Mom is 3 weeks pregnant

The decisive moment is here, ovulation and fertilization occur.Sperm and eggs meet into the fertilized eggs. When fertilized, they activate each other. The genetic material is combined with each other, and the new life is born.After that, the fertilized eggs were split while proliferating, and they moved to the uterus through the falling egg tube, ready to bed -the mother was pregnant

The expectant mother who was 3 months pregnant did not feel much, but she was undergoing a change in the expectant mother’s body.Within ten months of pregnancy, the fetus in the abdomen will be less than 1 mg from the weight, and the fertilized eggs with a diameter of only 135-140 microns will become more than 3,000 grams of weight and 50 cm long.It’s 1 billion times!Although at this time, the mothers did not have any feelings and signs, but in fact, from now on, the expectant mothers have added a responsibility in the lives of expectant mothers, and at the same time, they will come to an end with her husband’s two -person world.

Boys and girls are destined, do not force

Boys and women have been very concerned about people since ancient times.But the sex of the fetus is randomly produced and does not move by human will.The gender of the fetus was determined at the moment of fertilization.Each sperm contains a X or Y chromosomes. If it is a sperm with an X chromosome and an egg, it is a female baby; the sperm and the egg with Y chromosomes are combined with the male baby.Theoretically, there is no difference between the probability of male baby and female baby. The gender of the fetus should be half of the men and women.But in fact, the birth rate of male babies is slightly higher than the female baby. The ratio of the birth rate of boys and girls is 105: 100.Many so -called selective gender methods have no scientific basis.As the prospective parents of the new world, they should let it go. Whether it is male or female, they are lovely babies.

At this time, sperm and eggs have been combined to form fertilized eggs. The fertilized eggs are 0.2 mm size and weigh 1.505 micrograms.After 3-4 days of exercise, the fertilized eggs reached the uterine cavity. In this process, a cell is divided into multiple cells and became a solid cell group with a total volume, called mulberry embryo.

Focus on:

Mom has been pregnant for 3 weeks, and some early pregnancy signs will be published over time. From this week, the mother’s pregnancy will become more and more rich.

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