On the third day of taking care of the pregnant daughter -in -law, I am also Yang:

Current status quo:

Today is the third day when my wife is infected with the new crown. She still has a headache, sore throat, joint pain on her body. The symptoms of headache have improved slightly. With a 7 -year -old baby, the three live in a two -bedroom and one -living house.My wife was lying on the master bed, and my child and I slept at night. The door of my wife’s room was closed during the day (because of her throat, she couldn’t make a big voice, in order to avoid shouting that I could not hear, so the door of the bedroom left a one.One finger width seam).

The third day I served my wife:

I always felt cold in the middle of the night last night and couldn’t sleep. After getting up this morning, I made antigens, two proper bars.But all procedures for taking care of his wife and children are still the same.Besides, the day of my wife and my child, the first thing after getting up at 7 in the morning is to cook breakfast for the child and wife (steam two corn and two eggs, add a glass of milk outside the child), and then wash it by yourself.Pass the baby around 50 and wash the baby. Breakfast helped the two people in front of the size. I turned on the computer myself and started a departmental meeting at 8:20.At the end of 9 points, the baby starts to go online classes, and I start to cook ginger soup (brown sugar, green onions, ginger), soaked lemonade (lemon slices, rock sugar, boiling water) for my wife and baby, and add water for about 30 minutes.Because it is a pregnant woman, I did not buy an antipyretic medicine (low fever) for pregnant women, and I dare not give him other medicines, so you can change the fever patch every half day, you can only expect it to keep the body temperature not rising (the body temperature is always maintained at more than 37 degrees more than 37 degreesTo.At 11:00 noon, start cooking. Before cooking, first rinse a cup of corn paste to the belly. Cook the rice and cook the dishes.Continue to cook ginger soup and lemonade in the afternoon. By four or five o’clock, cooked Sydney sugar water. When around 6 pm, the dumplings dumplings were made. My wife ate a few.Essence

Regarding disinfection:

In fact, there are not too many measures in disinfection, and it is not prepared to disinfect the disinfection and other items beforehand.The baby and I always have a mask (N95) during the day.On the third day, I felt a little abnormal in my throat, but it didn’t hurt, it may be my hallucination.But I feel that I was infected sooner or later. I just hope that I will wait for my wife to be better. I will be infected again, otherwise the baby is not taken care of, and my wife has a small one in my belly, which is really broken!As a result, I was contrary to my wishes. On the third day of taking care of my wife, I was Yang!

In terms of emotional regulation:

Because my wife is pregnant, I feel very important. Although I am physically and mentally exhausted and has a headache, she still has a smile.Just make her feel so comfortable as possible.

Let yourself and patients eat less meals and drink more every day, and strengthen metabolism, so that the virus will dissipate faster.The most important thing is that the mentality must be peaceful, and firmly believe that this is just a passing, and soon it will be dark.Because I am not a medical expert, I dare not give up their opinions. The above experience is for reference only. I wish you all health.

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