Online infant cupping: This cupping really has medical principles, or is it a scam?

For now, the biggest problem

It is all kinds of minor problems with shoulders and cervical spine.

Pain makes people distressed, so some people choose

Cupping to relieve pain, even Phelps is cupping

Fans, even in their own promotional video "Control yourself"

There are also special lens display and promotion of this traditional therapy

However, if you even take a cupping, will it be a bit

Is it too right?Network Baby Curse Video

3 meatballs are squeezed out, and the doctor reminds: terrorch internal organs and death

Recently, a video was passed on the Internet, the baby lying on the bed

There are 3 cans on the back, and 3 red meatballs are squeezed out

This looks really shocking. Many netizens have watched it

They all said that they were too incredible. Parents’ IQ is negative numbers

In fact, there are great safety hazards in this approach

Because the baby’s bones and flesh are tender and fragile

The negative pressure suction generated on the cupping is not easy to fine -tune or control

If you are not careful, it is easy to cause the baby to be injured, let alone

The spine position covered with nerve lines, it is easy to use vacuum suction power

Causes permanent damage.If the baby’s internal organs and nerve lines are damaged

Then the normal function and development of the internal organs will be affected

Caps that last for several minutes

Subcutaneous hematoma appears, which will cause shock

Not only babies, they also have great safety risks for adults

The so -called cupping is the principle of 10 tight pots

Fill in the hot air, then close to the surface skin

Then form a sealing environment.As the air in the jar continues to cool down

The principle of thermal expansion and contraction, attract negative pressure on the skin

It’s like a invisible hand is pulling up, so it is called a "pull" jar

This kind of negative pressure attraction and thermal contact are not

No risk, it will exist these two hidden dangers

First, subcutaneous congestion

Because the negative pressure of cupping can promote blood cells from the blood vessels

It was attracted to it, and when I ran under the skin, I would

Formation of ecchymia and stasis.Just like Philpsy Skin

Those red areas are like being beaten

But for healthy people, these congestion over a few days

It will fade by itself, but for those with coagulation dysfunction

This kind of congestion may not be easy or easy to fade, affecting the beauty

Second, erythema or blister

Because the skin is sucks negative pressure for a long time, it will cause

Skin erythema and blisters, especially for sensitive skin

Patients with eczema and specialty dermatitis have great safety risks

If the blisters are accidentally broken, there will be risks such as infection

If you do not seek medical treatment in time at this time, once you form sepsis, you will endanger your life

Third, thermal burns

Because the skin is limited to high temperature tolerance, if hot air

The flow height is 44 ° C, and the surface temperature of the skin is 37 ° C

Symptoms such as burns will occur

Traditional cupping method with the principle of thermal expansion can shrink

But use alcohol lights and other appliances to create hot air

It is often difficult to control the precise temperature

Therefore, it greatly causes safety accidents such as harm

Is there a certain medical basis for cupping?

Although cupping has a history of more than 3,000 years, there are

Related research on cupping is difficult to carry out.

Pinded medical principles to confirm that cupping is effective

Of course, two are completely different in Chinese medicine and western medicine

The system, judge whether cupping is valid from a modern medical perspective

It is not scientific.But since there are currently many cupping therapy research

Not only the scale is small, but the design is not reasonable

Therefore, cupping is possible, but hidden safety hazards

Also need to remember.It is easy to happen to pregnant or menopause women

Drived cancer patients, or fractures occurred

Muscles are spasm, with deep venous thrombosis with ulcers and other

Public, don’t try this cupping!

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