Ordinary corn, the food

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Author: Dong Hua (Native of Tuoli Village, Fangshan District, Beijing, a member of the China Writers Association, author of "Shili Different Township" and "Morning Romance" and other works)

Corn is unusual, and it is unusual.But it is noble and noble can dominate the life of the person.

Hometown farmers have to respect their neighbors, and they are full of corn.

The master of the crop, there is enough corn in the warehouse, the family lives decent, and the life is solid.This conclusion is like "Geng Dang as a slave, weaver and ask", so simple and clear.

My hometown, staying at Yamaguchi, the edge of the North China Plain.It is far from the west to the north; the east to south is the endless plain.In our place, there are both slopes and good fields, and the geographical environment makes the species very rich.There are mountains and plains, we have it here; the mountains and plains do not have each other, we still have it.

This is a place where the grain production is not too rich, and the food can be eaten.

Illustrated: Guo Hongsong

Planting wheat and corn is the main item of agriculture here.The planting wheat must be selected well, the water can be poured, and the corn is better.If you are not too barren, you can plant it with a deep soil.Among the field crops, Tianyuan is the closest to us.

It is divided into three sowing methods: spring, set and summer species.Spring corn grows long. It starts from the rain of Guyu and harvested in autumn. It only grows a season of crops a year. Farmers are often reluctant.Set in May, the yellow tips of the wheat, the waxing stage, and the single line of the wheat ridge.The plant is dual -line, and the trees are intertwined with the trees. The number of trees is not as much as the planting wheat ridge, but because the ventilation conditions are good, the corn grows strong, and the output is not much different.Cut the wheat, the seedlings of the seedlings have been formed, and the white flowers have a lush image.After most of the Xiaye harvested the wheat, it was flattened in the wheat stubble. The wheat stubble can be cultivated and then planted. It can also be cultivated without farming.The time of summer broadcast is too tight. It is necessary to ensure that the corn is mature, but it cannot delay the autumn wheat, autumn broadcast wheat urgency and other land.Strictly stretched in my heart: "Summer one day, ten days in autumn", "one day early, ten days early", "summer sowing is not early, the sooner the better", drink the peasants’ hearts, do not bend the waist, let the waist bend,Essence

Earlier seeds were planted, and the older children ruled "three seedlings".One step is to change your feet to each other, only half a step.Within a distance of about 5 feet, the three pits with equal distance are thrown on the seeds.Three or four capsules are planted under each pit. In this way, it is the first purpose to invest in preservation seedlings.When the seed is under the seed, you must raise his feet Hu Ling, step on the soil, and prevent it from leaking the air, so as not to be blown to the wind as soon as you get roots.Earlier, the banner was "Darma Miao Xiusui". Later, she accepted new things and recognized that "it is much bigger".

After the Miao, after the "Mangye See the Mai Stub", Miao Er has a long time. During a high period of height, the two of the Miaoer chose a Zhou Zhengzhuang Miao to stay, and the rest were removed.At this time, it was during the dry and rain -lack of rain. During the drying of the rain, the people in the soil seedlings used the small cricket to squat, and the heels took the buttocks and moved forward with their buttocks.Under the lightest sun, the dust was flying, all the gray faces, and the back of the man in the back of the light was a circle of sweaty alkali flowers and floating soil.On one side, unloading the stubble with the tail, removing the tall artemisia grass in the wheat stubble.The wheat stubble is dry and solidified. It is not easy for the hard plate to slap down.Live stubble is very bitter.

For the second time, the corn seedlings were enough for five or six leaves. It was as high as the thighs. The spiral rising shape appeared at the top of the corn seedlings, called the "speaker mouth" period.At this time, the crops were "squat deep". When there were crops, they couldn’t squat, so they should use Dahu.The big hoe is the expansion of the hoe. It has about four feet long and lighter -shaped pear wooden handles.The people of the big hoe bowed, changed their steps like pushing a small car, with the strength of their arms and hips, and explored the hoe, and gave the corn root to cultivate the soil.

大 Third, it’s still a big hoe.This is when the corn seedlings grow out of Tiansui.It is already higher than the shoulder.At this time, the hard work of the ground was reflected in the dense corn field, the heat was so hot that the people were holding their breath.The women wore a small gown, and the sweat -wet hair became a ravioli, and the wet gown was close to her.After all, I got to the ground. The men fell a big hoe, and found a shade of the shade and lying down, or simply jumped into the bottom of the pot."" ".

The corn is dry and afraid of drought, and the water is afraid of waterlogging.When the seedlings, drought, can make it green leaves as gray, as if they were just playing.With rainwater, it recovers its true colors.I am particularly afraid of "caulking their necks and droughts." Even if people are tall, they encounter severe droughts, and they will be fatal to it, and it is difficult to form food.In the rainy season, the sky is not open for a long time, and the waterlogging can be heard. If it is full of chickens in the winged winged in the porcis, it is very "rust" and it is difficult to relieve energy.

