriage: Chen Meng’s body weighed 90 pounds and was not pregnant, wearing an emerald bracelet, Zhu Xiaowei was inseparable

On January 7, Zhu Xiaowei Chen Meng got married!

The wedding was very low -key. There were no luxury cars. There were dozens of table banquets. There was no box of gifts, but the families of both parties ate a meal!

We can also understand the thoughts of Grand Yiyi. After all, this is the second time that my son is married. It cannot be too public. In addition, with the lessons like Chen Yaman, it is the most important thing!

Now that the Zhu family has added people, the fans must want to know how Chen Meng lived in the Zhu family. Is it possible to become the second Chen Yaman!

On January 8th, I took root in Zhulou Village and went to the coat’s house at the Congress Studio, and took Chen Meng and Zhu Xiaowei!In the video, Zhu Xiaowei was still in a suit. Chen Meng wore a big red jacket and turned into light makeup!

The photographer talked with Chen Meng and asked Chen Meng without avoiding it, saying that he had only 90 pounds. You know, Chen Meng’s height is not low, at least 165cm or more., I am envious of others!Judging from Chen Meng’s body, she was not pregnant, not like "pregnant twins" on the Internet!

The careful friend noticed that Chen Meng was wearing an emerald bracelet in his hand, which was good in color, at least tens of thousands of pieces!

During the entire shooting process, Chen Meng had a smile on his face, and Zhu Xiaowei was inseparable. Such details showed that: they came together because of love!

Why emphasize "love"?Because Zhu Xiaowei’s first marriage was too bad!

Zhu Xiaowei was only 19 years old when he got married for the first time. From a blind date to the engagement, to marriage, he was arranged by his parents. What did he know about a 19 -year -old child?Coupled with the fact that junior high school has dropped out of school and did not make money for three years to work, she has an introverted personality. As a result, Zhu Xiaowei after marriage can only be behind Chen Yaman like a fart!

Chen Yaman’s ambitions were very great. On the third day after marriage, she resigned from the nurse in the hospital. With her in -laws’ heat circles to more than 3 million fans. During the peak, she could enter hundreds of thousands a month!

The most unacceptable thing is: Although Chen Yan was married to Zhu Xiaowei, she rarely lived in her mother -in -law. She lived in the building in the county in the end. Regarding Zhu Xiaowei, she never thought of the "husband and husband". According to people familiar with the matter, sheIt was revealed that in terms of marriage, Chen Ya Nan insisted on putting a table on the bed, putting a glass of water on the table, and preventing Zhu Xiaowei "crossing the boundary"!

But Chen Meng is completely different!

Love someone, there will be him in his eyes. From the previous wedding photos, the actual life after marriage, Chen Meng saw a smile on his face when he saw Zhu Xiaowei. This expression, we have never seen Chen Yenan beforeIt shows that she really likes Zhu Xiaowei and is willing to live with him!

Therefore, Chen Meng and Zhu Xiaowei’s life will be very sweet. There are dads like Brother Kou, and they do not have to worry about making money after marriage. As for when Chen Meng can continue the incense for the Zhu family, let’s wait and see!

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