Only after CT did not find pregnancy a few days later, would it affect it?

The effect of radiation on fetal teratogenic, especially at this time at this time of menopause, is the most vulnerable period of fetal growth and development.Large -dose radiation can cause fetal deformedness, and even cause abortion or fetal death.The amount of radiation and the length of the radiation are important conditions for terators. Generally speaking, the amount of ray contact with the body when making CT is not large, and the time does not grow.The most important thing is that I found pregnancy a few days after CT.That is to say, when the embryo starts to develop when doing CT.If not, in this way, the radiation of CT is basically not affecting the embryo, not to mention that the radiation and radiation time of the CT examination should not have a huge harm to the body.

Of course, there is no reason to be sure that this CT examination will not affect the embryo of the newly pregnant.After all, this problem does not explain the specific pregnancy time. For example, when the same room is in the same room, it is a CT examination a few days after the same room. When is the menstrual period, how many days have you been pregnant during pregnancy?Is it just formed a fertilized egg or a fertilized egg to move inside the uterine cavity or whether the fertilized eggs have been bed.These issues require a careful examination and understanding of the doctor before it can be determined.Therefore, the best way is to do a good job of early pregnancy examination and listen to the doctor’s guidance.

The radioactive dose received by a single chest CT was not enough to cause embryo to tease, but it was impossible to definitely not affect the embryo during the period when the embryonic development was most likely to be teratogenic.In other words, after a CT examination, I found that pregnancy was found in a few effects on whether the embryo had an impact.If you do n’t want this baby, the decision is to have a strict screening at all stages of pregnancy. Once abnormalities are found, decide whether to terminate the pregnancy in time.

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