Artificial irrigation, pouring water twice, once in the twice, once in the brunt, once in grouting.The latter is timely, and it is enough to avoid corn sticks from "virtual tips".

Followed at least two fertilizers around corn roots.The first time I used it was the mashed "厩 fertilizer". The horses and horses had good effects and a long stamina time. At the time of pulling the festival, the second time was fertilizer, fast fertilizer, and strong irritation.EssenceThe fertilizer is bicarbonate, and the farmers are called "steamframe fertilizer".When you are fat, you have to bury the soil, and follow the watering. Otherwise, the smell will run away and lose the fat effect.

Corn is most afraid of "sticky insects."This kind of worm has no wings, dark green, not rough, one inch long.Mo looking at the body weakness, it creened to hurt corn but did not discuss it.

It is not only harmful to the leaves, but also eats corn trees into a light pole, but also drills the "cavity" of corn stalks and corn shafts.It bite a hole in the corn stalks first, and then moved up and down one by one.The disaster is serious and can cause production or production.When the adhesive insects choose to have dew in the morning, pesticide powder is easy to attach, and it is also slow.The use tools are called "wind gourds". They are irrigated inside, with discharge ports like shakes and watering pots.Human managed to shake the rangers along the ridge, and the medicine powder kept rolling, and the corn field seemed to be fog.

Before and after the National Day, it was in the autumnal equinox solar terms.This busy, the same shape in North China, does not need me to watch.

How many years have been planted, what time do you say best?According to me, there are two nodes.Once the corn is pulled, it is not before and behind.Too early for the horn mouth, it is just like a boy who has just entered school or a beautiful girl who loves beauty.In the mature period, it is like a person to be fifty years old. It is not new to see anything. No naive or active no longer exists.During the pull -out period, it is like a young man with handsome eyes, and he grows strength.Especially on the rainy night, listening to the loud sound of the loud sound of the house, you don’t want to sleep at all, just like the grandson guarding your own, seeing the hope of the house.At the beginning of the corn show, so many corn showed the spikes, all of which were strong, all heroes, who did not like their children!

Farmers are not afraid of hard work. His hard work is his life. He is afraid of lack of food.The corn is not yet cooked, the sweet potato is not big, the most fearful thing is that the grain wasteland is in this period.But you ca n’t wait to eat it. You always have to deal with the belly of the young people. What should I do?I endure my heartache to go to the corn that just put on the grain.Take a look at the left, take a look at the right, and try it. I can’t get my hands. I can’t help it.The woman waited for it. When she saw the green corn coming, she was busy cooking, and her expression was mixed.Let the villain eat more, where can adults eat fragrance?It’s all bitter, like drinking your own blood!The corn with insufficient date can’t roll the upper crusher.Some micro -flour is not the original color. It is a bit blue, which should be a chemical change that occurs in the air.You will feel that innocent it seems to be crying.

Planting fields and grain are the farmers’ industry, and the five elements are in the soil.Eat for yourself, but also for the society, and work hard for a lifetime.Is there no "good child" in the bitter field?not like this.I can say some "good children", which enriches my childhood life and nourishes my body and mind.

Corn fields love purslane, red mushroom maiden and black skirts.Although these are weeds, they do not look at weeds.Because it is not [~ symbol ~], the field cannot be desolate.For it, farmers sometimes show mercy.Purslane is on the surface, red crawling stems, fat -beened round leaves with earlobe, and rooting a little bit. It is both herbs and wild vegetables.The red mushroom mother, the scientific name is the brocade lantern, is a kind of belt pleated like a lantern, with a round or red or yellow berry inside, which tastes sweet and sour.Black skirt seedlings and black skirts are like shrinking tomato seedlings and tomato fruit.One muttering and muttering, rising from the bottom up.It’s just a single color.The cooked black skirt is black from the outside to the inside. It is very easy to blackened the sweetness of a sweet black seed.

The corn field particularly loves to recruit Da Mushuo.This kind of grasshopper is not stupid, narrow, and even his eyes are like Danfengye.It is very elegant. There are two layers of gauze inside and outside, with a green layer of green, a layer of red inside, and the wings are developing red.It often falls on corn stalks.I love it, one is the chicken at home, and the other is a naked child.Boil it with a dry grass stick, and the delicate and yellowish child, the flesh is pleasant.

The corn field provides children with a great world.The corn fixed beads entered the ground, and he was in the ravioli basket.The green corn peels the skin, puts his mouth sideways, from the bottom to the sharp tip.Hee hee, look at each other, and slap the white pulp at the corner of his mouth.In a few days, the corn beans are full, and they ca n’t get the water.The roasted corn shaft surface is delicate and divergent.This extremely delicious picnic can only be carried out sneaky. Once the light smoke is rising, the adult knows that the child is eating corn to eat.There is also the "sweet stick" is the child’s love.The sweet stick is the "male" in corn seedlings. It has no stick for long body, and the sugar that cannot be vented is gathered in the straw.Cut the straw and chew it with an incisor. The sweetness is comparable to sugarcane, but it is more sweet.The dry land sweet stick is sweeter than water.In addition, there is also "black jaundice". The waist shape that grows in the straw and the original corn stick for hits, but there is a pound of edible fungus objects."In the description of the explanation:" The new tender black jaundice, a layer of glossy gray film on the outside, is shiny like fresh pigs and beef tendon meat. Cut it, white tender plant flesh, embedded with black, embedded with blackTo click, the shape and black dot are scheduled from the dragon fruit. If the black jaundice recovered on the day, if you feel enough to eat a meal, eat it that night. Slice, fry it with oil, chew GabaababaWell, the taste is delicious. According to the past memory, the taste is more fragrant than the current shiitake mushrooms, and it is more beautiful than stewed mushrooms. "

Corn can make wine, pharmaceutical, starch, and high -grade corn embryo oil that can refine energy oil and consumption.But after all, it is food, and food is its biggest whereabouts.

Eat with corn noodles, there are many ways to eat from the farmer. Steaming nest, evaporating cakes, steamed stuffed buns, pancakes, cakes, bait, shaking gap, cutting strip, rolling grid, rolling grid, fishing, bags, wraps, wraps, wrapsDumplings … I can’t remember the tricks.

Among many meals, the most important and most common forms are corn porridge and steamed nest.If you are familiar with these two, you are familiar with the northerners.

The raw materials for boiling corn porridge are called "stick".It was crushed with corn beans, crushed into a residue, and did not remove the flour, and it was a complex.Boil this porridge and use a large iron pot to taste.The number of people depends on the number of meals.If you eat more people, and less, add one more water.Don’t make the fire, don’t make the micro -fire, the fire is splattered with the porridge "噗", and the fire is smaller.After the water was sprinkled, the flames were pressed, slowly boiled, and slowly [~ symbol ~].Add the water at a time, add water porridge in the middle, the soup will be added.The big iron spoon stir after a while, and cannot leave others.A pot of porridge is cooked, and it takes more than an hour.Because the time is long, it is a traditional iron cooking utensil, so the taste of porridge is cooked, and it cannot be compared with a high -pressure cooker.

Boiling corn porridge is a normal state, especially in spring and winter. It is a staple food sooner or later.I don’t see much of the corn porridge of pure rice, and I have to match it.It is standard for fresh sweet potatoes.Fresh sweet potato, new corn fragrance, the sweet fragrance of porridge is sticky.So according to seasonal matching, there are dry fresh potato leaves, dried fresh radish, vines, potato diced, dried cabbage leaves, sweet potato and dried diced, and so on.

The freshly boiled corn porridge, the porridge for a long time, the sweet aroma of the steam followed, the full house is full of sweet aroma.This is the real fireworks on earth.People with anxious mouths should not be cold, and they will scoop up the bowl.Dry porridge hot mouth, he put his mouth with a bowl of bowls, and took the bowl along the circle.

When I was young, I loved the soft Gaba on the bottom of the pot, and adults always left me.It is the combination of the precipitated corn surface and the result of stains.The iron shovel shovel down, just like the pancakes of the stall with a little cricket and not stingy, Pippi was very bitter.

If you are not ashamed, I have more shame. I saw more "噗" bubbles on the sweet potato pot. I also saw the big iron spoons of the home. I love the daily form of the stove.The son -in -law boiled a pot of porridge.I really didn’t know my mother at that time.

Steamed Wusou, whether it is mixed with vegetables or not.However, it is rare when eating net noodles.Spring is mixed with elm Qianer elm leaf and locust tree flowers, and beans are mixed with beans in summer and autumn.The crop people eat, eat the wootoutou stinky tofu the most fragrant!

I remember that year, I participated in the training of militia cadres in the county, and only ate a week of net noodle nest and felt heaven. When I returned to the country, I saw me and said that I was "fat."

Talking about corn now is like a dream.I can’t forget that the country is young, and I can’t forget the old farmers who teach me to cultivate.Now, the times have changed, the cropy and farming methods have also changed, and everything has been transformed to high -efficiency agriculture.How many people are the pursuit of the crop growing the fruits, but no matter the vegetables or the food, the taste does not seem to be the past.Therefore, now people have a dream again, grow old varieties, grow old varieties of crops, and re -position the old varieties of corn "small eight times", "white horse teeth" and "golden post -golden".

Needless to say, regardless of the new and old, corn is the peasant’s food.It is also very rare. People who have planted corn have also hidden childlike hearts, that is, the unique style of corn fields and the "black jaundice".A dish.In my eyes, it is like a "monkey head" that grows on the trees. It is not easy to obtain, but it is delicious.Cut the slices, fry it with a ravioli, and the sound of "click" and "click".This taste, this scene, is basically not seen and rarely heard under the age of 50.60.Put it on the banquet of the farmhouse, wouldn’t the old lady in the city forget the North?

Ordinary corn, connecting people’s feelings.Seeing a large number of corn fields, my heart returned to my hometown.

"Guangming Daily" (14th edition on July 07, 2023)

Source: Guangming.com- "Guangming Daily"

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